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Otto Sternoff Beyer papers, 1905-1951

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Subject File, 1905-1947 (continued)
Labor, Vinson Bill, 1941
Labor Laws, European countries, circa 1937-1938
Labor Management Conference, White House
Proceedings, 1942
Public Hearings Committee, 1945
Legislation, circa 1940; 1946-1947
BOX 22 Miscellaneous, circa 1944-1947
Publications, circa 1946-1947
Labor relations
Courses in universities, circa 1941-1945
BOX 23 Great Britain, circa 1938
Federal, circa 1947
State, circa 1937
circa 1914-1928
circa 1926-1944
BOX 24 circa 1945-1948
Sweden, circa 1938-1939
Labor unions
circa 1923-1947
circa 1946-1947
Statisticians Conference, 1934
Legal opinions, circa 1944
Lithographers' unions publications
Logan Bill, 1939
Louden Machinery Co., circa 1937-1938
Maritime Federation of the Pacific Coast, circa 1936
Maritime Labor, proposed legislation, circa 1934-1937
BOX 25 Masters, Mates and Pilots of America, circa 1923-1938
Mine workers, circa 1945-1947
Minimum Wage Board, Manufacturing and Wholesale Merchandising, circa 1942-1948
Missouri River Basin, circa 1944-1945
Missouri Valley Development, Trades and Labor Council, circa 1947
Motor carrier data, circa 1935
BOX 26 National Association of Die Casting Workers
National Defense Management Conference for Industry and Government, circa 1940
National Economic and Social Planning Association, circa 1934-1939
National income, circa 1929-1932
National Industrial Conference Board, circa 1938-1940
National Labor Relations Board, congressional investigation, circa 1939-1940
National Labor Relations Board
Decisions, circa 1939-1940
Miscellaneous, circa 1934-1942
Speeches by others, circa 1937-1939
BOX 27 National Mediation Board
Airlines, circa 1946
Annual leave, circa 1936-1938
Case assignments, circa 1936-1939
Cases, miscellaneous, circa 1932-1942
Cases, monthly statements, circa 1936-1942
Determination of craft or class, circa 1938-1942
Miscellaneous, circa 1933-1940; 1947
BOX 28 Referees, circa 1933-1941
Reports, circa 1936-1941
Reports, annual, circa 1935-1939
Statement of activities, circa 1940
National Policy Committee, circa 1940-1942
National Recovery Administration, circa 1933-1934
National Research Council, circa 1941
BOX 29 National Sugar Manufacturing Co., circa 1940
Naumkeag Steam Cotton Co.
circa 1928-1930
circa 1931-1932
New York printing trades, journeyman requirements, circa 1928
New York, N.Y., subway, circa 1946
Nicholson Thermic Syphons Co., circa 1931-1934
Norris-LaGuardia Anti-Injunction Act, circa 1932
Office of Defense Transportation
Division of Personnel
circa 1943
Course, circa 1943
BOX 30 Beyer resignation from, Apr.-May 1944
Office of Stabilization Administrator, circa 1946
Pan-American Airways, circa 1947
Pension legislation and plans, circa 1932-1933
Personnel administration, circa 1944-1948
Policy Holders' Service Bureau, circa 1923
Postwar planning activities
circa 1933-1946
circa 1944-1945
BOX 31 circa 1944-1945
Power projects, circa 1938-1944
Princeton University, Industrial Relations Section, Princeton, N.J., circa 1930
Productivity in industry, circa 1935; 1947-1948
Progressive conference, 1931
Public health, circa 1927-1938
Public utilities, circa 1946
Public works, circa 1946
Radio material, circa 1936-1937
Reconstruction Finance Corp., circa 1933-1935
Remington Rand, circa 1930-1931
"Robots or Men," by H. Dubreuil
BOX 32 Rock Island Arsenal, Rock, Ill., circa 1919-1920; 1943
Rocky Mountain Fuel Co., circa 1930-1933
Roosevelt, Franklin D., speeches, circa 1938
Round table discussion exploring factors involved in reemployment of labor and capital, circa 1940
St. Lawrence River Project
Scientific management, circa 1922-1937
Seagoing personnel, circa 1942-1945
Shipbuilding Stabilization Committee, circa 1945
BOX 33 Shorter work day, circa 1924-1937
Shorter work week, and vacation with pay
General correspondence, circa 1930-1932
General data, circa 1921-1930
BOX 34 Shorter work week, outline prepared for establishment
Siemund Wenzel Electric Welding Co., circa 1911-1913
Slichter, Sumner, articles, circa 1942
Social Science Research Council, survey of research in field of industrial relations, circa 1928
Social survey, Labor Management Committee, circa 1946
Society for Personnel Administration, circa 1946-1947
Society for the Advancement of Management, circa 1932-1941
Statistical Bureau, organization, circa 1930
Steel Workers Organizing Committee, circa 1939-1941
Stevens Economic Conference, 1939
BOX 35 Stevens Institute, Hoboken, N.J.
Analysis of coal
Design notebook
Electrical engineering notes
Electrical laboratory notes, circa 1905-1907
Laboratory physics
BOX 36 Lecture notes
Physics notebook
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