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Verner W. Clapp papers, 1901-1994

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Subject File, 1901-1972 (continued)
United States of America Standards Institute
Sectional Committee
PH 5
(2 folders)
United States National Commission for Unesco
Committee on
Unesco Program, Panel on Libraries
First session, Washington, D.C., Sept. 1946
BOX 42 Fourth meeting, Washington, D. C., Feb. 1948
First National Conference, Philadelphia, Pa., Mar. 1947
Second National Conference, Cleveland, Ohio, 31 Mar.-2 Apr. 1949
Fifth National Conference, Cincinnati, Ohio, 3-5 Nov. 1955
Waller, Theodore
Walt, Whitman, notebooks
Wheeler, Joseph L.
Williams, William Carlos
Yudin, Gennadius V.
BOX 42-49 Speeches and Writings File, 1937-1973
Handwritten, typewritten, and printed copies of articles and speeches, reports, poems, book reviews, research notes, correspondence relating to publication of writings, and research file compiled during preparation of history of Supreme Court locations and the subsequent biography of Elias B. Caldwell.
Arranged by type of writing and chronologically therein.
BOX 42 Speeches
"The Copyright Records of the United States District Courts, 1790-1870," Bibliographical Society of America, 24 Dec. 1937 (2 copies), with research notes
"The Collections," 31 Jan., 1 Feb. 1940
"Some Problems in Library Service for the Blind," American Association of Workers for the Blind, Indianapolis, Ind., 7-11 July 1941 (2 copies)
"The Library of Congress and the Other Scholarly Libraries of the Nation," address at Conference of Eastern College Librarians, New York, 1947
"The Library of Congress and National Book Resources," Columbia University, New York, N.Y., 11 July 1949, Notes
"The Unesco/LC Survey of Bibliographical Services," Middle Atlantic States Regional Library Conference, 3 Oct. 1949, Notes
"Cooperation and Bibliographical Control," Association of College and Reference Librarians, 10 Nov. 1949, Notes
BOX 43 "California and National Library Development," address given at 52d Annual Conference, California Library Association, 22 June 1950
Remarks at opening of Escuela Cubana da Bibliotecarios, Havana, Cuba, 13 Sept. 1950
"National and International Developments Affecting Research Libraries," ALA/SLA Group, St. Louis, Mo., 23 Jan. 1952, Notes
"Cooperative Subject-Analysis," Columbia University School of Library Service, New York, N.Y., June 1952
"The Library's Relations with Congress," Library of Congress Lecture Series, 1952-1953, 8 Jan. 1953, Notes
"Role of a B Society in National B Development," address to B Society of Canada, Ottawa, 26 Aug. 1953, Outline
"Libraries in the Life of the Nation, the National Library," 8th Conference of the Canadian Library Association, Ottawa, Canada, 27 Aug. 1953
"Acquisitions Policy of the National Medical Library; the Problem From the Viewpoint of Library Technology," Armed Forces Medical Library, 12 Apr. 1956 (with copy) (published in 1957 by National Medical Library)
Speech, Symposium for Systems for Informational Retrieval, Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, 18 Apr. 1957 (with notes)
"Unfinished Business," address before Special Libraries Association, 27 May 1957
"Building Library Resources Thro' Interlibrary Cooperation," Interlibrary Cooperation Committee, Resources and Technical Services Division, American Library Association, 25 June 1957, Outline
Speech before New England Library Association, 18 Oct. 1957, Notes
Speech before Citizens Advisory Committee dinner, 14 Nov. 1957, Notes
Address to Music Library Association, 28 Feb. 1958, Outline
"Research in Cataloging," Regional Catalogers' Group, 7 Mar. 1958, Notes
Speech before National Research Council, 31 Mar. 1958, Notes
"Dedication of the McKeldin Library, University of Maryland," College Park, Md.,3 May 1958 (published in The University Library and the Wise Man, edited by H. Rovelstad, 1958)
Remarks to meeting of Microcard-Publishers, 12 May 1958, Notes
Address at dedication of Purdue Memorial Center, 26 Sept, 1958
Address to Nebraska Library Association, 16 Oct. 1958, Notes
"Regional Implications of Programs of Council on Library Resources, Inc.," Southeastern Library Association, 23 Oct. 1958, Notes
Keynote speech, Governor's Conference of Public Library Trustees, 23 Mar. 1959 (with mimeographed copy and Proceedings of Conference)
Keynote address, National Microfilm Association, 2-4 Apr. 1959
Introduction of Dr. Jose Antonio Mora at Dinner of the Americas, 21 June 1959
"The School of Experience," American Library Association, Washington, D.C., 25 June 1959 (with copy published in Library Journal, May 1960)
"Look of the Book, Ideal Book From Point of View of Librarian," [Trade Book Clinic, Nov. 1959]
"How Can Libraries Serve Us Better?" Caxton Club, 26 Jan. 1960, Outline
"Bibliographical Vision," 25th Annual Meeting of the Bibliographical Center and Union Catalogue of Philadelphia, Pa., 4 Feb. 1960 (with draft)
Remarks to Technical, Scientific and Medical Book Publishers Association, 16 Feb. 1960.
"The Library, the Great Potential in Our Society?," 2nd Annual Congress for Librarians, 22 Feb. 1960 (published in Wilson Library Bulletin, Dec. 1960)
"Research in Library Problems," Rotary Club, 13 Apr. 1960, Notes
Remarks, American Association of University Presses, Pittsburgh, Pa., 29 May 1960, Notes
"The Future," Cataloging and Classification Section, American Library Association, Montreal, 21 June 1960 (published in Library Resources and Technical Services, Fall 1960)
"Challenges and Obligations," New York Library Association, 12 Oct. 1960 (published in New York Library Association Bulletin, Dec. 1960)
"Implications for Documentation, Five Years Later," American Documentation Institute, 24 Oct. 1960 (with notes)
"The Computer in the Library," Computer Application Symposium, 26 Oct. 1960 (published in Computer Applications, 1960, edited by B. M. Mittman and A. Ungar, Macmillan, 1961)
"The Role of Bibliography," Pennsylvania State Conference on Bibliography, 23 Nov. 1960 (with notes, 18 Nov. 1960)
"CLR Program, Operation, Achievement," Conference of Eastern College Librarians, Columbia University, New York, N.Y., 26 Nov. 1960, Notes
"Responsibility for Meeting the Literature Crisis, the Foundation," National Federation of Science Abstracting and Indexing Services, Cleveland, 9 Mar. 1961, Notes
"CIA," University of Georgia, 17 Apr. 1961, Notes
"Copying and the Library," Georgia Institute of Technology, 19 Apr. 1961, Notes
"New Developments in Library Apparatus for Retrieval of Knowledge," Conference on Audio-Visual Services and the School Library Program, Columbia University, New York, N.Y., 29 June 1961
"Research and Future Developments in Biological Science Communication," AISM Seminar on Biological Science Communication, 30 June 1961, Notes
"The Tools of the Profession," Joint Meeting of Library Education Division and Resources and Technical Services Division, Cleveland, Ohio, 11 July 1961
Address at Junior Members Round Table Dinner, Miami Beach, Fla., 17 June 1962
"New Technological Aids to Historical Research," American Historical Association, 28 Dec. 1962
"Automation and the Library," Princeton Library Committee, Princeton, N.J., 10 Jan. 1963, Notes
Promise of Advanced Techniques of Librarianship," Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Maine, 22 Feb. 1963 (with notes)
"Comprehensive L[ibrary] Resources for Res[earch]" Western College Association, Claremont, Calif., 14 Mar. 1963, Notes
"Future of Research Library," Urbana, Ill, 1 May 1963, Notes
BOX 44 Speech at Rutgers Seminar on System for the Intellectual Organization of Information, Rutgers, N.J., 31 Oct. 1963
"Mechanization and Automation in American Libraries," paper prepared for meeting of Soviet and American Delegates, Council of the International Federation of Library Association, Rome, 14-18 Sept. 1964 (with copy in Cyrillic script and reprint from Libri)
Remarks in a panel discussion on Mortimer Taube and his contributions, American Documentation Institute, 17 Jan. 1966, Notes
"Some Thoughts on the Present Status and Future Prospects of Reference Work," Conference on Present Status and Future Prospects of Reference/Information Work, School of Library Service, Columbia University, New York, N.Y., 1 Apr. 1966 (with notes)
Address, University of Michigan Memorial Lecture, Alumni of University of Michigan Library School, New York, 13 July 1966
Talk to Western Reserve Library School Colloquium, Cleveland, Ohio, 26 Oct. 1966, Notes
Remarks at meeting of Copying Methods Section, Resources and Technical Services Division, American Library Association, San Francisco, Calif., 26 June 1967, Notes
Recording made for Miss S. Janice Kee, Kansas State Teachers College, Emporia, Kans.., 28 July 1967, Transcript
"Towards the Library of the Future," Ralph Munn Lecture, 1967, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pa., 22 Oct. 1967 (with abstract)
"The State of the Art," Address to Archons of Colophon, Columbia University, New York, N.Y., 13 Feb. 1968, Notes
Speech at Joint Meeting of Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada and Canadian Association of Colleges and University Libraries, Montreal, Canada, 19 Apr. 1968, Notes
"Public Library Systems and the National Library Networks," Public Library Management Institute, Madison, Wis., 26 Apr. 1968, Notes (with revised draft, 19 May 1969, and printed copy)
Lecture on copyright, Institute on Federal Library Resources, Catholic University, 17 June 1968, Notes
"Library Use of Intellectual Property," Panel on Copyright, American Association of Law Librarians, Philadelphia, Pa., 1 July 1968, Notes
"Can Copyright Law Respond to the New Technology," Panel, 61st Annual Meeting, American Association of Law Libraries, Law Library Journal, Nov. 1968
Address, Southeastern New York Library Resources Council, Fishkill, N.Y., 14 May 1969, Notes
"Role of Friends of the Library in the Development of Collections," Library Advisory Committee, George Washington University Library, Washington, D.C., 5 Dec. 1969, Notes
Talk on copyright, New Brunswick, N.J., 16 Apr. 1970, Notes
"Libraries, On the Spot With Present and Future Copyright Legislation," Symposium on Copyright, Rutgers University, Rutgers, N.J., 16 Apr. 1970 (correspondence regarding application in Copyright, The Librarian and the Law
Remarks to Library of Congress Professional Association, 27 May 1970, Notes
"CIP in 1970," program meeting on Cataloging-in-Publication, Resources and Technical Services Division, American Library Association, Detroit, Mich., 1 July 1970 (published in Library Resources and Technical Services as "CIP in Mid-1970")
Lecture on copyright to the Institute on Cooperation in Media Educational Problems, Pullman, Wash., 29 July 1970
Speech at Conference on Preservation of Materials, American Hotel, New York Library Association, New York, N.Y., 2 Nov. 1970
"An Evening with Verner Clapp," San Francisco, Calif., 17 Nov. 1970, Notes
"Recent Developments in Libraries on the East Coast," University of California, San Diego, Calif., 18 Nov. 1970, Notes
Speech at Vermont Library Association Conference, 22 Apr. 1972, Notes
"Present-Day Problems in Obtaining Foreign Scientific Publications," Journal of Chemical Education, Feb. 1947
"International Conference on Science Abstracting," Department of State Bulletin, 29 Aug. 1949
"Indexing and Abstracting: Recent Past and Lines of Future Development," College and Research Librarian, July 1950
"The Role of Bibliographic Organization in Contemporary Civilization," 24 July 1950 (published in Bibliographic Organization, edited by Sher and Egan (Chicago, University of Chicago Press, 1951), pages 3-23
"Why People Read," Library Journal, June 1951
"Archivists and Bibliographic Control, A Librarian's Viewpoint," American Archivist, Oct. 1951 (typescript)
"The Present Problem in Book Selection; the Large Research Library," 23 June 1952 (published in Freedom of Communication, edited by W. Dix and P. Bixler (American Library Association, 1954), pages 38-43
"Fulbright Grants," Library Journal, Sept. 1952
"Books as Mass Media," Sunday Star Christmas Book Section, 6 Dec. 1953 (with photostatic copy)
"Indexing and Abstracting Services for Serial Literature," Library Trends, Apr. 1954
"The Library of Congress; a Problem in Constitutional Relationship," 11 June 1954
"The Improvement of Bibliographic Organization," Library Quarterly, Jan. 1955
"Are Your Microfilms Deteriorating Acceptably?," by Clapp, Francis H. Henshaw, and Donald C. Holmes, Library Journal, Mar. 1955
"Collecting in the National Interest," by Thomas Barcus and Clapp, Library Trends, Apr. 1955
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