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BOX 21-51 Speeches and Writings File, circa 1928-1972
Drafts and published copies of books, articles, speeches, and lectures, with related correspondence, notes, outlines, and other background material.
Books and articles are arranged alphabetically by title of work. Unidentified writings and miscellaneous lectures and speeches conclude the series.
BOX 21 Publication lists of Von Békésy
Abweichungen vom ohmschen gesetz der Frequenzauflosung beim Hören, 1961
Apparent Image Rotation in Stereoscopic Vision, 1969
(8 folders)
BOX 22 Apparent Size and Location of a Sound Source as an Important Part of the Dynamics of a Musical Performance, 1970
(2 folders)
Are Surgical Experiments on Human Subjects Necessary?, 1961
The Artistic Approach and the Scientific Approach [1961?]
Auditory Backward Inhibition in Concert Halls, 1970
BOX 23 The Auditory System [in Handbook of Sensory Physiology, Vol. 5], 1971
Bemerkungen zur Theorie de gunstigsten Nachhalldauer von Raumen, 1931
Brightness Distribution across the Mach Bands and the Linearity Range of Sensory Nervous Interaction, 1967
(5 folders)
BOX 24 (1 folder)
Can We Feel the Nervous Discharges of the End Organs during Vibratory Stimulation of the Skin?, 1961
The Coarse Pattern of the Electrical Resistances in the Cochlea of the Guinea Pig, 1950
The Coming Information Explosion, 1968
Comments on the Measurement of the Relative Size of DC Potentials and Microphonics in the Cochlea, 1961
Compensation Method to Measure the Contrast Produced by Contours, 1972
(3 folders)
BOX 25 Concerning the Fundamental Component of Periodic Pulse Patterns and Modulated Vibrations Observed on the Cochlear Model with Nerve Supply, 1961
Concerning the Pleasures of Observing, and the Mechanics of the Inner Ear, 1962
Creativity in Horizontal and Vertical Buildings, 1971
Current Status of Theories of Hearing, 1956
D-C Potentials and Energy Balance of the Cochlean Partition [undated]
Description of Some Mechanical Properties of the Organ of Corti, 1953
The Doctor of Medicine and the Doctor of Philosophy, 1969
Duplexity Theory of Taste, 1964
The Ear, 1957
The Early History of Hearing; Observations and Theories, 1948
The Effect of Adaptation on the Taste Threshold Observed with a Semiautomatic Gustometer, 1965
Enlarged Mechanical Model of the Cochlea with Nerve Supply, 1964
(3 folders)
BOX 26 Die Erweiterung der Existenz der Mach-Bänder auf andere Sinnesgebiete, 1966
(3 folders)
Experiments in Hearing, 1956
Experimental Models of the Cochlea with and without Nerve Supply [undated]
Experiments in Hearing, 1956
(2 folders)
BOX 27 (2 folders)
BOX 28 (1 folder)
Fechner's Law and the Vestibular Organ [undated]
Feedback Phenomena between the Stringed Instrument and the Musician, 1968
Die Flucht in das Gebiet der Modelle [undated]
Fortschritte der Hörphysiologie, 1936
Funnelng in the Nervous System and Its Role in Loudness and Sensation Intensity on the Skin, 1958
The Gap between the Hearing of External and Internal Sounds, 1962
BOX 29 Die gegenseitige Hemmung von Sinnersreizen bei kleinen Zeitdifferenzen, 1964
Hearing, 1971
(5 folders)
Hearing Theories and Complex Sounds, 1962
Human Skin Perception of Traveling Waves Similar to Those on the Cochlea, 1955
The Influence of Inhibition on the Sensation Pattern of the Skin and the Eye [undated]
Inhibition and the Time and Spatial Patterns of Neural Activity in Sensory Perception, 1965
Inhibition as an Important Part of Sensory Perception, 1969
Interaction of Paired Sensory Stimuli and Conduction in Peripheral Nerves, 1963
Lateral Inhibition of Heat Sensations on the Skin, 1962
Lines That Do Not Increase Their Width under a Magnifying Glass, 1972
BOX 30 Localization of Visceral Pain and Other Sensations before and after Anesthesia, 1970
(4 folders)
Location of Maxima and Minima in Sensation Patterns Influenced by Lateral Inhibition, 1968
(4 folders)
BOX 31 Mach and Hering-Type Lateral Inhibition in Vision, 1968
(3 folders)
Mach Bands Measured by a Compensation Method, 1972
(2 folders)
Mach Band-Type Lateral Inhibition in Different Sense Organs, 1966
(3 folders)
BOX 32 The Magnitude of the Vibration Sensation and its Objective Measurement [undated]
(2 folders)
Mechanical Frequency Analysis in the Cochleas of Various Animals, 1950
Micromanipulator with Four Degrees of Freedom, 1950
Microphonics Produced by Rouching the Cochlear Partition with a Vibrating Electrode [undated]
Missing Fundamental and Periodically Detection in Hearing, 1971
(3 folders)
BOX 33 Ein Modell der mechanischen und nervösen Vorgäng des innernohres, 1968
(4 folders)
Modification of Sensory Localization as a Consequence of Oxygen Intake and Reduced Blood Flow, 1963
My Experiences in Research Laboratories from 1923 to 1945, 1970
Neural Funneling along the Skin and between the Inner and Outer Hair Cells of the Cochlea, 1959
Neural Inhibitory Units of the Eye and Skin, 1960
Neural Volleys and the Similarity between Some Sensations Produced by Tones and by Skin Vibrations, 1957
Neuro-mechanisches Modell des Innenohres, 196?
A New Method of Perfusion for the Fixation of Tissues, 1961
Olfactory Analogue to Directorial Hearing, 1964
On the Resonance Curve and the Decay Period at Various Points on the Cochlear Partition [undated]
Pendulums, Traveling Waves, and the Cochlea, 1958
Physikalische Probleme der Hörphysiologie, 1935
Pitch Sensation and Its Relation to the Periodicity of the Stimulus, Hearing and Skin Vibrations, 1960
Preparatory and Air-Driven Micromanipulators for Electro Physiology, 1956
BOX 34 Problems relating Psychological and Electrophysiological Observations in Sensory Perception, 1967
(4 folders)
Processing of Contradictory Information in the Ear and Eye, 1970
Psychological Experiments on Sensory Inhibition [undated]
(2 folders)
BOX 35 Psychology of the Horizontal and the Vertical Line in Art and Architecture, 1968
Resonance in the Cochlea?, 1970
(3 folders)
Resting Potential Inside the Cochlear Partition of the Guinea Pig, 1952
Rhythmical Variations Accompanying Gustatory Stimulation Observed by Means of Localization Phenomena, 1964
Sensations on the Skin Similar to Directional Hearing Beats, and Harmonics of the Ear, 1957
Sense Organs and Their Sensitivity, 1971
(3 folders)
BOX 36 Sensory Inhibition, 1967
Shearing Microphonics Produced by Vibrations Near the Inner and Outer Hair Cells, 1953
Similarities between Hearing and Skin Sensations, 1959
Similarities of Inhibition on the Different Sense Organs, 1969
(4 folders)
BOX 37 Sitzung der mathematisch-naturwissenschaftlichen Klasse vom 3. Juli 1941, 1941
The Smallest Time Difference the Eyes Can Detect with Sweeping Stimulation, 1969
(4 folders)
Some Auditory Phenomena Similar to the Moon Illusion, 1949
Some Biophysical Experiments from 50 Years Ago [undated]
Some Electro-Mechanical Properties of the Organ of Corti, 1954
BOX 38 Some of the Feedback Phenomena between the String Instrument and the Musician, 1968
(4 folders)
Some Similarities in Sensory Perception of Fish and Man in Lateral Line Detection, 1967
(3 folders)
BOX 39 The Structure of the Middle Ear and the Hearing of One's Own Voice by Bone Conduction, 1948
Success and Failure of Teamwork in Biology and Medicine, 1970
(3 folders)
BOX 40 Suggestions for Determining the Mobility of the Stapes by Means of an Endotoscope for the Middle Ear, 1950
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