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Theodore Granik papers, 1930-1970

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Client File, 1930-1967 (continued)
State Department, 1941-1946 (continued)
(4 folders)
Super Cold Corp., 1941-1942
Title & Guarantee Trust Co.
Treasury Department, 1942-1945
(7 folders)
Unit-Bilt Store Equipment Co., 1942
United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration, 1946
United States Forest Service, 1942
Wage and Hour Controversy, 1942
War Contracts Price Adjustment Board, 1944
War Department, 1942-1946
(5 folders)
War Food Administration, 1944
BOX 76 War Manpower Comm., 1942-1943
War Production Board, 1942
War Savings Stamps, 1941-1942
Western Stove Co., 1941-1943
Wildcat Wells, 1943
Wine Growers, 1942
Yerger, Fred, 1942
Ziff-Davis Pub. Co., 1944
Branch Banks
(2 folders)
Contracts and Agreements
Critique of Federal Banking Authorities
Defense Information Bureau
Expense Account
BOX 77 Miscellaneous Material
(4 folders)
San Jose Manufacturers
BOX 78 Specifications
Survey of San Clemente
(2 folders)
BOX 79 Bank Representation in Washington
(2 folders)
Barber Asphalt Corp.
Bariatric Corp.
Bartolini, Julian
Bartolini v. Trailways & Greyhound
Bartolini v. Woodruff
Beasley, Oscar
Beber, Samuel
(2 folders)
Behling v. Kerr
Belgian Economic Mission
(17 folders)
BOX 80 (29 folders)
BOX 81 (7 folders)
Belgian Embassy
(7 folders)
BOX 82 Bellows, E. R.
Benjamin, Medwin
(3 folders)
Berger & Breitler
Berlove, Harold J.
Bernard, Bruce Michael
Bernard, George S.
Bernstein, Hyman
(2 folders)
Bernstein, Leo
Berryman v. Berryman
Bierman, Samuel D.
Biow Co.
Bissel, Eugene
(2 folders)
Bissel, Zita G.
BOX 83 Black, William H.
(2 folders)
Blackstone Military Academy
Blair, Allen H.
Blank, William
Blum, Nathan S.
Blumberg, Samuel
(2 folders)
Blumberg, Singer & Aberman
(3 folders)
Board of Trade
Boas, Raymond
Bobley, Harry
(2 folders)
BOX 84 Bohn Aluminum
(12 folders)
Booth, Kenneth
Booz, Louis P.
Borders, Harry L.
Boretz Manufacturing Co.
Boskey, Meyer
Botwinick, Benjamin
(2 folders)
BOX 85 Bowden, George
Boyle Leather Goods Co.
Boynton Beach
Brand & Oppenheimer
(4 folders)
Brandt, Bernard B.
Brazilian Food
Breeze Corp.
(3 folders)
Breguet Helicopter
Breining Brothers, Inc.
Breslau v. Nemerov-Kaye
Brooke, Lula H.
Bronx-Westchester Mack Corp.
Broussard, Robert
(2 folders)
BOX 86 Brown, Dan
Brown, J. D.
Brown, Mildred J.
Bruno, E. W.
Bunge Corp.
Amato, Benjamin, 1945
Air Travel, 1944-1946
(3 folders)
Argentine Embassy, 1944
Argentine Sun Flower Oil,1944
Barbed & Copper Wire, 1944-1946
Belgian Congo, 1944-1947
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