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George Kleine papers, 1886-1946

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Some or all content stored offsite.
Subject File, 1886-1946 (continued)
Waters, Percival L. See Container 63, same heading
Watson, Harry, Jr., 1916, undated See also Container 4, Bickel, George, and Harry Watson, Jr.
Wellington, 1919
Werren, Sam (United Film Service), 1922
Wertheimer, E., 1915-1919
Wescott Film Corp., 1919-1920
Western Photogravure Co., 1918-1923
Western Star Feature Co., 1921-1922
Wheeler, L. C., 1918-1920
White, Francis D., 1922-1923
White, James A.
Wholesome Film Service, 1923
Widescope Camera Co., 1919-1920
BOX 64 Wid Gunning, Inc., 1922
Wild Oats, 1916-1928
Wilk, Jacob, 1921
Williams, Mrs. Sumner (Juliet), 1925
Williamson (J. C.) Ltd. (Australian and South African theaters), 1915
Wilson, Eska (Standard Motion Picture Service, 1921-1922
Wilson Film Co., 1919-1920
Window Opposite (schedule of cost), circa 1918
Wisby, Hrolf (pre-visualization plan), 1926
Wolf, Nathan See Container 33, Wolf, Nathan, and Morris Choynski
The Woman Next Door, 1921
The Woman Who Dared, 1921
World Film Corp.
General, 1919-1925
(2 folders)
BOX 65 Accounting, 1919-1920
Charlie Chaplin films, 1919
Contract, 1919
Republic Distributing Corp. (Kleine claim against), 1919-1921
The Unwritten Code and The Girl Alaska (accounts), 1919-1922
World War I
Aid and gifts by George Kleine, 1918
Canada, 1918-1919
Committee on Public Information, 1917-1918
Employees in United States Military and other service, 1917-1919
Italian war pictures, 1918, undated
BOX 66 Liberty Loan, 1917-1920, undated
(3 folders)
Miscellaneous, 1915-1922, undated
(3 folders)
Motion pictures, 1918
Postwar Americanization, 1920-1923
BOX 67 Taxes, 1917-1922
(2 folders)
The Unbeliever, 1918
War Camp Motion Picture Committee, 1917-1918
War Industries Board, 1917-1918
Wright, Wilbur See Container 1, Airplanes and Wilbur Wright
Xydias, Anthony, 1915-1916
Your Obedient Servant, 1920-1922
(2 folders)
Zezza, Baron A., 1914-1916
BOX 68-70 Inventories and Lists, circa 1900-1945
Lists and inventories of film titles, release schedules, prints, negatives, and other material with related correspondence.
Arranged alphabetically by topic or type of material.
BOX 68 Advertised in Motion Picture News (titles, authors, directors), Mar.-Apr. 1920
“Around the World in 52 Reels of Film” (advertisement)
Classic series glass negatives
Conquest Films, 1918-1921
Copyrighted films (select list, 1913-1916)
Edison-Kleine Features
Edison negatives, 1917, 1919
Edison schedules A-D, F-H, K-M (with titles and release dates), 1915-1920, undated
Edison unreleased subjects, 1920, undated
Educational distribution
Campbell County High School, Gillette, Wyo., 1930
Central High School, Scranton, Pa., 1929-1930
Iowa State College, Ames, Iowa, 1930
State College of Washington, Pullman, Wash., 1927-1930
University of California, Berkeley, Calif., 1922-1930
University of Colorado, Boulder, Colo., 1922-1928
University of Hawaii, Honolulu, 1930
University of Indiana, Bloomington, Ind., 1921-1928
University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, 1921-1928
University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kans., 1921-1928, [1930?]
University of Oklahoma, Norman, Okla., 1925
University of Texas, Austin, Tex., 1924-1928
University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1925-1928
University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis., 1921-1928
Ursuline Academy, Cleveland, Ohio, 1930
Empire City Film Laboratory, 1919-1929
BOX 69 Feature release chart, 1927
Feature releases, [1913?], 1917
Films bought, returned, held for consideration
Furniture, 1924-1926
George Kleine Cycle of Film Classics (brochures)
Griffen-owned films, circa 1915
Historical films, [1900?], [1924?]
Lombard, Ill., storage facility, 1923, 1927
Manuscript files, 1927
Manuscripts sent to Selig, 1928
Master inventory of Kleine records, 1919, 1924
Miscellaneous, 1917-1929
National Archives (films selected for archival value), [1945?]
Negatives, 1918, 1922, undated
Old cold foreign copies, 1919
Perfection pictures
Prints, 1919-1928
Publicity stills, 1924, 1927
“The Roosevelt Series of History and Biography,” [1912?]
Schedule of releases, 1913-1918
Sixteen millimeter special subjects, circa 1930
Statement of amounts for extra footage credited to manufacturers, 1910-1914
Story rights
BOX 70 Teitel (A.) Vaults, 1923-1930
Thirty Years Ago, 1928
Titles, 1913-1928
Toronto and Montreal, circa 1920
United States Congress, House of Representatives, Committee on Ways and Means (educational motion pictures imported by George Kleine), 1913
Value per reel, 1919
Watson, Henry (comedies in Chicago, Ill.), 1925
BOX 71-77 Distribution File, 1920-1932
Correspondence, financial records, and other items relating to the distribution of motion pictures.
Arranged alphabetically by type of material or geographic location.
BOX 71 “A” miscellaneous
Australia, 1926-1930
Bahamas, 1926-1928
Belgium, 1926-1928
Canada, 1923-1930
China, 1921
Czechoslovakia, 1928
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