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George Kleine papers, 1886-1946

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Subject File, 1886-1946 (continued)
United States Film Exchange, 1917
United States government, 1912-1919
United States Sherman law suit, 1916
United States suit appeal, 1916
Waters, Percival L., 1916-1919 See also Container 63, same heading
Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America, 1930-1937 See also Container 25, Hays, Will H.
Moving Picture World, 1915-1917 See also Container 34, McQuade, James A.
Moyer, James A. (National University Extension Association), 1923
BOX 38 Mudd & Colley Amusement Co. See Container 33, same heading
Museum of Modern Art, New York, N.Y., 1935-1942
My Friend from India, 1920-1927
Myll, Louis, 1925
The Naked Truth, 1914-1927
National Academy of Visual Instruction See Container 41, same heading
National Association of the Motion Picture Industry, 1916-1918
National Association of Moving Picture Associations (William A. Brady), 1918
National Board of Review of Motion Pictures, 1923-1929
National Exchanges See Container 51, Savini Film Corp.
National Exploitation Co., 1923
National Non-Theatrical Motion Pictures, 1922 See also Container 41, same heading
National Republican Club, 1928-1930
National Republican Publicity Fund, 1921
National University Extension Association See Container 37, Moyer, James A.
Neumade, catalog, no.4
New England Educational Film Association
New Era Exchange, 1920
New Era Films, 1919-1922
BOX 39 New York Central Railroad Co.
New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad, 1929
New York Public Library, 1925-1936
New York Telephone Co., 1928-1930
Newgass, Nayfack & Waldheim, 1929
Non-theatrical films
1909-1924, undated
(3 folders)
Printed matter
BOX 40 Amateur 16 mm film, 1927
Carter (Katherine F.), Inc. (Educational and Motion Picture Entertainment Bureau), 1915
Crosby, W.C. (North Carolina State Department of Education and Carolina Film Corp.), 1921-1923
Distribution, 1922, 1925, 1928
Dudley, William H., and F. W. Reynolds, 1921-1923
Educational use of films, 1919-1922
Foreign, 1922
Industrial productions
Lectures, 1910-1912, undated
BOX 41 Lists of universities schools using films
Louisiana, Cooperative Extension Work in Agriculture and Home Economics, 1922
Massachusetts, Department of Education
National Academy of Visual Instruction, 1921, undated
National Non-Theatrical Motion Pictures, 1922
Publicity, 1910-1922
Questionnaire, 1927
References, 1910-1922
Reiss, Ernst, 1922
Sage (Russell) Foundation, 1922
Stock sales prospectus, 1923-1924
University catalogs, 1920-1927
(2 folders)
University engagements, 1922-1924
University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kans., 1921-1923
University of Utah, Salt Lake City, 1921-1922
BOX 42 University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis., 1922-1927
University propaganda, 1920-1923, undated
(2 folders)
Visual Instruction Association of New York City and National Academy of Visual Instruction, 1922, undated
North Carolina State Department of Education and Carolina Film Corp. See Container 40, Crosby, W. C.
O'Brian, Malevinsky & Driscoll, 1914-1924
Office furniture and equipment, 1916
Officer 666, 1912-1920
BOX 43 Okamoto & Co., 1922-1923
Oldfield, George H., 1921
Othello, 1914
Pan American Union, 1922
Paper film, 1922, undated
Paramount Pictures
Famous Players-Lasky Corp., 1919-1929
Paramount Publix Corp., 1931-1932
Parker Pen Co., 1929
Parsons, Louella (Morning Telegraph)
Pasquali & Co. (Spartacus), 1913
Edison, Thomas A. (edengraph), 1908-1911
Kleine, George (stereopticone), 1903-1906
Various, 1886-1926
Paterno, J., 1915
Pathe Freres Moving Pictures, 1911
Pathe News, 1925-1926
Pathescope, 1917
Pavlowska, Irene, 1925
Peckham, C. H., 1910
Pedrazzini, Guido (Unione Cinematografica Italiana), 1923-1924
Peerless Towel Supply Co., 1929
Peoples Amusement Co., 1917-1920
Perfection Pictures, 1917
Philip Kent in the Lower School, 1917
BOX 44 Photo-Drama Co. (Ill.), 1913-1925
Photo-Drama Producing Co.
General, 1913-1917
Butteri claim, 1917-1920
Minutes of first meeting, 1914
Original charter, 1914
The Photoplay, by Professor Munisterberg (article)
Photoproducts, 1919-1920
BOX 45 Photo Products Export Co.
General, 1918-1925
Edison (Thomas A.), Inc., 1917-1922
Norway censors, 1919-1922
United Kingdom Exchange rates, 1920-1922
United Kingdom Photoplays, 1919-1922 See also Container 53, Sowerbutts, Alfred Henry, and Photo Products Export Co.
Photoprint studios
Pictorial clubs
BOX 46 Pictorial Film Library
The Pied Piper of Hamelin, 1919
Pierrot the Prodigal, 1914, 1916
Pilgrim's Progress, 1921-1926
Pirated films, 1918-1926 See also Container 33, same heading
Play House Co., 1918
The Politicians, 1925-1928
Pollitzer, Sigmund
Pope Leo XIII and Pope Benedict XV, 1946
Population census of cities in the United States over one thousand in 1920
Positype Corp. of America See Container 5, Bulkley, H. G.
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