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Clay Thomas Whitehead papers, 1927-2012

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BOX 49A-52 1970s Post-White House Career, 1927-1982
Book drafts, correspondence, research files including articles and newspaper clippings, and speeches.
Arranged alphabetically by topic or type of material.
BOX 49A CTW Book Research materials, 1927, 1934, 1967, 1971-1976
(3 folders)
BOX 50 Articles on CTW, 1978-1982
Articles-Business/Government, 1979-1980
Copies of Scholarly Articles, Book Chapters, Harvard's President's Report, 1969-1974
CTW Book Introduction Outline, undated
CTW Book, Outline and Notes, undated
CTW Chapters and Comments for Book Chapter 3 & 4, undated
CTW Draft Chapter 1 from 1974 Book, 1974
CTW Notes and Papers, 1975
CTW Undated Notes and Writing for Book
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
CTW Notes in Steno Notebook, undated
Draft Outline with Revisions, undated
Government Research Corporation/National Journal, [circa 1975]
Intermediate Technology Report No. 1, 1976
Kevin Phillips Notes and Writing for Book Chapters 8 & 9, undated
Keystone Conference Speech by Max Ways, 1979 Feb. 21
Miscellaneous Notes, [circa 1974-1976]
Newsmagazine Articles, Bell Information, the Philadelphia Society, 1976
Office of the Chief Engineer Report-Technological Boundaries of Television, 1974 Dec.
Peter Furth Correspondence, 1975
BOX 51 Post-White House Research for Entrepreneurship with Dr. Rockwell, 1975
Proceedings of Seminar on Small Earth Terminals Report, 1975 Oct. 31
Projecting the Growth of Television Broadcasting Report, 1976 Feb.
Revised Draft of Book by Owen-Economics and Freedom of Expression, 1974 Dec. 13
(3 folders)
Speech by David L. Bazelon, FCC 40th anniversary, Washington, D.C., 1974 Nov. 15
Speech-Sloan School Convocation; Prospects for Research, 1975
Telecommunications Articles and Notes, 1975-1976
The Economics of Prime Time Access, 1973 Sept.
The Federal Antitrust Laws Booklet, 1975
BOX 52 The Fight for $60,000 a Half Minute NY Times article, 1975 Sept. 7
The Media and California's 1974 Gubernatorial Election Report Draft, no date
Trip-Conference at UCLA, 1978 July-Aug.
Video Microwave Transmission, Media, and Other Articles and Notes, [circa 1975]
CableVision Article About CTW, 1977 Mar. 28
BOX 52 1980s Career, 1980-1987
Articles, biographical material, and satellite applications.
Arranged alphabetically by topic or type of material.
BOX 52 Columbus Daily Advocate newspaper, 1981
(2 folders)
Copies of Articles on CTW, 1982 Dec.
Letter and Articles-Business/Government, 1975-1982
National Exchange Application for a 4/6-GHz and 12/14-GHz Hybrid Satellite System, 1987 Sept. 15
(2 folders)
National Exchange Application for a 4/6-GHz Space Segment, 1983 Nov. 7
(2 folders)
National Exchange Application for a Domestic Communications Satellite System
1983 Apr. 26
1987 Sept. 15
BOX 53-55 PanAmSat, 1988-1995
Articles, corporate literature, correspondence, and technical specifications.
Arranged alphabetically by topic or type of material.
BOX 53 Alpha Lyracom
Handout Copies of A Satellite Primer, undated
Handouts and Articles, 1990
PAS Reports, 1991
Intelsat and Comsat, 1991
ALSC Correspondence-Faxes Received, 1988-1993
(2 folders)
Announcements about Companies Offering New Shares on the Stock Market, 1992-1993
Articles, Notes, and Congressional Testimony, 1990-1995
Blake Dawson Waldron Report on Privatization-The Legal Aspects, undated
Cable Network Data, 1988-1989
CableLabs Request of Proposal, 1991
Correspondence with Jeffrey Manber, 1991-1992
DigiCipher, 1992
Digital Compressed Video Demonstration-ALSC, 1991
Financing Analysis, 1992 Sept. 30
Harry Phillips Davis 1990 Tribute, 1990 Oct. 3
Information on DLJ Merchant Banking Partners L.P., [circa 1992-1993]
BOX 54 International Digital Communications, International Telecom Japan, Japan Communications Satellite Company, Mitsui Reports, 1989-1991
Mitsubishi, Orix, Nissho Iwai 1990 Annual Report, 1990
NSC, 1991
OTC Limited 1990 Annual Report, 1990 Aug. 23
Pan American Satellite Corporation
Articles, 1990-1991
Correspondence, 1991
Satellite-2 Proposal Volumes and Proposal Outlines, 1990 Sept.
Reports on/by Alpha Lyracom, Telesat, NTT, Mitsubishi, C. Itoh, [circa 1990-1991]
Business Cards, 1992
Correspondence, PAS Global Satellite System, 1992
Business Cards, 1993
PAS Correspondence and memoranda, 1991-1993
Reports on PAS, Taiwan, and China, 1991
BOX 55 Thailand-PAS Correspondence, Business Cards, and Proposal, 1991-1993
USSR/Russia-PAS Correspondence, Business Cards, News article copies, 1991-1993
BOX 55-56 George Mason University, 1998-2007
Articles, correspondence, lecture handouts and notes, lecture transcripts, and videocassettes and DVDs.
Arranged alphabetically by topic or type of material.
BOX 55 Articles and Emails, 2004-2007
(3 folders)
Copies of Newspaper Articles on CTW, 1998-2005
Copies of Old Newspaper Articles on the OTP for GMU Class, 2005
Emails about Fairness Doctrine Articles for GMU Class, 2005
GMU Class Handouts, 2004
GMU Lecture Notes, CTW Book Brainstorming, 2004-2005
GMU Class Materials
Articles, 2005
Articles and Copies of OTP Materials, 2005
GMU Fall 2005 Class
Richard E. Wiley Lecture Transcript, 2005
Donald I. Baker Lecture Transcript, 2005
Baker, Geller, Hatfield, Lamb Lectures on DVDs and Digital Videocassettes, 2005
BOX 56 Henry Geller Lecture Revised Transcript, 2005
GMU Guest Speaker Planning, Notes, Articles, Instructor Evaluation Summary, 2005-2006
Materials for GMU Class-Telecommunications Law and Policy, 2005
Notes and Court Brief, 2005
Notes, Articles, Materials to Prepare for GMU Fall 2005 Class, 2005
Scholarly Articles, 2004 GMU Speech Materials, GMU Fall 2005 Class Materials, 2004-2005
BOX 56A Speaker Transcripts
Brian Lamb
Dale Hatfield
Thomas Hazlett, 09-25-05
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