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Paul Field Sifton and Claire Sifton papers, 1912-1980

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Subject File of Paul Field Sifton, 1934-1971 (continued)
BOX 19 Wartime mobilization See also Containers 16-17, same heading
Worksheets on wartime production
Newspaper clippings
BOX 20 Print and near-print material
BOX 21 National Farmers' Union
BOX 22 1945
Fragments and miscellany
BOX 23 Proposed Missouri Valley Authority legislation
(2 folders)
Print and near-print material
BOX 24 Union for Democratic Action
(2 folders)
BOX 25 1945
1945, full employment bill
U.D.A. Congressional Newsletter, edited by the Siftons
BOX 26 Print and near-print material
BOX 27 Lobbying (various)
1940, fight against the poll tax
(2 folders)
BOX 28 1947
Pre-1945, background of General Motors strike
(3 folders)
BOX 30 1948-1951
(4 folders)
1951, PFS testimony before Senate committee
1952, PFS testimony before Senate committee
(5 folders)
BOX 31 1958
1958, Joe Kamp case
(2 folders)
BOX 32 1961
(3 folders)
BOX 33 July-Dec.
(3 folders)
BOX 34 July-Dec.
(2 folders)
(3 folders)
BOX 35 Miscellaneous office files
BOX 36 1965-1971
(8 folders)
BOX 37 Personnel, loyalty, and medical files
1929-1947, personnel files [PFS]
(2 folders)
1913-1947, personnel files [PFS and CGS]; obituaries
1929-1964, Veterans Administration files [PFS]
1920s-1960s, personnel files [PFS] in print, near-print, and clipping forms
BOX 38-56 Writings File, 1922-1968
Plays in multiple stages of their composition and production, as well as press reaction and research and background material. Also includes material on the "Revolting Playwrights" movement (1935). Poems of Paul Sifton start in the post-World War I period, and end with To the Dallas Underpass (1965). Both Siftons are represented in newspaper and magazine articles; short stories; and book reviews. Book projects of Paul Sifton include an unpublished autobiographical novel (1922); an expose of John L. Lewis (1943); and a proposed work on fisheries in the Third World (1962).
BOX 38 Plays
[1922], Corn [PFS], one-act play
[1925], Oil! [PFS], a futurity
1927, The Belt [PFS]
Prompting copy
Director's copy
Marked printer's copy
1928, The American Beauty [PFS and CGS] (2 copies)
[1928-1929], The Break [PFS and CGS], a mass play
[1929-1930], Three skits [PFS and CGS]
[1930], Jane Daugherty [PFS and CGS], later White Savage, rough drafts
[1930], Jane Daugherty [PFS and CGS], typescript
[1930-1931], White Savage, screenplay by PFS and John P. Fort
BOX 39 1930, Glory [PFS and CGS], revised version (2 copies)
1930, Midnight [PFS and CGS]
Early version, "Night of the Execution"
Second version, "In the Meantime"
Marked rehearsal copy
Theatre Guild version
Reading version
BOX 40 1931-1933, 1931--- [PFS and CGS]
Early version, "Son of God"
Production version
German versions I and II
(2 folders)
French version
Reworkings for Interludes
1932, Riviera Blue [PFS and CGS]
Early draft version
Acting typescript
1932, American Beauty [PFS and CGS], formerly "Revolt in the Castle"
BOX 41 1932, The Mayor's Husband [PFS and CGS], formerly "The Woman Complex," screenplay
(2 folders)
[1932], The Killer Who Laughed [PFS and CGS], screenplay
Early version
Corrected script
1933, Blood on the Moon [PFS and CGS]
New York version
Los Angeles version
French version
[1933-1934], My Country 'Tis of Thee [PFS and CGS], screenplay
1934, The Drift [PFS and CGS]
Early version, "Red Kate"
Corrected typescript
BOX 42 Corrected script
Blocking (production) script
Final typescript
Reading version
1934, Midnight; screenplay by Chester Erskine
1936, Credits [PFS and CGS], a sketch
1936, Give All Thy Terrors to the Wind [PFS and CGS], one-act play
Rough draft
Corrected typescript
As printed in New Theatre and Film Magazine (January 1938)
BOX 43 1936, The Crime of the Century [PFS and CGS]
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