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Otto Sternoff Beyer papers, 1905-1951

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BOX 106-112 Tennessee Valley Authority, 1933-1948
Correspondence, memoranda, reports, minutes, notes, charts, articles, printed matter, and miscellaneous material relating to the Tennessee Valley Authority.
Arranged alphabetically by topic, organization, or type of material, with the exception that speeches and articles by others are organized out of sequence at the end of the series.
BOX 106 Clapp, Gordon R.
circa 1935-1939
circa 1940-1942
Gant, George, circa 1942-1944
Jandrey, A. S., circa 1940-1941
Lilienthal, David E., circa 1936-1941
Miscellaneous, circa 1935-1941
Shultz, E. B., circa 1941
Administrative codes, circa 1939-1942
Apprenticeship Council, circa 1939-1941
Board of Adjustment, referees, circa 1940
BOX 107 Employee relationship policy, circa 1934-1945
Employee conditions, circa 1936-1943
Freight rate issue, circa 1943
Labor-Management Conference regarding case of W. E. Blanton and Douglas Parker, Nov. 1940
Procedure for settling plant grievances, circa 1942-1945
Statement re discharge of A. R. Dean and C. R. Seaton
Joint cooperative committees
Committee meetings, circa 1940-1944
circa 1943-1944
BOX 108 circa 1945-1948
(5 folders)
BOX 109 circa 1948
Program and achievements, circa 1941-1946
Labor-management relations
Agreements of 1940
Board-council meeting, 16 May 1944
Proposed plans, circa 1944
Work papers, circa 1931; 1937-1940
BOX 110 Legislation, proposed, circa 1933-1941
Magazine, circa 1935-1944
Newspaper clippings, circa 1935-1938
Teamwork, circa 1943-1948
Tennessee Electric v. TVA, circa 1938
Training plans
circa 1936-1938
circa 1939-1941
circa 1942-1945
Wage adjustments, circa 1936-1945
Wage conferences, circa 1939; 1945-1947
BOX 111 Wage and jurisdictional disputes, circa 1936-1939
War Manpower Commission, relations with, circa 1943
Waterway transportation, circa 1943-1945
BOX 112 Speeches and articles about TVA, 1935-1947
BOX 113-114 Bonneville Power Administration, 1940-1947
Correspondence, memoranda, reports, minutes, notes, charts, articles, printed matter, and miscellaneous material relating to the Bonneville Power Administration.
Arranged alphabetically by topic, organization, or type of material.
BOX 113 Administrative orders, circa 1940-1943
Construction policies, circa 1945
Collective agreement between administrator and Columbia Power Trades Council, circa 1945-1947
Labor agreement, circa 1945-1947
Legislation, circa 1940-1945
Maps, Bonneville area, circa 1941-1946
BOX 114 Reports, circa 1941-1945
Sweden, "State Controlled Companies in Sweden," circa 1943
Wage conference, circa 1945-1946
Wage and employee information, circa 1946-1947
BOX 115-124 Speech and Article File, 1919-1947
Correspondence and texts of speeches and articles by Beyer, including drafts and printed and near print copies. Arranged according to type of material and chronologically therein, with the exception of Beyer's draft history of railroad personnel located at the end of the series.
Arranged alphabetically by topic, organization, or type of material.
BOX 115 Correspondence, 1923-1947
(21 folders)
BOX 116 Texts
1919, Mar. "Efficiency Through Democracy in Railway Industry of America"
1923, Oct. "Employee Morale Problem of Our Railroads"
"Business Policy," Harvard Business School, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.
Policy Holders Service Bureau, Metropolitan Life Co.
Nov. "A Constructive Program for the Federated Railway Men of Canada"
Feb. "Citizenship of Industry"
Aug. "Railroad Union-Management Cooperation"
1926, June
"The Cooperative Policy of the Railway Employees Department"
"The Value of the Railway Shopman to His Industry"
Feb., National Civic Federation luncheon remarks
June, Railway Employees Department Convention
Sept., "Labor's Contribution to the Scientific Organization of the Industry"
Dec., Industrial Seminar, Congregational Churches
Baltimore and Ohio System Federation Convention
"Labor's Constructive Function in the Railway Industry"
"Experiences with Cooperation Between Labor and Management in the Railway Industry"
Mar., "Sources of Potential Leaders in Industry"
Apr., Review of Human Relations in Railroading
June, Baltimore and Ohio Plan of Cooperation
1930, Dec.
"Union-Management Competes and Wins"
"That Acid Test, The Ledger Indicates Success"
1931, Mar.
"Keeping at the Job"
"Steady Work Through Cooperation"
Apr., "Constructive Human Relations in the Railway Industry"
May, "Labor's Contribution to Democratic Influences in Industry"
July, "Labor-Management Cooperation"
BOX 117 1933
Feb., "An Industrial Policy for America"
Mar., Articles regarding Secretary of Labor Frances Perkins
Aug., "Unemployment and the Morale of Industry"
1934 Nov., Brotherhood of Clerks Convention
1935 Nov., "How Development of Personnel Has Contributed to Progress of the Transportation Industry"
Mar., "Collective Bargaining Under the Railway Labor Act"
June, "What Engineers Should Know about Labor Problems"
Feb., "Railroad Labor Relations Today
Mar., "Collective Bargaining and Labor Management Cooperation"
May, "A Practical Program for the Coordination of Government, Labor and Management"
June, Winant Speech, Geneva, Switzerland
Oct., "The Art of Mediation"
Dec., "Mediation"
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