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Edward N. Lorenz papers, circa 1895-2009

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Speeches and Writings, 1941-2008 (continued)
BOX 21 “Notes on Atmospheric Energy,” undated
BOX 21 “Notes on Numerical Solution on the Equations of Geophysics,” undated
BOX 21 “Numerical Simulations of Climatic Modifications,” 1970
BOX 21 “On the Nonexistence of a Slow Manifold,” 1987
BOX 21 “On the Possible Reasons for Long-Period Fluctuations of the General Circulation,” undated
BOX 21 “On the Prevalence of Aperiodicity in Simple Systems,” 1981
BOX 21 “On the Range of Atmospheric Predictability,” undated
BOX 21 “ Optimal Sites for Supplementary Weather Observations: Simulations with a Small Model,” 1996
BOX 21 “Persistence of Atmospheric Circulation,” undated
BOX 21 “Predictability–A Problem Partly Solved,” 2006
BOX 21 “Predictability and Periodicity: A Review and Extension,” undated
BOX 21 “The Predictability of the Climate System,” undated
BOX 21 “The Predictability of Geophysical Phenomena,” undated
BOX 21 “The Predictability of Hydrodynamic Flow,” 1963
BOX 21 “The Predictability of Flow which Possesses Many Scales of Motion,” 1969
BOX 22 “The Problem of Deducing the Climate from the Governing Equations,” 1964
BOX 22 “The Prospects for Improved Weather Forecasting,” undated
BOX 22 “ Prospects for Statistical Weather Forecasting,” 1959
BOX 22 “A Rapid Procedure for Inverting Del-Square with Certain Computers,” undated
BOX 22 Reflections on the Conception, Birth, and Childhood of Numerical Weather Prediction,” 2006
BOX 22 “A Route to Computational Chaos Revisited,” 1997
BOX 22 “Seasonal and Irregular Variations of the Northern Hemisphere Sea-Level Pressure Profile,” 1950
BOX 22 “A Simple System Exhibiting Long-Period Oscillations,” undated
BOX 22 “Simplified Dynamic Equations and Their Use in the Study of Atmospheric Predictability,” undated
BOX 22 “The Simplest Chaotic Hamiltonian System,” undated
BOX 22 “The Slow Manifold–What Is It,” undated
BOX 22 “ Some Aspects of Atmospheric Predictability,” undated
BOX 22 “Some Comments on Climate and Climatic Change,” undated
BOX 22 “Some Reflections on the Arrival of Numerical Weather Prediction,” 2003
BOX 22 “The Statistical Prediction of Solutions of Dynamic Equations,” 1962
BOX 22 “Strange Attractors: Are They Still Strange,” undated
BOX 22 “Studies of Atmospheric Predictability,” 1969
BOX 22 “A Study of the Predictability of a 28-Variable Atmospheric Model,” 1965
BOX 22 “Three Approaches to Atmospheric Predictability,” undated
BOX 23 “A Two Level Two-Latitude Quasi-Geostrophic Model,” undated
BOX 23 “The Ubiquity of Chaos,” undated
BOX 23 “The Use of ’Rawin' Observations at High Levels in Synoptic and Statistical Research,” undated
BOX 23 “The Verification of Probability Forecasts,” undated
BOX 23 “A Very Narrow Spectral Band,” 1984
BOX 23 “What Is Climate,” 1994
BOX 23 Chronological file, 1953-2007
(4 folders)
BOX 23 Indexed reprints
BOX 23 Notebook 1, 1950-1979
(3 folders)
BOX 23 Notebook 2, 1980-1985
BOX 23 Bibliographies and lists of his writings, 1986, 2008
In addition to paper materials, the folder included one (1) optical disk. Digital files copied from this media are described below.
Lorenz, Edward N., "Edward Norton Lorenz publications," scans of published works, 2008
Digital ID: mss85426_060_001
BOX 24 Books
BOX 24 Essence of Chaos
BOX 24 Miscellany, 1990-2006
BOX 24 Proofs, 1983
(5 folders)
BOX 24 Reviews, 1994-2006
In addition to paper materials, the folder included digital files on one (1) optical disk. Digital files copied from this media are described below.
Lurie, Robert M., "Essence of Chaos Mathematica Program, 11/3/06," review and demonstration of "The Essence of Chaos," 2006
Digital ID: mss85426_059_005
BOX 24 A Method of Applying the Hydrodynamic and Thermodynamic Equations to Atmospheric Models, 1948
BOX 25 Nature and Theory of the General Circulation of the Atmosphere, 1967
BOX 25 Autographed edition
BOX 25 Drafts
(3 folders)
BOX 25 Proofs
BOX 26 Overhead and slide presentations
BOX 26 Additions and subtractions, Seattle, Wash.
BOX 26 Analysis and model errors
BOX 26 “The Atmosphere as a Dynamic System”
BOX 26 “Can Chaos and Intransitivity Lead to Interannual Viability?”
BOX 26 Chaos and atmosphere predictability
BOX 26 Chaos and intransitivity
BOX 26 Chaos and predictability
BOX 26 Chaos, I.A.P. course
BOX 26 Chaos, class-Rothman
BOX 26 Chaos, Cuomo
BOX 26 Chaos, computational
(2 folders)
BOX 27 Chaos, miscellaneous
(4 folders)
BOX 27 Chaos, simple
BOX 27 Chaos, “Ubiquity of Chaos”
BOX 27 Chaos, unpredictability and strange attractors
BOX 27 Chaos, extra figures, butterfly effect
BOX 27 Chaos, yesterday and today
BOX 27 Climate chaos and predictability
BOX 27 Climate, duplicate figures
BOX 27 “Climate Is What You Expect”
BOX 27 Article
BOX 27 Overheads
BOX 27 Climate, miscellaneous
(2 folders)
BOX 27 Climate predictability
BOX 27 Climate, spontaneous climatic changes
BOX 28 Colby College, Waterville, Maine
BOX 28 “Compound Windows of the Hénon Map”
BOX 28 Conference on Mechanisms of Interannual and Longer Term Climate Variations, Melbourne, Australia
BOX 28 Designing chaotic models
BOX 28 Designing chaotic systems
BOX 28 Dimension aims
BOX 28 E.A.P.S. symposium
BOX 28 European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasting
BOX 28 Presentation
BOX 28 Seminar
BOX 28 Enhanced predictability
BOX 28 Fiftieth reunion
BOX 28 First Sloan workshop, Savannah, Ga.
BOX 28 Forecasting and nonlinearity
BOX 28 Fort Collins, Colo.
BOX 28 Generations, Reading, England
BOX 29 Global change
BOX 29 I.A.P. course
(4 folders)
BOX 29 “Irregularity: A Fundamental Property of the Atmosphere”
BOX 29 “Low-Dimensional Weather and Climate Attractors”
BOX 29 Low order models
BOX 29 Lyapunov numbers
BOX 29 McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
BOX 29 Models
BOX 29 N-Var plus 3-var
BOX 29 National Center for Atmospheric Research, 1988, 1993
(2 folders)
BOX 29 New Haven, Conn., presentation
BOX 29 Nonlinear statistical weather prediction
BOX 30 “On the Existence of a Slow Manifold”
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