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John Richardson Latimer papers, 1679-1906

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BOX I:8-I:11 Part I: Business Instruments, 1823-1850
Bills of parcels, receipts, accounts, invoices, bills of lading, memoranda of agreements, letters, orders for investments and bills, inventories, sales data, insurance policies, and statement of American trade with Canton, China.
Arranged by type of material.
BOX I:8 Bills of parcels and receipts, 1825-1826
BOX I:8 Account sales, 1825-1826
BOX I:8 Outward invoices and bills of lading, 1824-1827
BOX I:8 Account sales and accounts current, 1827-1828
BOX I:8 Bills, receipts, and memoranda of agreements, 1823-1828
BOX I:8 Inward invoices and bills of lading, 1826-1828
BOX I:8 Bills of lading outward, 1827-1828
BOX I:8 Account sales and accounts current orders, 1828-1829
BOX I:8 Invoice and bills lading, 1828-1829
BOX I:8 Bills of lading and invoices, 1828-1834
BOX I:9 Letters, bills, receipts and memoranda, 1827-1833
BOX I:9 Bills of lading, invoices, and accounts, 1827-1832
BOX I:9 Orders, letters, bills, receipts, and memoranda, 1824-1850
BOX I:9 Account sales-accounts currents, 1829-1830
BOX I:9 Bills and receipts, 1829-1830
BOX I:9 Orders for investments, 1829-1830
BOX I:9 Invoices and bills of lading, 1829-1830
BOX I:9 Invoices, bills of lading, bills, receipts, and related matter, 1824-1833
BOX I:9 Bills and receipts, 1830-1831
BOX I:10 Account sales-accounts current and outward bills of lading, 1830-1831
BOX I:10 Invoices and bills of lading outward, 1830-1831
BOX I:10 Bills of lading, invoices, order, accounts, and letters, 1827-1833
BOX I:10 Bills, receipts, and memoranda, 1824-1831
BOX I:10 Bills and receipts, 1831-1832
BOX I:10 Invoices, bills of lading, account sales, and accounts current, 1831-1832
BOX I:10 Price current, prices in Bombay and Calcutta, India; Gilbraltar; and Manila, Philippines, 1831-1832
BOX I:10 Bills of lading, invoices, accounts, insurance policies, and letters, 1826-1833
BOX I:11 Bills, receipts, and memoranda, 1824-1832
BOX I:11 Outward bills of lading, price current, and prices in Bombay, India; Lima, Peru; and Sydney, Australia, 1832-1833
BOX I:11 Bills of lading and invoices, 1827-1834
BOX I:11 Letters, inventories, orders, insurance policy, statement of American trade with Canton, China, bills, receipts, and memoranda, 1827-1833
BOX I:11 Letters of Rebecca Parkinson, circulars, invoices, bills of lading, and receipts, 1827-1833
BOX I:11 Invoice, account sales, and account current, 1833-1834
BOX I:11 Orders for investment, 1833-1834
BOX I:11 Outward bills for lading, 1833-1834
BOX I:11 Bills of lading, invoices, account, order bills, receipts, memoranda, and sales, 1824-1834
BOX I:12 Part I: Insurance Records, 1828-1833
Register of insurance policies of Gopaldos Nagurdos Moody Constituents, Bombay, India; other policies of insurance and memoranda.
Arranged by type of material.
BOX I:12 Register of insurance policies
BOX I:12 Gopaldoss Nagurdos Moody’s Constituents, Bombay, India
BOX I:12 Rates of premiums of the ninth Canton insurance company, 1831-1833
BOX I:12 Policies insurance and memoranda, 1828-1829
BOX I:12 Policies of insurance, 1830-1833
(3 folders)
BOX I:12 Part I: Statistics, 1816-1833
Trade statistics and tabulations of American and Britain trade with Canton, China.
Arranged as compiled.
BOX I:12 Trade statistics and tabulations, American and Britain trade with Canton, China, 1816-1833
BOX I:12-I:14 Part I: Special Files, 1822-1835
Letters from Smith & Nicoll Co. and Benjamin Wilcocks, accounts of voyages, invoices, other financial records, miscellaneous papers, opium transactions with W. H. Smith, claims to the estate of Captain J. Davidson made by Rebecca Parkinson, and papers relating to G. R. Dowdale.
Arranged by type of material or name of creator.
BOX I:12 Smith & Nicoll Co. letters, 1823-1827
(3 folders)
BOX I:12 Smith & Nicoll’s account of ship China voyage, 1822-1825
BOX I:12 Smith & Nicoll’s account of ship China and Superior voyage, 1825-1826
BOX I:13 Wilcocks, Benjamin C.
BOX I:13 Correspondence, Wilcock to Latimer, 1828-1831
(2 folders)
BOX I:13 Letters and “promiscuous papers,” invoices and accounts current with Ferguson and others, Australian tobacco trade, 1834
BOX I:13 Wilcocks’s “promiscuous papers,” accounts, invoices, letters, and Australian trade, 1828-1829
BOX I:13 Letters to Wilcocks, 1822-1828
(2 folders)
BOX I:13 Copies of Wilcocks’s accounts and miscellaneous papers and letters, 1828-1835
BOX I:13 Opium transactions with W. H. Smith, 1826
BOX I:14 Rebecca Parkinson claims to the estate of Captain J. Davidson, 1830
BOX I:14 Dowdale, George R., papers relating to his affairs, 1830
BOX I:14 Part I: Miscellany, 1826-1844
Invitations and notes to Mary Latimer, translations of native protest against foreign traders, and other material.
Arranged by type of material.
BOX I:14 Latimer, Mary A., invitations and note to her, Philadelphia, Pa., 1835-1844
BOX I:14 Sampling of Latimer papers
BOX I:14 Miscellaneous papers and translation of a native protest against foreign traders, 1826-1835
BOX I:14 Packet labels that were removed, 1826-1834
(3 folders)
BOX I:OV 1-I:OV 15 Part I: Oversize, 1815-1834
Letterbooks, ledgers, daybook, invoices, sales accounts, and account books.
Organized and described according to the series, folders, and containers from which they were was removed.
BOX I:OV 1 Correspondence
BOX I:OV 1 Letterbooks of outgoing business
BOX I:OV 1 From Canton, China, to Philadelphia, Pa., and New York, N.Y., 1828-1829 (Container I:1)
BOX I:OV 2 Indian letters, 1831-1834 (Container I:1)
BOX I:OV 3 Account Books
BOX I:OV 3 Ledger
BOX I:OV 3 1831-1834 (Container I:1)
BOX I:OV 4 Daybook
BOX I:OV 4 1825-1831 (Container I:5)
BOX I:OV 5 1831-1834 (Container I:5)
BOX I:OV 6 Invoice book
BOX I:OV 6 1815-1825 (Container I:5)
BOX I:OV 7 1827-1833 (Container I:5)
BOX I:OV 8 Invoices, 1833-1834 (Container I:5)
BOX I:OV 9 Sales accounts
BOX I:OV 9 1828-1834 (Container I:6)
BOX I:OV 10 Account book
BOX I:OV 10 1827-1832 (Container I:6)
BOX I:OV 11 Current accounts, 1824-1834 (Container I:6)
BOX I:OV 12 Account book, 1833-1834 (Container I:6)
BOX II:1-II:8 Part II: General File, 1679-1906
Correspondence, receipts, account books, bills, agreements, policies, bills of lading, invoices, expenditures, daybook, ledger, Chinese material, other financial records and newspaper clippings.
Arranged by type of material.
BOX II:1 Correspondence, 1824-1834
BOX II:1 Letterbooks, 1829-1839 See Part II: Oversize
(3 vols.)
BOX II:1 Financial information, 1679-1823
(24 folders)
BOX II:1 Receipt book, 1823-1824
BOX II:1 Letters from James Latimer (brother), China trade, 1824
BOX II:2 General correspondence and bills of lading, 1824
BOX II:2 Miscellaneous correspondence, 1825
BOX II:2 Miscellany, 1825
(2 folders)
BOX II:2 Letters from James Latimer (brother)
BOX II:2 China trade, 1825
(2 folders)
BOX II:2 China trade, failure in business, 1826
(2 folders)
BOX II:2 Miscellaneous correspondence, 1826
BOX II:3 Account book, 1826-1832
BOX II:3 Miscellany, 1827
BOX II:3 Miscellany, M-W, 1827
BOX II:3 Letters from James Latimer, 1827
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