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Part II: Office File-Supreme War Council, 1917-1930 (continued)
Railroads, Greece, Jan.-Apr.
Inter-Allied Tank Committee, Apr. 1918-1919
Proceedings of the Fifth Session, SWC, Apr.-June
General and Political Conditions in Italy, Apr. 1915-Aug. 1918
BOX 324 Army, Poland
Proceedings of the Sixth Session, SWC, May-June
General and Political Conditions in Spain, Aug.
Proceedings of the Permanent Military Representatives, June-July 1918
(2 folders)
Missions, Italy, Oct. 1918-June 1919
General and Political Conditions in Roumania, Dec. 1918
General and Political Conditions in Turkey, July
Military Policy, 1918-1919
Proceedings of the Permanent Committee of Military Representatives, Aug. 1918-Feb. 1919
Military Papers, Feb.-Nov.
Allied Intervention in Russia
Mar. 1918-Apr. 1919
May 1918
BOX 325 Mar. 1918-July 1919
Military Policy in Mesopotamia and Palestine, June-Aug.
Czechs and Jugo-Slavs, Feb.-Aug.
General and Political Conditions in Austria-Hungary, Sept.-Nov.
France, General, Aug.
General and Political Conditions in Russia, Dec. 1917-Oct. 1918
Transportation and Tonnage of United States Troops under the 100 Division Program, Aug.-Sept.
Transportation, Transports Italy, Aug. 1919
General and Political Conditions in Germany, July-Aug. 1919
Joint Committee Military and Naval Representatives SWC, Oct. 1918
Preliminary Meetings of the Peace Conference
Nov. 1918-Apr. 1919
May-July 1919
Organization, Duties, etc of American Commission to Negociate Peace, Dec. 1918-Feb. 1919
Inter-Allied Conference for the Administration of Occupied Territory, Dec. 1918
Proceedings of the Permanent Committee Representatives
June 1918
July-Sept. 1918
Sept.-Oct. 1918
BOX 326 1919
(2 folders)
Army, Lithuania, July
Silesia, General and Political Conditions, July
Plans of Military, Naval and Aerial Clauses, Formed by the Military, Naval and Aerial Representatives. To be Inserted in Various Peace Treaties, May-Aug.
BOX 327 Proceedings of Permanent Committee of Military Representatives, May-June
(2 folders)
Military, Naval and Aerial Representatives
BOX 328 Minutes
Military and Naval Representatives
Mar. 1918-June 1919
Permanent Committee of Military Representatives
(2 folders)
BOX 329 Aug.-Oct.
Baltic States, General and Political Conditions
Anti-Bolsheviks etc.
Inter-Allied Commissions of Control for Austria, Sept.-Oct.
Armistice, Germany, Nov.
Treaty of Peace with Germany, June
Armistice, Austria-Hungary, Oct.
Treaty of Peace with Austria, Sept.
War Department Cables
Feb. 1918-Aug. 1919
Oct. 1918-Nov. 1919
BOX 330 1918
Dec. 1918-Mar. 1919
Jan.-Apr. 1918
Oct.-Dec. 1919
Miscellaneous Cablegrams
(2 folders)
BOX 331 1918-1919
Oct. 1918-Apr. 1920
Mar. 1918-Sept. 1919
American Commission to Negotiate Peace, Personnel
Dec. 1918-Mar. 1919
(4 folders)
BOX 332 Japanese Peace Commission, Dec. 1918
British Peace Commission, Dec. 1918
Armistice with Bulgaria, Dec. 1918
Armistice with Turkey, Dec. 1918
Armistice with Austria-Hungary, Nov.-Dec. 1918
Armistice with Germany, Sept. 1918-Feb. 1919
(2 folders)
General Correspondence, Miscellaneous
Dec. 1918-Nov. 1919
Apr.-Nov. 1919
Feb.-Aug. 1919
Miscellaneous Memoranda, Dec. 1918-Oct. 1919
Property, Dec. 1918-Aug. 1919
Circulars, Hotel de Crillon, Paris, Dec. 1918
Negative Intelligence
Dec. 1918-Feb. 1919
BOX 333 Feb.-Mar. 1919
Mar. 1919
Apr. 1919
May 1919
(2 folders)
Press Review
Apr.-May 1919
May-June 1919
BOX 334 Memoranda, G-2, GHQ AEF
Feb.-Dec. 1918
Dec. 1918
(4 folders)
Jan. 1919
(3 folders)
BOX 335 Jan. 1919
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