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Verner W. Clapp papers, 1901-1994

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General Correspondence, 1923-1972 (continued)
Marke, Julius J.
Marwick, Claire S.
Mearns, David C.
Meyer, Robert S.
Meyriat, Jean
Mitchell, Basil
Molz, Kathleen
Moon, Eric
Moriarty, John H.
Morrisey, Marlene
Mumford, L. Quincy
Munden, Ken
"M" miscellaneous
BOX 10 National Microfilm Association
Neal, Harry E.
"N" miscellaneous
O'Connor, John
Offenhauser, William H., Jr.
Ohman, Theodore W.
Orne, Jerrold
Orraca, Jose H.
"O" miscellaneous
Paul, Winston
Perreault, Jean M.
Peterson, Harry N.
Piercy, Esther J.
Popecki, Joseph T.
Posner, Ernst
Pottinger, M. D.
Powell, Lawrence Clark
Praeger, Frederick A.
"P" miscellaneous
Quarles, Lawrence
Rasch, Royal H.
Rawski, Conrad H.
Rayner, S. A.
Reed, Sarah R.
Rhoads, James B.
Ristow, Walter W.
Robling, John S.
BOX 11 Rogers, Rutherford D.
Rosenwald, Lessing J.
"R" miscellaneous
Saito, Tsuyoshi
Sakai, Yasushi
Sealock, Richard B.
Seely, Pauline
Sharify, Nasser
Sheehan, Sister Helen
Shera, Jesse H.
Skipper, James E.
Surrency, Erwin
Suzuki, Heihachiro
"S" miscellaneous
Talmadge, Robert L.
Tate, Elizabeth L.
Tauber, Maurice F.
Thomas, Joseph J.
Tribolet, Harold W.
"T" miscellaneous
Unlendorf, B.
Vann, Sarah K.
BOX 12 Voight, Melvin J.
Vosper, Robert
"V" miscellaneous
Wagman, Frederick H.
Wallace, Sarah L.
Waller, Theodore
Warncke, Ruth E.
Waters, Edward N.
Welsh, William J.
Wessells, Helen
Wheeler, Joseph L.
(2 folders)
Williams, Gordon
Williams, John C.
Wilson, William K.
Winnacker, Rudolph A.
Wood, Jennings
Wooster, Harold
Worman, Curt
Wu, Kwang Taing
"W" miscellaneous
Yen, Wen-yu
"Y-Z" miscellaneous
Zich, Robert
BOX 13-42 Subject File, 1901-1972
Correspondence, memoranda, legal briefs, notes, newspaper clippings, and printed material.
Arranged alphabetically by subject and chronologically within each subject file.
BOX 13 Adhesive bookbinding
Alexander, Louis A.
American Antiquarian Society
American Bar Foundation
American Documentation Institute
(2 folders)
Committee on Organization of Information
Committee on Research and Development
American Institute of Graphic Arts
American Institute of Physics, Study of Physics Abstracting, 1948-1950
BOX 14 American Library Association
Annual Conference, 25 June-1 July 1972
Catalog code revision
(2 folders)
Cataloging Policy and Research Committee
International Relations Committee
(2 folders)
Exchange visits of American and Soviet librarians
BOX 15 Minutes
Panel on Unesco
Panel on Unesco, chairman's memoranda
International Relations Committee/Special
Libraries Association International Committee
Jointly sponsored project for foreign librarians
Joint Committee on Permanent/Durable Paper
(2 folders)
BOX 16 Joint Committee with Canadian Library Association
Loyalty investigations resolution
Mid-winter meeting, 1972
Office for Library Education Advisory Committee
Office for Recruitment
Public Document Committee
Reference Services Division, Committee on Bibliography
Resources and Technical Services Division
Preservation of Library Materials Committee
Resources Committee
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