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Edward N. Lorenz papers, circa 1895-2009

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DF Digital Files, 1987-2008
Chaos theory and strange attractor data visualization software, computational software and accompanying data files, presentations, text documents, audio files, games, and email. The digital files were copied from storage media found independent of the paper files including Lorenz's personal computer and a variety of disks. In instances where digital materials were found with the collection's paper content, the digital materials are listed and described alongside the paper records.
File structure is largely maintained as received. Listed chronologically.
"Edward Lorenz, work@home, 1999-2001," personal computer files, 1987-2008
Digital ID: mss85426_047_001
Files exported from a disk image of a Delta Dimension XPS R450 personal desktop computer labeled "Edward Lorenz, work@home, 1999-2001". The computer was in use until 2008 by multiple individuals including his son, Edward H. Lorenz. The content includes "The Attractor," a 2004 Windows application for visualizing strange attractor data. The software was developed by Robert Cornett under the supervision of Lorenz. Computational software applications include Absoft Fortran 77 and 90, and Microsoft FORTRAN PowerStation Version 1.0a. There are data files accompanying these programs. Printouts of some of this data can be found in the Science File series. Also included are text documents, games, image files, and scans of Lorenz's published papers as well as material by Lorenz's son, Edward H. Lorenz.
Digital ID: mss85426_047_001_email
Email files copied from Delta Dimension XPS R450 personal computer. Email files are currently unprocessed and unavailable.
Page, Mike & Jim Holsapple, "IBM - Chaos Water Wheel, Kriebel," data visualization software created for Mahlon E. Kriebel, copied from a 5.25" floppy disk, 1990-1992
Digital ID: mss85426_060_003
Jackson, E. Atlee, "Demonstrations of Several Controls of the Rossler and Lorenz Systems," data visualization software, copied from a 3.5" floppy disk, 1991
Digital ID: mss85426_060_005
"In Memory of William Blumen, Fiske Planetarium, Sunday, April 28, 2002," audio files, 2002
Digital ID: mss85426_060_006
BOX 39-44 Miscellany, circa 1895-2008
Awards, biographical material, photographs, printed matter, high school yearbook and other material relating to Lorenz's grade school and undergraduate education.
Arranged alphabetically by type of material or topic.
BOX 39 Addresses and phone numbers, card file, undated See Oversize
BOX 39 Appointment books, 2006-2008
s BOX 39 Awards
BOX 39 Crafoord Prize, 1983
BOX 39 Elliott Cresson Medal, 1989-1992
BOX 39 Kyoto Prize, 1991
BOX 39 Bound ceremonial presentation See Oversize
BOX 39 Miscellany
BOX 39 News clippings
BOX 39 Program
BOX 39 Scrapbook See Oversize
BOX 40 Miscellaneous, 1943-2005 See also Oversize
BOX 40 Biographical material
BOX 40 Interviews, 1986-2000
BOX 40 Miscellany, 1917-2008
BOX 40 Childhood and early education
BOX 40 Chess, 1920, 1931-1934
BOX 40 Safety First match cover collection, circa 1925
BOX 40 West Hill Gazette, West Hartford, Conn., 1930
BOX 40 William H. Hall High School, West Hartford, Conn., 1934
BOX 40 Christmas greeting drawing “to Eddie,” undated
BOX 40 Ericsson, Kerstin, affidavit of support, undated
BOX 40 Friends and family, 1928-2002
BOX 41 Lists, business and membership cards, ephemera, undated
BOX 41 Mountaineering, 1965-1980
BOX 41 Newspaper clippings, 1959-2005
BOX 41 Ninetieth birthday, 2007
BOX 41 Parkview Heights Elementary School, Lavista, Nebr., letters, 2007
BOX 41 Passports and other travel documents, 1957-1987
BOX 41 Photographs
BOX 41 Exhibit photographs of Lorenz and his family, undated See Oversize
BOX 41 Lorenz and others
BOX 41 circa 1895-2007 See also Oversize
BOX 42 Undated
BOX 42 Lorenz portraits, circa 1934-1999
BOX 42 Others, circa 1940, 1981-2007, undated
(2 folders)
BOX 42 Scenic and documentary photographs
BOX 42 Floods and snow storms, circa 1930-circa 1939
BOX 42 Miscellaneous, 1936-circa 2005
(3 folders)
BOX 43 Honeymoon, 1948
BOX 43 Negatives, undated
BOX 43 Printed matter, 1957, 1979-1980, 1987-2006
(2 folders)
BOX 43 Sudoku puzzle books, 2005-2006
BOX 43 University education and honorary degrees
BOX 43 Dartmouth College, Hanover, N.H.
BOX 43 1934-1938
BOX 44 1938, 1963, 1981, 1992
Miscellany, 1941, 1948, 1988-2003
BOX 44 Addition, 1990-2004
Correspondence primarily between Robert C. Hilborn and Edward N. Lorenz concerning Hilborn's efforts to ascertain the origin of the term "butterfly effect." The series also includes a 1972 speech by Lorenz, and published paper by Hilborn
Arranged alphabetically by name.
BOX 44 Hilborn, Robert C., correspondence, 1990-1992, 2004
BOX OV 1-OV 13 Oversize, 1937-2008
Awards, card indexes, computer graphics, computer printouts, chart records, photographs, and poster.
Arranged and described according to the series, containers, and folders from which the material was removed.
BOX OV 1 Science File
Computer graphics, chart records, and drawings
Miscellaneous, undated (Container 14)
BOX OV 2 “Some Strange Birds . . .,” display, undated (Container 14)
BOX OV 3-OV 6 Computer printouts, 1961-1989, undated (Container 14)
BOX OV 7 Speeches and Writings
By Lorenz
Poster, “Ubiquity of Chaos,” University of South Carolina, Columbia, S.C. (Container 35)
BOX OV 8 Card indexes to works on meteorology
No. 1, undated (Container 39)
BOX OV 9 No. 2, undated (Container 39)
Addresses and phone numbers card file, undated (Container 39)
BOX OV 10 Awards
Kyoto Prize
Bound ceremonial presentation, 1991 (Container 39)
Scrapbook, 1991 (Container 39)
BOX OV 11 Miscellaneous, 1937-2008 (Container 40)
BOX OV 12 Photographs
Exhibit photographs of Lorenz and his family, undated (Container 41)
Lorenz with others
“Army Air Force Training Detachment M.I.T,” 1942 (Container 41)
BOX VA 1 Artifact, circa 1961
Chart record.
Arranged and described according to the series, containers, and folders from which the item was removed.
BOX VA 1 “Chaos 25 Years Ago,” chart record, circa 1961 (Container 14)

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