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Hoyt Sanford Vandenberg papers, 1942-1954

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BOX 83-88 Security File, 1950-1953
Memoranda, reports, and some correspondence relating principally to the Korean War.
Original arrangement retained.
BOX 83 Miscellany, 1950-1953 See also Classified
Memorandum on strategic requirements, 1951
Memorandum on 138 combat wing, 1951
Manpower and personnel pool estimate, 1951-1952
Size and makeup of air force, 1952-1953
Policy on aces and combat sorties, undated
Vandenberg memorandum on Korean inspection, 1951
Far East field information, 1951
Air operations in Korea (U.S., MIG-15), 1951
Chief's press conference after Korea, 1951
Leach, W. Barton, memoranda, 1951-1952 See also Classified
Memoranda from Ethelred L. Sykes, 1951
Memoranda from Charles J. V. Murphy, 1952
Chief of Staff with Frank Pace, Jr., and J. Lawton Collins on Tactical Air Command, 1951
Army requirements, air support, etc, 1950-1952
Memoranda of understanding, secretary of the air force and secretary of the army, 1952
BOX 84 Carrier papers, 1952-1953
Selected memoranda, secretary of air force to chief of staff air force, 1950-1952
Field trips, 1951-1953
Cables and memoranda on European bases, 1951 See also Classified
Turkey, 1952
Aircraft of the U.S. and the USSR, 1952
Proposed statement , Joseph C. Mahoney Committee, 1952
Fear of flying
General, 1952
Staff study by Office of the Surgeon General, 1952
(2 folders)
Summary of cases, 1952
World trip
General, 1952
Memoranda of problems encountered, 1952
Grussendorf, Richard A., copy of trip book and special notes, 1952 See also Classified
Press releases, European trip, 1952
BOX 85 Memoranda for the record, 1952
Photograph and Reconnaissance files, 1951-1953 See also Classified
Air corps versus. China mainland, 1951
Letters on aircraft production, 1952
Flying pay, 1952
FY-53 presentation, 1953
French-Md-452 summary See Classified
Current “Hold Here” for Vandenberg, 1953 See also Classified
Papers used before Armed Services Committee, 1951-1953 See also Classified
Arnold engineering development, 1953
Department of Defense program legislation, 1953
Impact of reduced budget, 1953
Engineering status of fighter airplanes, 1953
Vandenberg's views on organization of Department of Defense–Joint Chiefs of Staff, 1953
BOX 86 Redlines
(13 folders)
BOX 87 1952-1953
(3 folders)
Impact on the Korean War memorandum, 1952
F-51 warnings, 1950
BOX 88 Allocation of United States Military Academy graduates, 1952
Comparative strength, general officers, 1952
Air defense data, present and programmed, 1951
Memoranda on military outlook in Korea and Matthew Ridgway policy statements on Korea, 1952
Withdrawal of occupation troops from Korea, 1951
NAM IL (military operation), 1951
Forces committed to combat, 1951
Budget growth, 1951 See also Classified
Fiscal year 1953
Mutual Defense Assistance Program
Strategic Air Command airmen's dormitories, 1952
Briefs from Laurence S. Kuter, 1952
Buster data, 1951
Message to Dwight D. Eisenhower, draft, undated
Formerly declassified, 1952
BOX 89-91 Speeches and Articles, 1945-1953
Typescript and reading copies of speeches and articles. Six notebooks, one for each year, contain typescript copies of speeches and an index. .
Arranged into unbound and notebook files
BOX 89 Unbound
(2 folders)
BOX 90 1947-1948
(2 folders)
(2 vols.)
BOX 91 1951-1953
(3 vols.)
BOX 92-97 Miscellany, 1943-1953
Printed matter and miscellaneous papers. Arranged by type of material.
Arranged into unbound and notebook files
BOX 92-93 Printed matter
BOX 94 1945-1953 See also Classified
Photographs of aircraft used by CCS, 1953
BOX 95 Tactical air command operations
(2 vols.)
BOX 96 1944-1945
(2 vols.)
BOX 97 Miscellaneous
1945-1953 See also Classified
(7 folders)
Notebook, 1945-1947
BOX CL 1 Classified, 1948-1953
Correspondence, memoranda, and reports.
Arranged and described according to the series, containers, and folders from which the items were removed.
BOX CL 1 General Correspondence
C (Container 12)
C (Container 21)
S (Container 22)
C-F (Container 26)
P-R (Container 27)
V (Container 28)
F (Container 30)
Subject File
Air Force requirements, 1952 (Container 35) See Top Secret
Assistant and under secretaries of the air force, 1949 (Container 37)
Assistant secretary of the air force, 1951 (Container 38)
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