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Charles Edward Russell papers, 1864-1941

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Subject File, 1897-1940 (continued)
Exiles, Alexander M. Lockwitzky, 1904-1916
Postcards and notes, circa 1917
Root Commission
Log and photograph index , 1917, June 1-Aug. 8
Newspaper (Russian), 1917
Report, 1917, June-July (folder 1 includes appendices 1-5;
folder 2 includes appendices 6-13)
Stafford, Wendell Phillips, poems, essay on Civil War, note (1940), undated
William, Maurice, report, “The Cause and Cure of the Sino-Japanese Conflict” (for League of Nations), 1932-1933
BOX 37-47 Writings, 1896-1940
Articles, books, essays, fiction, lectures, notes, poems, a play, and a report.
Arranged alphabetically by type of writing and therein by title or topic.
BOX 37 Articles
“A Note about Good Business”
“After Parliaments, What?,” circa 1925
“Allegretto no Marciale” (on Latin Press Union), circa 1915
“America Comes Out of the Musical Neolithic,” circa 1928
“Being an Attraction” (on the Chautauqua)
“Brahms Symphony No. 1" (with Margaret Tolson)
“Civil War History as Taught in Certain Text Books,” circa 1932
“In Defense of Journalese”
“International House” (by W. J. Rutledge)
“Is God Dead?” (on wars), circa 1925
“Journalism for Revenue Only,” proofs
“Late Styles in Dictatorships” (Italy), circa 1926
“Machines That Crashed to Earth” (on Marne and Jutland battles)
“Off the Chart and on a Lee Shore” (introduction to American history), 1923
American ideals, South Seas, circa 1919
Anti-Semitism, circa 1925
British propaganda in United States, circa 1925
Britten, Henry
Hyndman, Henry M.
British propaganda (three articles), circa 1919
Democracy (last chapter, “And this Signifies” or “Hence We Infer”)
Democracy, circa 1925
Foreign trade, circa 1903
Freight, railroads, including notes, circa 1910
BOX 38 “Oil scandal” and election
Palestine, Zionism, H. Libinsky, 1939
Paris murders
Breton, Jacques
Menaud, Catherine
Mercier, Eloise
Valeton, Jules
Peace Conference, circa 1919
Possibility of war, (Carlsbad), circa 1930
Senate speeches
Vivisection, by W. J. Rutledge, circa 1938
Voice quality
War debts, circa 1922
War debts, repudiation, circa 1914
“Some Notes on the Shakespearean Technique”
“That Eiffel Tower,” 1909
“The Assault on Democracy,” circa 1925
“The Badge of our Tribe” (fragments)
“The Day of the Two Americas” (foreign trade), circa 1913
“The Hatred Factory” (notes)
“The Influence of Washington Society on National Politics” (proofs), circa 1925
“The Judicial Murder of Prof. Ferrar” (Barcelona)
“The Labor Situation in England,” circa 1930
“The Magazine Soft Pedal”
“The Mayor of Senlis” (by W. J. Rutledge), 1915
“The Murders at the Dally House and Elsewhere” (copper mining)
Hunta, John (defense of)
MacDonald, W. J.
“The Mysterious Octopus” (proof) (lumber trusts), 1912
“The Old and the New Systems” (Russia)
“The Phantom Host That Never Came,” (conscription), circa 1915
“The Political Aspirations of the Polish Nation,” circa 1917
“The Political Campaigns of 1920 and 1924,” circa 1925
BOX 39 “The Race Problem in America,” circa 1925
“The Swiss National Game” (singing)
“The Wonder of the Monocle” (also “The New Era in Men's Attire,” by W. J. Rutledge), circa 1911
“Transportation for Seven Years” (British labor unions)
“Unveiling Futurity” (Japan and astrology), circa 1938 See also Container 32, Amory, William Nowland, article on Japan
“What Price Ugliness?,” by W. J. Rutledge
“When a City Took the Blind Staggers” (Chicago, Ill.)
Articles on poetry
“Adventures in Form” (fragment)
“Color and the Colorists” (proofs)
First survey
Second survey
“Melody and the Melodist” (proof)
On free verse (by John Dennis, Jr.)
On poetry and music (typescript and drafts)
On poetry and music (Tennyson)
“Shelley and Music” (with drafts)
“The Foundation of the Faith” (proof) (from book?)
“The Laureate of the Linotype,” etc. (by W. J. Rutledge on free verse), circa 1939
“The Testimony of the Poets”
“A Glimpse of an English Villon” (Savage)
“A Pioneer Editor in Iowa” or “Anti-Slavery Editor in a Pro-Slavery Town” (Edward Russell)
An Hour of American Poetry(1929)
BOX 40 Days Among the Sun's Children (travel in the Orient, etc.), circa 1904-1906
Julia Marlowe, Her Life and Art(1926)
Contents, chapter 6, notes
(2 folders)
Typescript, rewrites
BOX 41 Tales from the Old English Dramatists, circa 1899
Chapters 1-7
Chapters 8-15
Chapters 1-5, 8-10, 13
Notes, 1896
The American Orchestra and Theodore Thomas(1927) , appendix, poem notes, etc.
The Hero of the Filipinos; The Story of José Rizal, Poet, Patriot and Martyr (1923), with Eulogio Balan Rodriguez, miscellaneous drafts
The Outlook for the Philippines(1922), Introduction, chapters 2-9
These Same Metre Ballad Mongers, circa 1933
Typescript, miscellaneous
BOX 42 Typescript, working
Typescript, working (with Lola Johnson, subtitled “Notes on Verse-Making and Verse-Makers”)
Book fragments
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