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The Seth MacFarlane collection of the Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan archive, 1860-2004

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Oversize, circa 1944-1997 (continued)
Chronological file, circa 1995 (Container 493)
BOX OV 5 Cosmos: A Personal Voyage
Fan mail
Incoming, 1983 (Container 516)
BOX OV 6 Miscellany, circa 1980 (Container 539)
BOX OV 7 Production files
Art and special effects, 1978-1979 (Container 544)
Miscellany, 1980 (Container 568)
BOX OV 8 Publicity
Atlantic Richfield Co., 1980 (Container 582)
BOX OV 9 Promotional material, 1980 (Container 585)
BOX OV 10 “Nucleus”
Financial papers, 1982 (Container 600)
BOX OV 11 Subject File
Oct. (Container 649)
BOX OV 12 Jupiter, 1974-1975 (Container 676)
BOX OV 13 Laboratory experiments, undated (Container 677)
BOX OV 14 Mars
Face/head on Mars
Map, 1984 (Container 682)
BOX OV 15 “General Catalogue of Earth-based Photographs of Mars-1973 Apparition,” computer printout, 1974 (Container 682)
BOX OV 16 Nomenclature
1974-1978 (Container 684)
BOX OV 17 1981-1985 (Container 684)
BOX OV 18 Topography, 1989 (Container 688)
BOX OV 19 Saturn, 1974 (Container 773)
Scintillation, 1965 (Container 775)
BOX OV 20 Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI)
General, undated (Container 776)
Solar spine, chart, 1978 (Container 779)
BOX OV 21 Solar system, 1967 (Container 779)
General, circa 1981 (Container 783)
Venus, 1974 (Container 805)
BOX OV 22 Anti-Nuclear Activism File
Subject file
Meeting notes, “Declaration,” circa 1984 (Container 868)
BOX OV 23 The Planetary Society
Subject file
Get-well “card” for Sagan signed by staff, 1985 (Container 928)
Writings File
By Sagan
Murmurs of Earth: The Voyager Interstellar Record (1978)
Illustrations, 1977 (Container 1250)
Resource material, 1977 (Container 1252)
BOX OV 24 Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space (1994)
Illustrations, 1982, 1994, undated (Containers 1317 and 1318)
2116, Krupenio, Nikolai N., 1976, undated (Container 1385)
BOX OV 25 Miscellany
Awards and honors
Miscellany, 1990 (Container 1623)
Death of Sagan
Memorials, 1997 (Containers 1638 and 1639)
School and childhood file
Drawing, circa 1944-circa 1947 (Container 1675)
BOX OV 26 Photographs and Visual Materials
Photographs, prints, and drawings
Sagan, Carl
Portraits (Container 1677)
Writings and publications, illustrations (Container 1679)
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Apollo (Container 1680)
“Miscellaneous glossies”
By subject
Venera 9 and 10 (Container 1687)
Unsorted (Container 1688)
BOX OV 27 Posters and drawings (Container 1688)
BOX OV 28-OV 31 Slides, negatives, and transparencies
Lantern slides, lecture stock, and glass transparencies of Mercury, 1967, undated (4 boxes) (Container 1704)
BOX OV 32 Artifacts
Bust of Sagan, an astronomy paperweight, eyeglasses, kaleidoscope with stand, and metalwork mementos, undated (Container 1705)
BOX OV 33 Soil and rock samples, coral, and a stone meteorite, undated (Container 1705)
BOX OV 34 Stamp albums
(1 of 2) (Container 1705)
BOX OV 35 (2 of 2) (Container 1705)
BOX OV 36 1956 (Container 1705)
Star finders, circa 1973 (Container 1705)
BOX OV 37 Stromatolite, rock, undated (Container 1705)
BOX OV 38 T-shirts, undated (Container 1705)
BOX DF Digital Files, 1985-1997
Received on 3.5" floppy disks, 245.3 MB. The digital files are comprised mainly of word processing files typed by Sagan and Druyan’s staff containing outgoing correspondence; drafts of writings including articles, grants and proposals, books, television and film projects; notes, class files and related papers; reports; messages; vitae and biographical information; lecture list and lectures; transcripts of audiotapes; and other material.
Floppy disks in 5.25" and 8" formats received with the collection are not accessible.
BOX DF Astronomy class assignments and papers, 1990-1995
Digital ID: mss85590_28_003
Digital ID: mss85590_28_077
Digital ID: mss85590_31_008
Astronomy Department reports, 1990-1996
Digital ID: mss85590_23_139
Digital ID: mss85590_28_139
Digital ID: mss85590_28_140
Digital ID: mss85590_28_146
Digital ID: mss85590_31_004
Digital ID: mss85590_31_051
Correspondence, notes, and messages, 1987-1996
Digital ID: mss85590_20_064
Digital ID: mss85590_20_067
Digital ID: mss85590_20_068
Digital ID: mss85590_20_071
Digital ID: mss85590_20_072
Digital ID: mss85590_20_073
Digital ID: mss85590_20_074
Digital ID: mss85590_20_075
Digital ID: mss85590_20_076
Digital ID: mss85590_28_005
Digital ID: mss85590_28_006
Digital ID: mss85590_28_007
Digital ID: mss85590_28_008
Digital ID: mss85590_28_009
Digital ID: mss85590_28_010
Digital ID: mss85590_28_013
Digital ID: mss85590_28_014
Digital ID: mss85590_28_015
Digital ID: mss85590_28_016
Digital ID: mss85590_28_021
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