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Charles Edward Russell papers, 1864-1941

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Writings, 1896-1940 (continued)
L'Aime de la France”
“La Chimère” (Musee du Luxembourg, 1931)
“Launcelot at Almesbury”
“Mater Triumphalis”
“Mortimer” (rondeau)
“Mozart's C Major–The Jupiter”
“Muriel MacSwiney”
“Nathan Hale” (sonnet)
“Niklaus von der Flühe” (sonnet)
“October Afternoon” (Sicilian octaves)
“October Morning”
“Ode for the Birthday of Washington,” 1932
“Off the Banks–Bound West,” circa 1936
“On a French Woman's Voice,” 1916
“On Certain Colors and Winds at Sea,” circa 1936
On Julia Marlowe (various titles)
“On Launchings”
“On Life as It Is”
“On Sacred and Profane Love”
“On the Blessed Contentment”
“On the Centenary of Bayard Taylor”
“On the Meditations of a Fool”
“On the Old Illusion”
“On the Road Together”
“On the Tie Infrangible”
“On the Ugly Face”
“Owed to the Sulu Sea”
“Padraic Pearse” (sonnet)
“Palestine,” 1935
“Petunia Beds” (villanelle)
“Portrait of a Jewess”
“Post Meridian” (rondeau)
“Pygmalion” (to Frederick Stock)
Quatrains (various titles)
“Ranee of Jhansi” (Once There Was a Queen)
“Ranee of Jhansi” (sonnet)
“Robert Blum” (2 sonnets)
“Robert G. Ingersoll” (sonnet)
BOX 47 Rondelets (various titles)
Roundels (after the Chaucerian canon) (various titles)
“St. Julien L' Hospitalier” (sonnet)
“San Francisco” (A New Year's Ode and Prayer)
“Schubert's C Major” (rondeau)
“Schubert's C Major” (The Blessing), circa 1937
“Schumann's C Major”
“Sea Purples,” circa 1936
’Self Slain” (two cemeteries–Zermatt and Monte Carlo)
“Seni before the Murdered Wallenstein” (Munich)
“Seven Piano Concertos” (various titles)
“Shelly and Swinburne”
“So Lost, So Fallen” (Italy in 1933, 1927)
“Songs for Barbara” (various titles)
“Speaking of Castles” (also “Castles”)
“Spirit in the Magnolias” (villanelle)
“Stars and the Sea,” circa 1936
“Sun Yat Sen” (sonnet)
“Thaddeus Stevens”(sonnet)
“That Woman at Great Marlow” (Life of Shelley)
“The Comedy of Nations”(to Volstead)
“The Concerto”
“The Hidden Hand”
“The Highway of Success” (terza rima)
“The Hübschorn” (rondeau)
“The Little Brick House at Sing Sing”
“The Maker of the Feast”
“The Northwest Wind” (villanelle)
“The Obscure and Unrecorded” (sonnet)
“The Painted Cup”
“The Recompense”
“The Refuge Unfailing”
“The Sectarial Mark” (or Sectarian), circa 1937
“The Southwest Wind” (villanelle)
“The Spirit of the Mountains” (St. Moritz)
“The Typhoon,” circa 1936
“The Way of a Tramp in the Sea,” circa 1936
“The Worker”
“To Charles R. Crane”
“To Clifford Bax,” 1924
“To Ernest Bloch”
“To Ernest McGaffey”
“To Finland–1939
“To Frederick Stock”
“To Mary MacSwiney”
“To Mrs. Erskine Childers”
“Toussaint L'Ouverture” (sonnet)
“Trade Wind Clouds” (virelai nouveau0
“Two Phases of Samuel G. Blythe”
“Typhoon Hymn,” Maude Ingersoll Probasco), circa 1936
“Vermont” (for the sesquicentennial)
“Vocalization” (Violet Pierson)
“Warfare I cannot wage . . .” (translation?)
“Wendell Phillips” (sonnet)
“Winkelried” (sonnet)
“Wold Tone and Robert Emmet” (sonnet)
“Woodrow Wilson” (on the death of)
Report, National Recovery Review Board (typescripts and drafts), 1934-1935
BOX 48-53 Miscellany, 1865-1940
Chiefly printed matter, articles by and about Russell, clippings, scrapbooks, menus, books, notes, and programs.
Arranged alphabetically by type of material or subject.
BOX 48 Books
Chatterton (1893), by Ernest Lacy
The Wooly Horse(1907), by Alexander S. Bacon
Books, fiction and devotions, 1922, undated
Calling cards, library slips, notes, ration stamps, etc., circa 1917-1936
Articles by and about Russell (Hearst), 1888-1903
Articles by Russell
1919 (McClure Syndicate)
Clippings and periodicals, articles by and about Russell, 1908-1938
BOX 49 Concert programs (annotated), 1908-1918, 1940
Concert programs (annotated), Theodore Thomas orchestra, 1908-1913
Honors and certificates, Howard University, Washington, D.C., and Pulitzer Prize, 1923, 1928
Music, etc. (Theodore Thomas)
Notebook of poems, circa 1916, undated
Pamphlets by Russell, 1881-1936
Printed matter (menus, programs, research material, railroads, sailing lists, travel, etc.), 1869-1938
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