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Thomas James Walsh and John Edward Erickson papers, 1910-1934

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Part I: Subject File A, circa 1913-1933 (continued)
BOX I:89 A-Z
BOX I:90 N-Z
circa 1921-circa 1926
BOX I:91 I-Z
BOX I:92 I-Z
BOX I:93 1921-1927
Miscellaneous, 1915-1916
BOX I:94 Pardons and paroles
circa 1914-circa 1926
BOX I:95 circa 1914-circa 1926
Parks, national
circa 1913-circa 1932
Glacier National Park
Yellowstone National Park
BOX I:96 circa 1913-circa 1932
BOX I:97 circa 1913-circa 1932
BOX I:98 Passports
circa 1917-circa 1932
BOX I:99 circa 1927-circa 1932
circa 1920-circa 1930
BOX I:100 circa 1920-circa 1930
Pensions, circa 1913-circa 1927
BOX I:101 Pension cases
circa 1913-circa 1919
BOX I:102 D-M
BOX I:103 M-Z
BOX I:104 circa 1919-circa 1924
BOX I:105 C-J
BOX I:106 J-Mc
BOX I:107 Mc-S
BOX I:108 S-Z
BOX I:109 Post offices
BOX I:110 M-Z
BOX I:111 1915-1917
BOX I:112 C-M
BOX I:113 M-Z
BOX I:114 1917, A-Z
BOX I:115 H-Z
1918-1919, A-Z
BOX I:116 1919-1921, A-Z
BOX I:117 circa 1919-circa 1921, A-Z
BOX I:118 circa 1921-circa 1926, A-Z
BOX I:119 circa 1921-circa 1928, A-Z
BOX I:120 Butte, circa 1914-circa 1916
Miscellaneous, circa 1918-circa 1930
BOX I:121 Miscellaneous, circa 1919- circa 1930
BOX I:122 Prohibition, circa 1920-circa 1932
circa 1915-circa 1930
BOX I:123 circa 1915-circa 1930
Publications received
circa 1925-circa 1932
BOX I:124 circa 1925-circa 1932
Radio, circa 1922-circa 1927
BOX I:125 Radium, circa 1914
circa 1916-circa 1930
BOX I:126 circa 1916-circa 1930
BOX I:127 circa 1916-circa 1930
BOX I:128 circa 1916-circa 1930
BOX I:129 circa 1916-circa 1930
Reclamation, circa 1922-circa 1930
Recommendations, 1919-1927
Red Cross, American, circa 1916-circa 1918
BOX I:130 Reinstatements, circa 1917-circa 1930
BOX I:131 Resolutions, land, 1914
Revenue tax, circa 1916
Revenue tax, re Panama, circa 1914
BOX I:132 Revenue, internal, circa 1913-circa 1917
BOX I:133 Roads
circa 1913-circa 1930
BOX I:134 circa 1913-circa 1930
circa 1915-circa 1932
BOX I:135 circa 1915-circa 1932
BOX I:136 circa 1915-circa 1932
BOX I:137 Sun River Irrigation Project, 1913
BOX I:138 Transfers, circa 1914-circa 1927
BOX I:139 Tuberculosis, 1922
War Risk Insurance
BOX I:140 1919-1921
BOX I:141 1921-1928
BOX I:142 B
BOX I:143 D-F
BOX I:144 F-J
BOX I:145 K-L
BOX I:146 M-O
BOX I:147 P-S
BOX I:148 T-Z
BOX I:149-219 Part I: Subject File B, circa 1913-1933
Mainly letters sent and received.
Arranged alphabetically by subject or name of person or organization.
BOX I:149 Agriculture, includes federal farm loans
circa 1913-circa 1930
BOX I:150 circa 1913-circa 1930
BOX I:151 circa 1913-circa 1930
BOX I:152 Alice case, 1921
BOX I:153 Alaska fur seals, land leasing, Alaska
circa 1913-circa 1917
BOX I:154 circa 1913-circa 1917
BOX I:155 Alaska, circa1914-circa1915
Aliens, circa1919-circa1923, includes alien property custodian, circa 1919-circa 1921
BOX I:156 Army, circa 1916-circa 1927
Bankruptcy bill, circa 1926
BOX I:157 Banks
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