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John Richardson Latimer papers, 1679-1906

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Part I: Oversize, 1815-1834 (continued)
BOX I:OV 1 From Canton, China, to Philadelphia, Pa., and New York, N.Y., 1828-1829 (Container I:1)
BOX I:OV 2 Indian letters, 1831-1834 (Container I:1)
BOX I:OV 3 Account Books
BOX I:OV 3 Ledger
BOX I:OV 3 1831-1834 (Container I:1)
BOX I:OV 4 Daybook
BOX I:OV 4 1825-1831 (Container I:5)
BOX I:OV 5 1831-1834 (Container I:5)
BOX I:OV 6 Invoice book
BOX I:OV 6 1815-1825 (Container I:5)
BOX I:OV 7 1827-1833 (Container I:5)
BOX I:OV 8 Invoices, 1833-1834 (Container I:5)
BOX I:OV 9 Sales accounts
BOX I:OV 9 1828-1834 (Container I:6)
BOX I:OV 10 Account book
BOX I:OV 10 1827-1832 (Container I:6)
BOX I:OV 11 Current accounts, 1824-1834 (Container I:6)
BOX I:OV 12 Account book, 1833-1834 (Container I:6)
BOX II:1-II:8 Part II: General File, 1679-1906
Correspondence, receipts, account books, bills, agreements, policies, bills of lading, invoices, expenditures, daybook, ledger, Chinese material, other financial records and newspaper clippings.
Arranged by type of material.
BOX II:1 Correspondence, 1824-1834
BOX II:1 Letterbooks, 1829-1839 See Part II: Oversize
(3 vols.)
BOX II:1 Financial information, 1679-1823
(24 folders)
BOX II:1 Receipt book, 1823-1824
BOX II:1 Letters from James Latimer (brother), China trade, 1824
BOX II:2 General correspondence and bills of lading, 1824
BOX II:2 Miscellaneous correspondence, 1825
BOX II:2 Miscellany, 1825
(2 folders)
BOX II:2 Letters from James Latimer (brother)
BOX II:2 China trade, 1825
(2 folders)
BOX II:2 China trade, failure in business, 1826
(2 folders)
BOX II:2 Miscellaneous correspondence, 1826
BOX II:3 Account book, 1826-1832
BOX II:3 Miscellany, 1827
BOX II:3 Miscellany, M-W, 1827
BOX II:3 Letters from James Latimer, 1827
BOX II:3 Correspondence
BOX II:3 Ralston, A.G., 1827
BOX II:3 Smith, F. H., 1827
BOX II:3 Wahn and Morris, 1827
BOX II:3 Wilcocks, Benjamin C., 1828
BOX II:3 Wooten, John, 1828
BOX II:4 Financial information, 1828
BOX II:4 Miscellany, 1828
BOX II:4 Correspondence, 1828
(2 folders)
BOX II:4 Miscellany, 1829
BOX II:4 Bills, agreements, policies, and prices current, 1829
BOX II:4 Bills of lading, 1829
BOX II:4 Miscellany, 1829
BOX II:4 Bills, agreement and prices current, 1830
BOX II:4 Miscellany, 1830-1831
(2 folders)
BOX II:4 Bills of lading, 1831
BOX II:4 Invoices, bills, and accounts, 1832
BOX II:4 Bills of lading, 1832
BOX II:4 Bills, accounts, and receipts, 1832
BOX II:4 Miscellany, 1832
BOX II:5 Correspondence, 1832
BOX II:5 Correspondence, A-F, 1832
(2 folders)
BOX II:5 Correspondence, 1833
BOX II:5 Miscellany, 1833
BOX II:5 Letters from James Latimer, China trade, 1833
BOX II:5 Bills, accounts, and receipts, 1833
(2 folders)
BOX II:6 Miscellany, 1834-1848
(7 folders)
BOX II:6 Receipts, 1849-1853
(4 folders)
BOX II:6 Miscellany, 1854-1878
(4 folders)
BOX II:6 Receipts, 1880
BOX II:6 Miscellany, 1882-1892, undated
(2 folders)
BOX II:6 Letterbook, 1796-1809
BOX II:6 Daybook, 1817-1827
BOX II:6 Receipts and expenditures, 1816-1818, 1836-1851
BOX II:6 Receipt book, 1793-1838
BOX II:7 Letterbook, 1825-1828
BOX II:7 Account book, 1805-1807, 1817-1823
BOX II:7 Ledger, 1819-1821
BOX II:7 Daybook, 1819-1821
BOX II:8 Chinese material, 1823-1831, undated
BOX II:8 Samples and miscellaneous, 1819, 1831, undated
BOX II:8 Correspondence, 1828-1832
BOX II:8 Clippings
BOX II:8 Duer, Lillie, trial for shooting Ella Hearn, 1879
BOX II:8 Franklin, Mr. and Mrs., undated
BOX II:8 Charles J. Guiteau’s death, whole account from the shooting of James J. Garfield, 1882
BOX II:8 Latimer, Henry, 1862, undated
BOX II:8 Latimer, Mary, undated
BOX II:8 Miscellaneous, 1853-1906, undated
(6 folders)
BOX II:8 Murder of Policeman Peterson, 1885
BOX II:8 Pieces for pasting in books, 1879, undated
BOX II:8 Prussia and France, 1870, undated
(2 folders)
BOX II:8 “Tilden vs. Hayes, Military Despot Grant,” 1876, undated
BOX II:OV 1-II:OV 3 Part II: Oversize, 1829-1939
Organized and described according to the series, folders, and containers from which they were removed.
BOX II: OV 1 Letterbooks
BOX II: OV 1 1829-1831 (Container II:1)
BOX II: OV 2 1831-1834 (Container II:1)
BOX II OV 3 1833-1839 (Container II:1)

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