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James McCauley Landis papers, 1916-2004

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Speech, Article, and Book File, 1924-1962 (continued)
"New Responsibilities of the Professions," 1939
"On Trial," 1950
"Operations Under the Federal Securities Act," 1935
"The Place of Administrative Law," 1939
"Plan E and Cambridge," 1940
"Private Enterprise and the Federal Regulatory System: Co-existence or Capitulation," 1962
"The Progress of Civil Defense," 1941
"Protection of the Investor," 1939
"The Pursuit of Peace," 1950
BOX 165 "Rail Travel vs. Air Travel: Which Is More Advantageous?" 1949
"Regulation in the Production and Transmission of Natural Gas," 1962
"The Regulation of Investment," 1935
"Restoring World Trade," 1945
"Restrictive Legislation as a Social Benefit," 1929
"The Role of Law in Regulation," 1938
"The Securities Act of 1933," 1933
"The SEC and How it Operates," 1935
"SEC: Federal Administrative Procedure," undated
"Walter Shepard Memorial Address," undated
"Shifting Postulates in Modern Legal Development," 1939
"Significance of Administrative Commissions in the Growth of the Law," 1937
"The Spirit of Laws," 1947
Storr Lecture, 1937
"The Supreme Court Plan," 1937
(2 folders)
BOX 166 (2 folders)
"You and the Presidency," 1949
BOX 167 Miscellaneous
1935-Oct. 1936
(19 folders)
Nov. 1936-1957
Unidentified, undated
(20 folders)
BOX 168 Article file
"Administrative Agencies in Government," 1937
"Administrative Policies and the Courts," 1938
(2 folders)
"America in the Middle East," 1945
"Anglo-American Cooperation in the Middle East," 1945
"The Apex Case," 1941
(2 folders)
"L'Attivita Legislativa Negle Stati Uniti d'America," 1930
BOX 169 "Mr. Justice Brandeis and the Harvard Law School," 1941
"Mr. Justice Brandeis: A Law Clerk's View," undated
"Business Policy and the Courts," 1938
"Constitutional Limitations on the Congressional Power of Investigation," 1926-1928
"Crucial Issues in Administrative Law: The Walter Logan Bill," 1940
(2 folders)
"Dean Landis Reports in Bridges Case," 1940
"The Distribution of Power to Regulate Interstate . . .," 1928
"The Financing of Our Industries," 1935
"Forward" to "The New Curriculum," 1938
"The Harvard Law Review," 1937
"The Harvard Law School Curriculum-1938," 1938
"An Introduction to the Harvard Law School," undated
"Improving the Statute Book of Massachusetts," undated
"I Vote For Roosevelt," 1940-1941
(2 folders)
BOX 170 "Judiciary Nominating Law N.Y. State," undated
"The Legislative History of the Securities Act of 1933," 1959
"Legislative Problems in Commercial Arbitration," undated
Letters to editor, New York Times
Landis on British Devaluation, 1949
Lands on civil defense plan, 1950
Joseph P. Kennedy on Churchill's Memoirs, 1948
"The Karlin Case," undated
"A Marshall Plan for the Americas," 1948
"Middle East Challenge," 1945
"Organizing Civilian Defense," 1941
"Power of Congress Over Procedure in Criminal Contempt in 'Inferior' Federal Courts: A Study in Separation of Power" (with Felix Frankfurter), 1924
"The Proposal for Plan E," 1938
"The Protection of Public Morals through Censorship," undated
"Public Safety for Cambridge," 1933
"Rassegna di Letteratura Guiridica per gli Stati Uniti d'America," 1930
Report of the dean to the Harvard Law School, 1936-1939
(2 folders)
Report of the Emergency Board to the president, 1938
BOX 171 "Review of Legislative Activity in the U.S., 1919-28"
"The Securities and Exchange Commission," 1934
"Seven Year Curriculum," undated
"Shifting Postulates in Modern Legal Development," 1939
"Student Responsibility and the Harvard Law Review," undated"
"The Study of Legislation in Law Schools," 1931
"Symposium in Administrative Law," 1939
"Western Hemisphere as a Self-Sufficient Unit," undated
Book file
The Administrative Process, 1938-1941, undated
(2 folders)
Cases on Labor Law, 1935-1953
BOX 172 Manual for Instructors in Commercial Law, 1941
Manual for Instructors in Negotiable Instruments, 1928-1923, 1941
(3 folders)
Selected Readings on Contracts
(2 folders)
BOX 173 1930-1931
(3 folders)
The Surrender of King Leopold (with Joseph P. Kennedy), 1941, 1950
(3 folders)
Unidentified, undated
BOX 174 Academic file
Law notes
Contract law, 1920-1922, undated
(6 folders)
BOX 175 (9 folders)
BOX 176 (14 folders)
BOX 177 (3 folders)
Labor injunctions (with Felix Frankfurter)
(2 folders)
BOX 178 1925-1926
(2 folders)
Legislative law
(5 folders)
BOX 179 1930, undated
(11 folders)
BOX 180 Undated
(7 folders)
Lecture notes
Administrative law, 1940
Labor law, undated
(2 folders)
Summaries, 1926-1929
(2 folders)
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