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George Kleine papers, 1886-1946

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Some or all content stored offsite.
BOX 1-67 Subject File, 1886-1946
Correspondence, financial and legal papers, clippings, printed matter, and miscellaneous material.
Arranged alphabetically by topic, title of film production, name of organization, or person.
BOX 1 A. Film Co. See Container 2, Armstrong, W. W., and Leon Bories
Abrams, Hiram, 1908, 1926
Classics series, 1913, 1929
Miscellaneous, 1913-1928
Aetna Life Insurance Co., 1922-1928
Airplanes and Wilbur Wright, 1909
Albion Cinema Supplies Co. and Royal Film Agency (The Cossack Whip), 1919-1922
All Star Feature Distributors See Container 33, same heading
Allen (Jule and Jay J.), 1919
Alliance Trading Co. (Guido Serra), 1919-1922
Altschuler, Modest, 1924
Amalgamated Film Exchange, 1909-1918, undated
Ambrosio (Societa Anonima Ambrosio), 1913-1920
American Motion Picture Corp., 1923-1924
American Red Cross, 1920
American Show Print Co., 1920-1928
Americanism Committee of the Motion Picture Industry of the United States, 1920
Amkino Corp. See Container 51, Russian educational films
Anne Boleyn, 1913
Ansbach Amusement Co., 1916-1919
Antony and Cleopatra, 1913-1928
The Apple-Tree Girl, 1917-1918
Applications, 1915-1916
“Archaeology and Moving Pictures,” by B. L. Ullman, Art and Archaeology, vol. 15, Apr. 1923, pp. 177-183
BOX 2 Arcus Ticket Co. See Container 59, same heading.
Armstrong, W. W., and Leon Bories (A. Film Co.), 1917-1923
(3 folders)
Art and the Motion Picture, by Carlyle Ellis (galley of article)
Art Sign Corp., 1918, 1920
Ashton, Rosalie, 1930
Associated First National Pictures of Michigan See Container 52, Scott, Harry
Authors' League of America, 1916
The Awakening of Ruth (Girl From the Sea), 1917
Branch banks (Boston, Mass.; Minneapolis, Minn.; Dallas, Tex.,etc.), 1920-1921
Canada (Vancouver), 1923-1924
Codes for cabling balances, 1924
Harriman National Bank, 1914-1920
London, England, 1920-1923
Barber, Frederick Arthur, 1928-1930
The Barber of Seville, 1913-1914
Barnaby Lee, 1916-1925
Bates, Frank, 1921-1923
Batigne, Rene, 1927, undated
Baumer Films, 1920-1923
Bausch & Lomb Optical Co., 1904, 1926 See also Container 59, same heading.
BOX 3 Beadell, Ben
Bech, Van Siclen and Co., 1919-1924, undated
(2 folders)
Beck, Arthur F. See Container 12, The Destroying Angel
Beggars on Horseback, 1924
Behind the Lines in Italy, 1918
Bell and Howell Co., 1927-1930
Bell, Nelson B.
Bell Pictures, 1930 See also Container 20, Exploitation and distribution
Ben Hur, 1913, 1923
Bergh, D. H.
(4 folders)
BOX 4 1918-1920, undated
Berman, Charles See Container 5, Cooper, Thomas S., and Charles Berman
Bermuda, 1915
Berri, Maude Lillian, 1916
Berst, J. A., 1914
Better and highbrow film movements, 1914-1923
Between Savage and Tiger, 1913-1914
Bickel, George, and Harry Watson, Jr., 1915-1922
Big Three Film Exchange, 1926
Biograph Co., 1914-1926
Birmingham (Ala.) Film Exchange, 1908-1909
A Blackjack Bargainer and In the Fog, 1921
Bloom, Sol, 1914-1916
Boetzel, Eric L. See Container 59, same heading
Bolster, Harold, 1917-1925
Boone University Library, 1921
Bories, Leon See Container 2, Armstrong, W. W., and Leon Bories
Bourget, Alfred See Container 23, France
Boy Scouts of America, 1921-1926
Bradenburgh, G. W., 1916
Brady, William A. See Container 38, National Association of Moving Picture Associations
Accounting, 1914-1916
Boston, Mass., 1918-1919
Closing, 1919-1924
Exchanges, 1915-1920
Interoffice, New York, N.Y., and Chicago, Ill., 1919-1921, undated
(4 folders)
BOX 5 Leases, 1909-1924
Minneapolis, Minn., 1920
Offices, 1917
Brazelle, Charles Lander
Bromberg, Arthur C., 1924
The Brook, 1917
Brown of Harvard, 1917-1920
Brownell, John C. (Universal Film Manufacturing Co.), 1920
Buckwalter, H. H., 1924-1926
Bulkley, H. G. (Positype Corp. of America), 1924-1926
Burkan, Nathan, 1916
Burke, Billie, 1916
Burnet-Kuhn Advertising Co., 1917
Burroughs Adding Machine Co., 1917-1920
Busby, Frank M., 1908-1924
Café des Beaux-Arts, 1916
Calehuff, Charles A. See Container 60, same heading.
Calumet Film Exchange, 1909-1910
Bon Cinema Enrg.
Cooper, Thomas S., and Charles Berman, 1919-1920
Canadian Exhibitor Exchange, 1919
Canavan, the Man Who Had His Way, 1915
Capitol Machine Co., 1927
Carmen, Fletcher, 1929
Carter (Katherine F.), Inc. See Container 40, same heading
Cartoons and comedies, 1916
Castle Films
Catrow, H. G., 1921
BOX 6 Celebrated Players Film Corp., 1921
First, 1909
“Hays office,” 1916, undated
Connecticut, 1925
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