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Thomas D. White papers, 1952-1961

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Chief of Staff File, 1957-1961 (continued)
BOX 20 1959
Mail logs and appointment books
BOX 21 Air Force Command and Control System reading file
BOX 22 July-Oct.
BOX 23 Nov.-Dec.
BOX 24 July-Dec.
Advanced Research Projects Agency
Air Force Academy
Air Force Aid Society
Air Force Association
BOX 25 Air Force Council
Air Reserve and National Guard
Bryan, Travis
Chief of staff meetings
BOX 26 Chief of staff memoranda
Civil Air Patrol
Command letters
Air Defense
Air Materiel
Air Research and Development
BOX 27 Air Transport Service
Air University
Continental Air Command
Military Air Transport Service
Pacific Air Forces
Stategic Air Command
Tactical Air Command
United States Air Forces in Europe
United States Air Force Security Service
BOX 28 Commanders Conference
Department of Defense reorganization
Marine Corps
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
North Atlantic Treaty Organization
North American Aerospace Defense Command
Operation Palmtree, Ramey Air Force Base, Puerto Rico
Retired officers
BOX 29 Secretary of the air force
Secretary of defense
Scientific Advisory Board
Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe
South America
General file (renamed from Top Secret General File)
BOX 30 Trips
White House
Miscellaneous reports
“Project Head Start II”
“Selected Weapons Systems”
BOX 31 1960
Mail logs and appointment material
BOX 32 Cables, Jan.-Dec.
BOX 33 Air Force Command Control System Reading File (file 1-1)
Subject File
2 Air Force commands and schools
2-1 Alaska Air Command
2-2 Air Force Academy
2-3 Air Defense Command
2-4 Air Force Proving Ground Command
2-5 Army Materiel Command
2-6 Army Research and Development Command
2-7 Air Training Command
2-8 Air University
2-9 Caribbean Command
2-10 Continental Air Command
2-11 Headquarters Command
BOX 34 2-12 Military Air Transport Service
2-13 North American Air Defense Command
2-14 Pacific Air Forces
2-15 Strategic Air Command
2-16 Tactical Air Command
2-17 United States Air Forces in Europe and United States Eruopean Command
3 Military, general policy
3-3 Awards and trophies
3-8 Suggestions/advice
BOX 35 4 Air staff actions
4-1 Aircraft
4-2 Budget
4-3 Chief of staff meetings
4-4 Department of Defense reorganization
BOX 36 4-5 Missiles, space, nuclear
4-6 Information Services
5 Conferences, boards, committees
5-1 Air Force Council
BOX 37 5-2 Air Force Aid Society, Historical Foundation
5-3 Commanders Conference
5-4 Joint Civilian Orientation Conference
5-6 Scientific Advisory Board
5-7 Rand
6 Foreign correspondence, general
6-1 Britain and Canada
6-2 Middle East and Far East
BOX 38 6-3 South America
6-4 Spain
7 Service and government agencies, general correspondence
7-1 Air force/Department of Defense secretary
7-2 Army
BOX 39 7-3 Congressional
7-4 Federal Aviation Administration, National Air and Space Administration, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Central Intelligence Agency, and Civil Air Patrol
7-5 Marine Corps
7-6 Navy
7-7 White House
8 Civic correspondence
8-2 Bryan, Travis
BOX 40 Miscellaneous subjects
Report on National Air and Space Administration/Air Force Space program
Central Treaty Organization Conference, 26 Mar. 2-Apr. and 28-30 Apr.
BOX 41 Chief of staff memoranda
Operation Palmtree II, Ramey Air Force Base, Puerto Rico
General file (renamed from Top Secret General File)
BOX 42 1961
Mail logs and appointment material
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