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James R. Schlesinger papers, 1863-2013

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BOX 63-68 Part I: Briefing File, circa 1969-1975
Charts, notebooks, and transparencies used by Schlesinger during briefings for the president, congressional committees, and others. The master file of transparencies kept by Schlesinger consists only of photocopies. Transparencies arriving with the collection were photocopied by Manuscript Division staff, where possible, and those photocopies filed under “copies of original transparencies.”
Arranged alphabetically by name of department and therein by type of briefing with the transparencies arranged by topic.
BOX 63 Atomic Energy Commission, charts, 1972 See Oversize
Budget Bureau
Fiscal Year 1970 budget, charts and transparencies, 1970
BOX 64 Fiscal Year 1971 budget, presidential review, book II, notebook, circa 1969
Fiscal Year 1972 budget, 1970
Director's review, research and development cross-cutting review, notebook
Fall review, overview session, notebook
National Science Foundation, notebook
Spring planning review
Agenda and index for research and development and National Science Foundation review, notebook
Overview session, notebook
Fiscal Year 1973 budget, 1971
Income maintenance programs, notebook
Spring planning review, notebooks
Overview session
Science and space
Fiscal Year 1974 budget
Comptroller charts not used in hearing files, transparencies, circa 1974
Introduction, circa 1974
Fiscal Year 1975 budget, presidential briefing, transparencies, 1974
(2 folders)
BOX 65 Fiscal Year 1976 budget
Hearings, transparencies, circa 1975
(2 folders)
House Budget Committee hearing, notebook and transparencies, 1975, Mar. 5
Freshman Republicans briefing, notebook and transparencies, 1974, Dec. 3
Joint Committee on Atomic Energy, notebooks and transparencies, 1974-1975
(2 folders)
Miscellaneous charts, undated
North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Defense Planning Committee, transparencies, 1975, Spring
Miscellaneous charts, undated See also Oversize
Senate Appropriations Committee, transparencies, 1974
BOX 66 Oct.
Senate Subcommittee on Arms Control, International Law and Organization, 1974, Sept. 11
Speeches at Air War College, Montgomery, Ala., and National War College, Washington, D.C., 1975
Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty, presidential briefing, notebook and transparencies, circa 1974-circa 1975
Title VIII, meeting with president, 1975, June 20
Charts, comprehensive test ban, CTB, circa 1974-circa 1975
Charts brought from Central Intelligence Agency on strategic forces, SF, circa 1973
Copies of original transparencies
Alphabetical, circa 1974-circa 1975
(6 folders)
BOX 67 G-R See also Oversize
(13 folders)
Charts brought from Central Intelligence Agency on strategic forces, SF, circa 1973
Unidentified, circa 1974-circa 1975
Group 1
Group 2
Master file copies, circa 1974-circa 1975
A, defense and economy
B, defense budget
C, manpower costs
D, readiness and aging
E, strategic airlift
F, strategic forces
BOX 68 G, conventional balance and North Atlantic Treaty Organization
H, North Atlantic Treaty Organization issues
I, strategic issues
J, miscellaneous
JRS, Schlesinger's personal charts
K, Proxmire, William, hearing I See also Container 51, Proxmire, William
L, Proxmire, William, hearing II See also Container 51, Proxmire, William
M, manpower
N, tactical nuclear weapons in Europe
O, energy
P, naval balance
R, Central Intelligence Agency/North Atlantic Treaty Organization charts
Soviet-United States navies, outdated from Central Intelligence Agency, NAV, circa 1973
BOX CL 1-OV CL 21 Part I: Classified, 1945-1979
Government-security documents.
Arranged and described according to the series and folders from which the items were removed. Includes an oversize item.
BOX CL 1 Part I: Personal File
Birdwatching, undated
Part I: General Correspondence
Part I: Chronological File
1977, Mar.
1978 See also Restricted Data
Part I: Subject File
Atomic Energy Commission
General Electric Co., undated See Restricted Data
Cannikin Project, Amchitka Island, Alaska
General, 1971 See also Restricted Data
Congressional testimony, 1972
19 See Restricted Data
“Forty Committee” and Project Garza, circa 1972 See Top Secret
“Guidance Objectives and the Structuring of RDT (U),” 1968
Intelligence, 1972 See also Top Secret ; See also Secret Compartmented Information
Latter, A. L., E. A. Martinelli, and W. B. Wright, “A New Strategic Deterrent Policy,” 1970
Multiple independently targeted reentry vehicles, 1972 See Top Secret
Naval nuclear propulsion
No. 2, 1966-1968
No. 6, 1962-1970 See Restricted Data
BOX CL 2 General
Apr.-Oct. See also Restricted Data
1972 See also Restricted Data
Printed matter
Nuclear Navy: An Historical Study of the Strategy and Tactics of Technological Innovation, circa 1971
(2 folders)
BOX CL 3 “SSN Ad Hoc Panel Report,” 1968 See Restricted Data
“Submarine Development Group Two: Report 1-71,” 1971
Nuclear weapon stockpile graphic analysis of materials and requirements model, 1972 See Top Secret
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