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Charles Edward Russell papers, 1864-1941

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Notebooks, 1883-1939 (continued)
circa 1935
circa 1938-1939
(3 folders)
BOX 31 Undated
Poems, notes, circa 1920
Railroads, circa 1913
(2 folders)
Railroads, etc., circa 1919, circa 1935
Railroads, undated
(3 folders)
Railroads, undated
No. 1, NYC
No. 2, Van. NYC
No. 3, L.S.
NYC & L., No. 1
Railroad rates, undated
St. Gall. [?] undated
Savage, undated
Slavery, undated (Civil War)
Salomon, Haym, undated
(2 folders)
Copies of 1781-1782 correspondence
Copies of 1783 material
Vladivostok (June diary notes)
BOX 32-36 Subject File, 1897-1940
Writings, clippings, poems, plays, notes, lectures, reports, and printed matter, with some correspondence.
Arranged alphabetically by subject.
BOX 32 Amory, William Nowland, article on Japan, circa 1938 See also Container 39, “Unveiling Futurity”
Australia, clippings book (Labor Party, Industrial Disputes Act), 1908
“Chatterton,” musical scores, etc.
Hunter, Robert (clippings from Chicago Daily Socialist), 1908-1909
Hyndman, Ruth Travers, book review (on H. M. Hyndman's Clemenceau), circa 1919
Keasbey, Lindley M., article typescript, “Wealth and Its Ways,” undated
McGaffey, Ernest
Book typescripts
Ballades and Idyls, undated
Ballades and Lyrics, undated
Sonnets to a Wife, 1917
BOX 33 Poems, 1917-1937, undated See also Container 49, War , poems by Ernest McGaffey
McGaffey, Louise, poems, undated
Owlett, F. C., essay, “An Imaginary Conversation,” circa 1928
Palestine, Department of State, 1931 “Mandate” and Russell notes, circa 1936
Biographical material
Aguinaldo, Emilio
Arellano, Cayetano S.
by Clemente O. Genato, 1926
by Javier Gonzales, 1926
by José Batungbacal, 1926
Bagay, Nicolas de la Cruz
Bonifacio, Andres (court-martial), 1926
Burgos, José
Burgos, José Apolonis, by Ramon Ramon (Education Prize), 1925
Caleron, Felipe G., by Serafin S. Quefada
Carpena y Evangelista, by Eleuteria S. Gonzales
Cui, Don Pedro, by Eugenia
De Ayala, Margarita Roxas, by Rosario M. Portilla (Education Prize), 1915
De la Cruz, Apolinario, by Rosendo Baltazar
Del Pan, Rafael, by M. M. Norton
Del Pilar, Gregorio, 1923
Del Pilar, Gregorio, by John T. McCutcheon (also “Aguinaldo's Rear Guard”)
Del Pilar, Marcelo H.
By Aguedo Cagingin, 1922
By Arseno de Leon, 1926
Del Rosario, Anacieto, by J. C. Montenegro, 1926
Del Rosario y Sales, Anacieto, 1914
By Perfecto Nepomuceno
By Dolores Asuncion
Evangelista, Edilberto
By Leon de Guzman
Rodriguez notes, 1897
Guazon, Potenciano Carillo
Hidalgo y Padilla, Felix Eduardo, by Miguel Regidor Nadres, 1927
Jacinto, Emilio, by Epifanio de los Santos
Jaena, Graciano Lopez, by D. T. Thalla
Jalandoni, Don Estaban
By Francisco B. Omaña
By Jose Buhay, 1921-1922
Luna, Juan, anonymous, 1914
Luna Antonio
By Mariano Ampil (Education Prize), 1924
BOX 34 By Severo A. Satuito, 1926
Rodriguez, Eugelio Balan, notes and clippings, 1926
Luna y Novicio, Antonio, by Manuel Artigas y Cuerva, 1926
Mabini, Apolonario, by Jorge Bocobo
Malvar, Miguel
By Cristanto C. Reves
By Luz Malvar, 1926
By Roque B. Dimaltulac
Mendiola, Enrique, by Antonio Bangson, 1927
Miscellaneous, by Austin Craig, 1919
Natividad, Mamerto, Eulogio Balan Rodriguez notes
Pinpin, Tomas, by M. Artigas
Tamblot, by Isidoro Acuram
Torres-Bugallon, José
Villamore, Ignacio, by Eulogio Balan Rodriguez, 1939
Yangco, Luis R., circa 1906
Printed matter
Every Day New and Wonder, by Lorenzo Delos Reyes, circa 1925
“Filipinos y Filipinistas,” by Epifanio de los Santos Cristóbal, 1909
“Florante” (and criticisms), 1916, 1926
Gems of Philippine Oratory, by Austin Craig, 1924
Miscellaneous, 1909-1925
“The Music and Theater,” by Raymundo C. Bañas, 1924
“The Philippine Revolution,” book typescript by Apolinario Mabini
Rizal, José, photocopies of drawings, manuscripts, etc.
BOX 35 Rodriguez, Eulogio Balan
Lecture on Bataan Province, 1926
Lists of eminent Filipinos, 1925
Notes, writings on heroes, 1926
On José Rizal, 1925
On Tavera's excursion to Naic, Cavite, 1925
“Rajahs or Kings Met by Magellan,” 1926
Tavera, T. H. Pardo de, address on Yangoo, 1924
Thesis, “The Literature of the Propaganda Movement, 1882-1895,” by Paz T. Policarpio, 1925
Prompt copies
“Romeo and Juliet” (Julia Marlowe)
“The Cenci” (Julia Marlowe)
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