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Karl Jay Shapiro papers in the Charles E. Feinberg collection, 1930-1963

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BOX 1-8 Writings File, circa 1930s-1960s
Drafts and annotated typescripts, work sheets, galleys, page proofs, notebooks, and other material relating to the production of Shapiro’s writings.
Housed and described largely as received from Feinberg.
BOX 1 American Poetry Anthology
BOX 1 Book draft with notes
BOX 2 Galleys
BOX 3 "Poems of Good and Evil," Manuscript Notebooks, 1941, 1944
BOX 3 Poems of a Jew
BOX 3 Make-up and presentation copy
BOX 3 Typescript, galleys, and page proofs
BOX 4 "What the Poet Knows," typescript
BOX 4 "The Brassai Show at the Art Institute," typescript
BOX 4 "The Critic in Spite of Himself," typescripts
(2 folders)
BOX 4 "Criticism," typescript
BOX 4 "Book Burial," Manuscript worksheets
BOX 4 "Criticism of the Censorship in Plato's Republic, typescript
BOX 4 "The Death of Modernism," typescript
BOX 4 "The Deism of Thomas Jefferson," typescript
BOX 4 "Discards," typescript
BOX 4 "Dylan Thomas," typescript
BOX 4 A One Act Play with Interlude,Manuscript notebook with typescript
BOX 4 "Essay on Rime," galley proof sheets
BOX 4 "Ezra Pound: The Scapegoat of Modern Poetry," two drafts with revisions, typescripts
BOX 4 "The Auden Forgeries & the Pound Index (Failure of English Cleverness," typescript
BOX 4 "The First White Aboriginal," typescript
BOX 4 "Five Idols and a Conversationalist," typescript
BOX 5 Person, Place and Thing, Galley proof sheets
BOX 5 "Mind and Matter," typescript
BOX 5 "Nostalgia," song, music sheet
BOX 5 "Messias," manuscript worksheet and typescript
BOX 5 "Mark Twain's Notebook," typescript
BOX 5 "Majesty & Mystery of the Audience, A Different Opinion," typescripts
BOX 5 "Jefferson," typescript
BOX 5 "The Jewish Writer in America," typescript
BOX 5 Lectures at Salzburg Seminar, typescripts 1952-1953
BOX 5 "Phi Beta Kappa Talk: PEN Meeting (in Japan), 11 Feb. 1958," typescript
BOX 5 "In Defense of Ignorance," typescript
BOX 5 "Introduction," typescript. Polish Anthology
BOX 5 Correspondence on Copy Editing of Defense of Ignorance, typescripts
BOX 5 "How Not to Stop Understanding Poetry," typescript
BOX 5 "Horace," typescript
BOX 5 Harcourt, Brace anthology, Modern American & British Poetry, edited by Louis Untermeyer in consultation with Shapiro and Richard Wilbur, manuscript and typescript, 1955
BOX 5 Elliston Lectures, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1959
BOX 5 "The Greatest Living Author, Henry Miller," typescript
BOX 5 Manuscript notebook
BOX 6 Proposed introduction to "Poems of a Jew," unused
BOX 6 "Poems of a Jew"
BOX 6 Typescripts
BOX 6 Review, Jerusalem Post, Mar. 1958
BOX 6 Clipping
BOX 6 "Appearances" ("The Poet Outside"), typescript
BOX 6 Poetry in 1956, typescript
BOX 6 "Poets and Psychologists," typescript
BOX 6 "Poets of the Cosmic Consciousness," typescript
BOX 6 "The Power of the Little Magazine," typescript
BOX 6 "Prosody as the Meaning," typescript
BOX 6 "Recent American Poetry," typescript
BOX 6 "The Retreat of W. H. Auden," first draft, typescript
BOX 6 "The Silent Poem," typescript
BOX 6 "T. S. Eliot: The Death of Literary Judgment," typescripts, first draft, second draft and second draft revisions
BOX 6 "Editorial / Romanticism Comes Home," typescript
BOX 6 "She Served Them Well," typescript,New York Times Book Review, 1959
BOX 6 "The Unemployed Magician or Thomas Hardy's Haircut," typescript and page proofs
BOX 6 Japanese anthology, including "A Telescope for the Emperor,” published volume in Japanese
BOX 6 "The Unemployed Magician," typescript
BOX 6 "V-Letter and Other Poems," typescript and galley proofs
BOX 7 "W. B. Yeats: Trial by Culture," typescripts, first draft and second draft with revisions
BOX 7 "What Is American Poetry?," typescript
BOX 7 "What Is Anti-Criticism?," typescript
BOX 7 "The Not-Word (What Is Not Poetry?)," typescript
BOX 7 "The Russian Revolution in American Education or Teaching Modern Poetry," typescript
BOX 7 Elliston Lectures, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1959
BOX 7 “William Carlos Williams, the True Contemporary,” typescript
BOX 7 "The Writer on-Campus in America," typescript
BOX 7 Fletcher, J. G., autographed typed letter to Shapiro
BOX 7 Williams, W. Carlos, typed letter signed to Shapiro
BOX 7 Miller, Henry, letters to Shapiro
BOX 7 Williams, Oscar, autographed letters and postcards signed, from Shapiro
BOX 7 "The Garden in Chicago," typescript
BOX 7 "Waiting for Pope," autographed manuscript
BOX 7 "A Modest Funeral," autographed manuscript and worksheets
BOX 7 "The Farmer and the Poet," typescript
BOX 7 "Is Poetry an American Art?," manuscript
BOX 7 "The Contraband," typescript
BOX 7 "Photographs of the Poets," typescripts
BOX 7 "New Museum," typescript
BOX 7 "11 Minto," typescript; in Italian
BOX 7 "The Poetry Reading," typescript
BOX 7 "Calling the Child," typescript
BOX 7 "California Winter," typescript
BOX 8 Miscellany, 1959
Proof sheets of a biography of Shapiro, correspondence, photographs,and printed matter.
Housed and described largely as received from Feinberg.
BOX 8 Karl Shapiro: A Bibliography, by William White, proof sheets
BOX 8 Loan to American Academy of Arts. letter and pamphlet
BOX 8 Loan to Shapiro exhibition, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio, correspondence
BOX 8 Photographs of exhibition at Wayne [State University; Detroit, Mich. (?)]
BOX 8-9 Printed Matter, 1940-1963
Magazines, clippings, and musical score.
Housed and described largely as received from Feinberg.
BOX 8 Newspaper reviews, clippings
BOX 8 Libertinage, 1952
BOX 8 Saturday Review, 27 Feb. 1960
BOX 8 Reporter, 9 June 1960
BOX 8 Bitzaron /The Hebrew Monthly of America, (two copies, in Hebrew), Sept. 1958
BOX 8 The Tenor by Hugo David Weisgall, operatic score/libretto
BOX 8 Miscellaneous
(2 folders)
BOX 8 Beyond Criticism,by Shapiro, book
BOX 8 Poetry, June 1960
BOX 8 Galleria, Sept.-Dec. 1958
BOX 8 A Bibliography of Modern Prosody, unbound sheets
BOX 8 Nebraska Alumnus, Mar. 1960
BOX 8 American Judaism, 1960
BOX 9 Hopkins Review
BOX 9 Summer 1949
BOX 9 Winter 1949
BOX 9 Comment, Nov. 1940-winter 1947
BOX 9 Shenandoah, summer 1963
BOX 9 Encounter, May 1955
BOX 9 Amepnka /American Illustrated, undated (two issues, in Russian)
BOX 10-13 Addition, 1960-1963
Typescripts and other production material of two books by Shapiro.
Arranged by title and therein type of material.
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