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BOX 1-2 Diaries and Biographical Material, 1913-1956
Full diaries for the Paris Peace Conference, the early League of Nations, and the Manchurian crisis of 1931-1932. Also desk diaries and appointment books for 1913, 1948-1956, and biographical material by and about the author.
Organized by type of diary.
BOX 1 Diaries and Biographical Material, 1919-1959
BOX 2 Desk and Pocket Diaries, 1913, 1948-1956
BOX 3 State Department Correspondence, 1915-1919
Letters sent and received, including memoranda, while with the New Republic and at the State Department.
Arranged chronologically.
BOX 3 1915-1919
BOX 4 Family Correspondence and Memoir, 1919-1959
Family letters from the period of the Paris peace negotiations and outline and chapter drafts of "Birth of the World Era."
BOX 4 Family correspondence, 1919-1920
Outline and Chapter Drafts of "Birth of the World Era," 1920
BOX 5-12 Peace Conference Material, 1918-1956
Letters, memoranda, press releases, and printed material.
Arranged by type of material with much of the file organized in a chronological file that includes day-by-day summaries of world press opinion.
BOX 5 Correspondence
Background Press Releases
Commissioners on League of Nations
Correspondents (Newspaper)
Danzig Question
Delegates, Lists and Duties
German Leaders, Interviews
International Labor
Italy and Yugoslavia
League Site
Recent Political Information
Chronological File
1918, Dec.-1919, Jan. 31
BOX 6 1920
Feb. 1-Mar. 10
BOX 7 Mar. 11-31
BOX 8 Apr. 1-20
BOX 9 Apr. 21-May 7
BOX 10 May 7-30
BOX 11 May 23-June 16
BOX 12 June 16-July 21
BOX 13-35 General League Correspondence, 1919-1956
Letters sent and received.
Organized by subject within five categories: topical file; Geneva files; speech, article, and book file; miscellany; and alphabetical name file. Inserted in each of the alphabetical name files is a cross index to the author's correspondence in other files in the collection.
BOX 13 Topical File
Pre-Geneva Questions and Plans for League, 1919
International Labor Conference
(5 folders)
Senate Reservations, 1919-1920
The U.S. in 1919-1920
Seat of the League
Switzerland and the League, 1920-1921
Weakness of the League and Suggested Remedies, 1921
Austrian Financial Reconstruction, 1921-1922
Permanent Court and Some Campaign Views, 1920-1922
Mandates and the U.S., 1921-1922, 1945-1946
U.S. Ignores League Communications, 1921
Impressions from Geneva, 1921-1922
International Health, 1921-1922
Publicity for League, 1922
George Wickersham Article, 1922
"What the League of Nations Has Done," 1922
Genoa Conference, 1922
Information Section, 1922
Albanian Question, 1922
Little Nations and the League, 1922
BOX 14 Washington Conference, 1921-1922
Traffic in Women and Children, 1921-1923
Opium: La Motte Article, 1922-1923
Intellectual Cooperation, 1922-1923
Corfu Affair, 1923
Justice John H. Clark Letters, 1922-1924
Permanent Court: Proposals and Len Root Resolution, 1923-1924
U.S. Entry to League: Bok Competition, 1923-1924
Council: 27th Session, Senator Letter, 1924
Woodrow Wilson, Death of, 1924
Temporary Mixed Commission, 1924
Republican Convention, 1924
Bullard and Johnson at Geneva, 1924
Codification of International Law, 1924
Democratic Convention, 1924
Woodrow Wilson Award to Robert Cecil, 1924
Peace Awards: English, French, and German, 1924
Coolidge and the League, 1924
Greek Disputes and Loan, 1923-1925
Opium Conferences and Protest, 1924-1925
Carnegie Endowment and League Library, 1925
Farewell Letter: Declaration of Faith, 1926
BOX 15 Permanent Court and the U.S., 1926
German Application, 1926
International Research, 1924-1926
Reorganization of Section Dispute, 1929-1931
International Cooperation Fund, 1929-1931
Disarmament, 1930
Economic Questions, 1930-1931
Radio Broadcast to America, 1931
Manchurian Crisis, 1931-1932
(4 folders)
BOX 16 Social Service in Madrid, Plan for, 1932
London Economic Conference, 1933
U.S. Commissioner to League?, 1933-1934
Ethiopian Crisis, 1935-1937
League Library, 1940-1954
Work Done under Rockefeller Appropriations, 1939-1940
Neutrality Legislation, 1939
Russo-Finnish Dispute, 1939
Technical Collaboration with China, 1936-1939
New York World's Fair, 1937-1940
(2 folders)
Pan America and the League, 1929-1940
BOX 17 Bruce Committee Report, 1939-1940
Cause of the Peace Failure, 1939-1940
International Peace Campaign, 1939-1940
Woolley Letter: U.S. Participation in the League, 1939-1940
Status of League Officials, 1943
Status of Women, 1940-1945
Properties of the League, 1940
Supervisory Commission, 1940
(2 folders)
"Europe's Trade," 1941
Pacific Coast Trips, 1940-1941
Reports in French, 1940-1941
Exit Geneva, 1939-1940
Avenol's Dismissal, 1940
BOX 18 Princeton Invitation, 1940
Transfer to Princeton, 1940
Princeton Reunion, 1940-1941
Princeton Meeting, 1941, Nov. 29
Princeton: Board of Tax Appeals, 1941
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