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Thomas James Walsh and John Edward Erickson papers, 1910-1934

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BOX I:149-219 Part I: Subject File B, circa 1913-1933
Mainly letters sent and received.
Arranged alphabetically by subject or name of person or organization.
BOX I:149 Agriculture, includes federal farm loans
circa 1913-circa 1930
BOX I:150 circa 1913-circa 1930
BOX I:151 circa 1913-circa 1930
BOX I:152 Alice case, 1921
BOX I:153 Alaska fur seals, land leasing, Alaska
circa 1913-circa 1917
BOX I:154 circa 1913-circa 1917
BOX I:155 Alaska, circa1914-circa1915
Aliens, circa1919-circa1923, includes alien property custodian, circa 1919-circa 1921
BOX I:156 Army, circa 1916-circa 1927
Bankruptcy bill, circa 1926
BOX I:157 Banks
circa 1913-circa 1918
BOX I:158 circa 1917-circa 1926
BOX I:159 circa 1919-circa 1926
Bills, reported on, circa 1919-circa 1930
BOX I:160 Catholics in Mexico, 1916
Clayton Bill, 1914
BOX I:161 Coal, circa 1913-circa 1926
BOX I:162 Conscientious objectors, circa 1919
Congressional Record, 1913-1921
BOX I:163 Continental Trading Co., 1928
BOX I:164 N-Z
BOX I:165 Copper
circa 1914-circa 1917
BOX I:166 circa 1914-circa 1917
Council of National Defense, 1917
Democratic campaigns
circa 1916-circa 1917
BOX I:167 1916
BOX I:168 C-D
BOX I:169 D-G
BOX I:170 G-I
BOX I:171 J-L
BOX I:172 L-M
BOX I:173 M-P
BOX I:174 P-S
BOX I:175 S-V
BOX I:176 W-V and miscellaneous
BOX I:177 1918
H-O [A-H missing]
BOX I:178 P-Z
BOX I:179 1928
BOX I:180 D-K
BOX I:181 L-O
BOX I:182 P-Z
BOX I:183 Food, circa 1917-circa 1919, includes administration, conservation, allotments
Food control under Herbert Hoover,1917
Foreign relations, circa 1913-circa 1932
American Peace Society, 1917
Armenia, circa 1921-circa 1922
Ballou Island Consul, circa 1913
China, 1915
Cuban affairs, 1919
Germany, 1931-1932
Custamale-Honduras boundary, 1919
International agreement, 1924
International boundary, 1915
International situation, 1919
Japanese relief, 1923
League to Enforce Peace, 1919
London Conference, 1930
BOX I:184 Mexico, affairs with, 1914-1918
Mexico bishops, 1917
Mexican situation, 1919-1928
Munitions of war, 1914-1915
Pan-America, 1927
Passports, 1913
Peace, 1918
BOX I:185 Persons abroad, 1914-1915
Ruhr invasion, 1922
Russia, 1919
Russian famine relief, 1921-1922
Shansung, 1919
South American trade, 1919
State Department miscellaneous, 1913-1914
Treaties, 1918, 1927
World Peace League, circa 1914-circa 1915
Furloughs, enlisted men, 1918
BOX I:186 Gould case, 1926
BOX I:187 Immigration
circa 1913-circa 1931
BOX I:188 circa 1913-circa 1931
circa 1917-circa 1931
Investigation re lobby, Bishop Cannon, 1930
LaFollette, Robert M., investigation, circa 1917
LaFollette, Robert M., dope on, circa 1922
Grundy investigation, [1921?]
BOX I:189 Senate investigation, circa 1917-circa 1919, Lobinger circa 1929; Heflin, circa 1928-circa 1931
Investigations, congressional, powers of, by James M. landis [missing]
Investigation motion pictures, circa 1928-circa 1929
Investigations, miscellaneous, 1927-1929
Ship lobby investigation, 1915
BOX I:190 Ireland
Government of, circa 1917-circa 1921
American Committee for the Relief of Ireland, 1921
Justice Department, miscellaneous,1919
BOX I:191 Labor, circa 1913-circa 1930
BOX I:192 Liberty Bonds, circa 1919-circa 1924
Liberty Loans, circa 1917, 1930
Mellon, 1924
Metals and minerals, circa 1918-circa 1920
BOX I:193 Mines, circa 1914-circa 1920
Minotto case, 1917
BOX I:194 Miscellaneous official
circa 1918-circa 1924
BOX I:195 circa 1925-circa 1927
BOX I:196 Muscle Shoals, Ala., 1925-1926
Naturalization, circa 1913-circa 1930
circa 1913-circa 1930
BOX I:197 circa 1913-circa 1933
Newspapers, circa 1927
Newspaper articles, circa 1922-circa 1928
Newspaper, Montana, circa 1919
BOX I:198 Oil, circa 1919-circa 1929
Oil and gas permits
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