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Ludwig Mies van der Rohe papers, 1921-1969

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BOX 1-4 Early Correspondence, 1921-1940
Letters received and copies of letters sent, memoranda, and miscellaneous attachments.
Organized into private and special correspondence and therein alphabetically by name of personal correspondent or name of organization. Most of the material is in German.
BOX 1 Private, 1923-1940, undated
BOX 2 S-Z and unidentified
Special, 1921-1934, undated
Bund Deutscher Architekten, 1921-1926
Gerichtsverfahren Mächler, 1923-1926
Novembergruppe, 1924-1926
Kartell, 1925-1928
Deutsche Liga für den Unabhängigen Film, 1930-1932
Internationaler Kongress für Neues Bauen, 1930-1933
Deutscher Werkbund
BOX 3 1924-1932
BOX 4-7 Late Correspondence, 1930-1969
Letters received and copies of letters sent, memoranda, and miscellaneous attachments.
Arranged alphabetically by name of correspondent.
BOX 4 “A” miscellaneous
“B” miscellaneous
Birthday congratulations, 1966
Birthday letters, 1951, 1968-1969
“C” miscellaneous
Care, 1946-1955
BOX 5 “D” miscellaneous
“E” miscellaneous
Education requirements for New York license, 1955-1956
“F” miscellaneous
“G” miscellaneous
“H” miscellaneous
Howe, George, 1944-1951
Illinois, Institute of Technology, Chicago, Ill., 1936-1967
“J” miscellaneous
“K” miscellaneous
Kennedy Library Arts and Architecture Committee
Kennedy Memorial Library
Kennedy, Edward M.
BOX 6 Kennedy, Jacqueline, 1964
Kennedy, John F., 1964
Kennedy, Robert
Köstner, Luise, 1949-1950
Krupp Industriebau, 1961-1964
“L” miscellaneous
Leitl, Alfons, 1947-1950
Luehrsen, Hannes, 1946-1950
“Mc” miscellaneous
“M” miscellaneous
Mies van der Rohe
Building honors
Letters of praise
“N” miscellaneous
National Academy of Design, 1968-1969
“O” miscellaneous
“P” miscellaneous
Prussian Academy of Arts, 1949-1951
“R” miscellaneous
BOX 7 “S” miscellaneous
“T” miscellaneous
Translations pending
Travel plans and other subjects
“U” miscellaneous
U.S. War Department, 1947
University of Bochum, West Germany, 1960-1962
“V” miscellaneous
“W” miscellaneous
Who's Who, 1955-1969
Wiley, Robert C., 1955-1960
“Y” miscellaneous
“Z” miscellaneous
BOX 7-61 General Office File, 1923-1969
Letters received and copies of letters sent, memoranda, and miscellaneous attachments, newspaper clippings, notes, blueprints, lists, photographs, leases, printed matter, and miscellaneous items.
Arranged alphabetically by name of correspondent or subject.
BOX 7 “Aa-Al” miscellaneous
BOX 8 “Am-Ax” miscellaneous
Aachen, 1956-1962
Academia Nacional de Bellas Artes, 1963
Academia D' Architecture, 1961-1969
BOX 9 Academie der Kunste, 1946-1965
Accademia Nazionale di San Luca, 1951-1969
Acier-Stahl-Steel, 1964
Aicher, Otal, 1956-1959
Albers, Josef and Anni, 1949-1965
Alcoa, 1963
Aldis and Co., 1946-1952
Aloi, Roberto, 1959-1962
Alpha Rho Chi, 1967-1969
Aluminum-Zentrale E. V., 1961-1963
American Academy of Achievement, 1961-1965
BOX 10 American Academy of Arts and Letters, 1957-1969
American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1957-1969
American Association of University Professors, 1951-1964
American Express Co., 1958-1967
American Federation of Arts, 1958-1967
American Institute of Architects
BOX 11 1951-1956
BOX 12 1957-1961
BOX 13 1962-1966
BOX 14 1967-1969
College of Fellows, 1959-1969
Fellowships, 1950-1954
Gold Medal, 1959-1960
Gold Medal congratulations, 1960
Journal, 1955-1961
American Institute of Steel Construction, Kimbrough Medal Award, 1954-1966
American Iron and Steel Institute, Design in Steel Award Program, 1962-1965
American Society of Civil Engineers, 1951
American Standard Association, 1949 (?)-56
BOX 15 Applications for employment, 1946-1958
Architect, 1950-1953
Architects, San Francisco, Calif.
Architectural Association, London, England, 1950-1959
Architectural Design and Construction, 1946-1967
Architectural Forum
BOX 16 1963-1967
Architectural League of New York, 1960-1962
Architectural Press, 1947-1962
Architectural Record, 1945-1967
L'Architecture d'Aujourd'hui, 1949-1966
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