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Correspondence, 1840-1937 (continued)
BOX 13-14 Family Letters, 1840-1923
Letters to Kennan's mother and father and to other members of his family including detailed description of his travels in Russia, 1965-1967, 1870, and 1885-1886.
Arranged chronologically by year.
BOX 13 1840-1889
BOX 14 1890-1923, undated
BOX 15 Letters from Kennan to Emiline Weld Kennan, 1870-1919
Correspondence between George Kennan and his wife.
Arranged chronologically.
BOX 15 1870-1919
BOX 16-18 Letters received by Emeline Weld Kennan, 1881-1917
Personal letters, condolences on the death of George Kennan, and letters of acknowledgment for gifts sent by Mrs. Kennan to museums and libraries. Also letters received by both Kennans.
Arranged chronologically or by type of correspondence.
BOX 16 1881-1915
BOX 17 1916-1937 and acknowledgments
BOX 18 Undated
BOX 18 Letters received by George Kennan and Emeline Weld Kennan, 1881-1927
BOX 18 1881-1927
BOX 19-25 Diaries, Journals, and Notebooks, 1865-1924
Diaries, journals, notebooks, address books, and other volumes of jottings and records kept intermittently by Kennan mainly while traveling, but including garden books and other accounts.
Arranged chronologically with miscellaneous volumes at the end of the file.
BOX 19 1865-1886 (First trip to Siberia)
Notebook I
Digital content available
Notebook II
Digital content available
Notebook III ("No. 2")
Digital content available
Notebook IV ("Return to America")
Digital content available
Book V
Digital content available
BOX 20 1885-1891
BOX 21 1891-1897
BOX 22 1897-1906
BOX 23 1906-1913
BOX 24 1914-1924
BOX 25 Miscellaneous
BOX 25A Miscellaneous
BOX 26-61 Notes File
BOX 26-39 Alphabetical
Envelopes (some empty, some containing clippings or other matter), on which Kennan recorded notes on a wide variety of subjects.
Arranged alphabetically as organized by Kennan.
BOX 26 Associated Press
BOX 27 Associated Press- Budget
BOX 28 Buffaloes- Cranks
BOX 29 Crazes- European War (N)
BOX 30 European War (O)- Gold
BOX 31 Government- Jews
BOX 32 Johnson- Mexico
BOX 33 Mexico- Pelée
BOX 34 Periodicals- Quotation
BOX 35 Quotations-Ship
BOX 36 Shipping-Suicide
BOX 37 Suicide-Theatres
BOX 38 Thoreau-Walsh
BOX 39 War-Zasulich
BOX 40-46 Numbered
Material of the same type as that in the alphabetical series.
Arranged serially as organized and maintained by Kennan. A card index of the file prepared by Kennan is available in the Manuscript Reading Room.
BOX 40- 1-934
BOX 41 935-1389
BOX 42 1390-1881
BOX 43 1882-2351
BOX 44 2353-2912
BOX 45 2913-3510
BOX 46 3511-3981
BOX 47-51 On Flowers
Notes on flowers taken mainly at Kennan's home at Baddeck, Nova Scotia, to which he often went between trips.
Arranged in an alphabetical section and a chronological section.
BOX 47 Alphabetical series
BOX 48 Oak-Wood
BOX 49 Chronological series
BOX 50 1922-1923
BOX 51 1923-1924, undated
BOX 52-61 Miscellaneous
Notes on many phases of Kennan's work kept separately by him.
Arranged by subject by Manuscript Division staff.
BOX 52 Published articles
BOX 53 1913-1916
BOX 54 1917-1923
Manuscript articles, 1902-1911
BOX 55 Arctic affairs
Baddeck, Nova Scotia
BOX 56 Biography and autobiography of Kennan
BOX 57 Kennan, the journalist (Outlook, Century, McClure's Magazine, and Associated Press)
BOX 58 Kennan, the lecturer
Russia and the Caucasus
BOX 59 The Far East
Japanese material
“The Citizen”
BOX 60 “The Citizen”
BOX 61 Unsorted
BOX 62-73 Lecture Materials and Articles
Handwritten and typewritten drafts of speeches, lectures, and articles with background files and event-related material.
Arranged by subject or type of material.
BOX 62 Arctic
Mont Pelée
BOX 63 Far East
Martinique-Mont Pelée
BOX 64 Caucasus
Special feature articles
BOX 65 Russia
BOX 66 Russia
BOX 67 Russia
BOX 68 Russia
BOX 69 Suicide
Salton Sea
BOX 70 Manuscripts
BOX 71 Manuscripts
BOX 72 Miscellaneous
BOX 73 Miscellaneous
BOX 74-78 Newspaper Clippings
Bound and unbound clippings.
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