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Speech, Article, and Book File, 1915-1959 (continued)
Dumbarton Proposals, a League Covenant, Oct.
League and Associated Agencies, circa Oct.
On the League Supervisory Commission's Activities, circa Oct.
Our Underground Allies, Nov. 9
Sean Leaster, Dec. 5
Honoring Woodrow Wilson, undated
USSR and World Organization, undated
World Organization and Cooperation, undated
Findings of Consultants, undated
League of Nations and Post-War Settlement, undated
"The Most Vital Question . . .", undated
Speech to Institute on World Organization, undated
"Forward" to United Nations Agreements, undated
League of the Future and the Future of the League, undated
On the U.S. Delegation to the 1st U.N. Assembly, Jan. 3
Shoreham Hotel Speech, Jan. 4
New International Year Book Article, circa Jan.
On the transfer of League agencies to the United Nations, Feb. 1
Famous Jury Trials, Mar. 16
On the Woodrow Wilson Foundation, Mar. 18
We Go to San Francisco, circa Apr.
Double Your War Bond Values, circa Apr.
The World's Civil Service, May
Address to Norman Wait Harris Foundation, July 9
Report of Conversation with the Honorable Philip J. Noel-Baker, Aug. 13
Notes on the United Nations News, circa Nov.
World Capitol, Dec. 14
From the League of Nations to the United Nations, Dec. 28
League and Associated Agencies, circa Dec.
Dumbarton Oaks and Our Post-War Social Welfare, undated
America's Part, undated
Atomic-Political Digest, undated
Speech at St. Alban's School, undated
League of Nations and National Minorities (Review), undated
New International Year Book Article, circa Jan.
Charter and Covenant, circa Jan.
United States, the United Nations and the League of Nations, Feb.
From the League of Nations to the United Nations, Apr. 5
Public Opinion and the United Nations, Apr. 22
Treasury Chest Anniversary Speech, May 9
On the Anniversary of Signing the United Nations Charter, June
Contrasting Peace Conferences, July 31
The United Nations and World Peace, Dec. 11
Radio Broadcast, Hollywood, Dec. 14
The Passing of the League, circa Dec.
Roosevelt Hotel Speech, undated
United Nations and World Peace, Jan. 9
Public Opinion: Potential Safeguard of World Peace, Jan. 26
Responsible Individualism, circa Jan.
Building the United Nations, Apr. 18
Public Opinion and the United Nations, Apr. 22
Statement at George Washington University, May 27
"Citation . . . to Elmer Davis," June 13
Statement at George Washington University, Sept. 10
Speech to Women's Democratic Association, Sept. 12
Speech at American University, Sept. 24
Speech at Maryland Women's Council, Oct. 13
The United Nations Today, Oct. 24
Notes on Article in Plain Talk, circa Oct.
United States and the United Nations, Nov. 25
Pearl Harbor Day Speech, Dec. 7
On the United Nations, undated
On a Comparison of the League and United Nations, undated
Security Council, undated
United Nations is Now on the Spot, Jan. 4
The U.S. and the United Nations, Mar. 5
On the Revision of the United Nations, June. 1
Speech at New York Town Hall, June 18
Address to World Council of Churches, Aug. 24
United Nations Today and Tomorrow, Dec. 16
Lest We Forget 1931-1939, undated
On the League and the United Nations, undated
Speech on the Formal Opening of the Washington World Affairs Center, Feb. 8
U.S. Foreign Policy, Feb. 16
Amsterdam-the Fact and Its Meaning, Mar. 13
"Forward" to Wilson Foundation Report, Apr.
Year End Statement for WCFM
On the Desirability of a Washington World Affairs Center, Jan.
International Authority Insufficient for Needs of Today, Apr. 28
Woodrow Wilson Memorial Library to Go to the United Nations, June 12
On Raising and Dying under the United Nations Flag, Oct. 8
Washington Information Center Circular, Dec.
The Washington Center, undated
United Nations Day 1951 in the U.S., Mar. 6
World Organization: Retrospect and Prospect, undated
Gettysburg College Commencement Talk, June 3
Universalism and Regionalism, Oct.
Washington Information Center Circular, Nov.
Speech on the United Nations, circa Dec.
Speech to American Society of International Law, Apr. 24
Washington Information Center Report, July 3
Perspective on the United Nations, Fall
On the Presidential Election and the United Nations, Nov. 5
Goodbye Speech, Dec. 23
United Nations Stamp Issues
United Nations and Washington Information Center: Budget for 1953
Farewell Speech at National Press Club, Feb. 11
The United Nations Demands Our Best, Mar. 27
The Fifth Secretary General, Apr.
Letter to Commercial and Financial Chronicle, Sept. 17
Americans Role in the Manchurian Affair, Feb. 12
Latin America and World Organization, Feb.
Assuming World Leadership, Apr. 12
Rockefeller Library at Geneva, June 27
Loyalty and the League of Nations Secretariat, Mar. 22
Tribute to William E. Rappard, May
Howard R. Huston, June 8
Quitting World Agencies, Oct. 10
The Dawn of World Organization
Wilson Editorial, Feb.
Wilson Got Idea of League from GOP, Dec. 25
1957, International Schools around the World: New Links in Understanding and Cooperation
1959, The League's Legacy, Apr. 18
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