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Speeches and Writings File, 1937-1973 (continued)
"Library Use of Intellectual Property," Panel on Copyright, American Association of Law Librarians, Philadelphia, Pa., 1 July 1968, Notes
"Can Copyright Law Respond to the New Technology," Panel, 61st Annual Meeting, American Association of Law Libraries, Law Library Journal, Nov. 1968
Address, Southeastern New York Library Resources Council, Fishkill, N.Y., 14 May 1969, Notes
"Role of Friends of the Library in the Development of Collections," Library Advisory Committee, George Washington University Library, Washington, D.C., 5 Dec. 1969, Notes
Talk on copyright, New Brunswick, N.J., 16 Apr. 1970, Notes
"Libraries, On the Spot With Present and Future Copyright Legislation," Symposium on Copyright, Rutgers University, Rutgers, N.J., 16 Apr. 1970 (correspondence regarding application in Copyright, The Librarian and the Law
Remarks to Library of Congress Professional Association, 27 May 1970, Notes
"CIP in 1970," program meeting on Cataloging-in-Publication, Resources and Technical Services Division, American Library Association, Detroit, Mich., 1 July 1970 (published in Library Resources and Technical Services as "CIP in Mid-1970")
Lecture on copyright to the Institute on Cooperation in Media Educational Problems, Pullman, Wash., 29 July 1970
Speech at Conference on Preservation of Materials, American Hotel, New York Library Association, New York, N.Y., 2 Nov. 1970
"An Evening with Verner Clapp," San Francisco, Calif., 17 Nov. 1970, Notes
"Recent Developments in Libraries on the East Coast," University of California, San Diego, Calif., 18 Nov. 1970, Notes
Speech at Vermont Library Association Conference, 22 Apr. 1972, Notes
"Present-Day Problems in Obtaining Foreign Scientific Publications," Journal of Chemical Education, Feb. 1947
"International Conference on Science Abstracting," Department of State Bulletin, 29 Aug. 1949
"Indexing and Abstracting: Recent Past and Lines of Future Development," College and Research Librarian, July 1950
"The Role of Bibliographic Organization in Contemporary Civilization," 24 July 1950 (published in Bibliographic Organization, edited by Sher and Egan (Chicago, University of Chicago Press, 1951), pages 3-23
"Why People Read," Library Journal, June 1951
"Archivists and Bibliographic Control, A Librarian's Viewpoint," American Archivist, Oct. 1951 (typescript)
"The Present Problem in Book Selection; the Large Research Library," 23 June 1952 (published in Freedom of Communication, edited by W. Dix and P. Bixler (American Library Association, 1954), pages 38-43
"Fulbright Grants," Library Journal, Sept. 1952
"Books as Mass Media," Sunday Star Christmas Book Section, 6 Dec. 1953 (with photostatic copy)
"Indexing and Abstracting Services for Serial Literature," Library Trends, Apr. 1954
"The Library of Congress; a Problem in Constitutional Relationship," 11 June 1954
"The Improvement of Bibliographic Organization," Library Quarterly, Jan. 1955
"Are Your Microfilms Deteriorating Acceptably?," by Clapp, Francis H. Henshaw, and Donald C. Holmes, Library Journal, Mar. 1955
"Collecting in the National Interest," by Thomas Barcus and Clapp, Library Trends, Apr. 1955
"Type Is Tanglefoot," Library Journal, Sept. 1955
"Implications for Documentation and the Organization of Knowledge," Library Quarterly, Oct. 1955
"Reconstitution of the Decimal Classification Editorial Policy Committee," 13 Dec. 1955 (published in Library Journal, Jan. 1956, under title, "DCC Editorial Policy Committee")
"A.L.A. Member No. 13; A First Glance at John Edmands," by Edythe W. First and Clapp, Library Quarterly, Jan. 1956 (with letter to editor, Wilson Library Bulletin on article)
"Unesco's Program; Libraries, Bibliographic Services, Documentation, a Catalog of Principal Activities," American Documentation, Apr. 1956
"Melville Dewey on Change in DC," Library Journal, 1 June 1956
"Progress Toward the 16th Edition of Dewey," Library Association Record, June 1956 (with 2 reprints and 1 revised reprint)
"A New Foreign Visitors Program," ALA Bulletin, May 1957
"Unfinished Business," Special Libraries, July/Aug. 1957
"David Judson Haykin," Library Resources and Technical Services, Fall 1957
"Unesco in Library Affairs, a Decade," Library Journal, 15 Nov. 1958 (with typescript)
"No Human Situation Is Static," Library Binder, Dec. 1959
"Library Resources, The Progressional Responsibility," Library Resources and Technical Services, Winter 1959
BOX 45 "To Assist in Solving the Problems of Libraries," ALA Bulletin, Mar. 1960
"United States Senate Consents to Ratification of Florence Agreement," ALA Bulletin, May 1960
"In Quest of an Optical `Grail'," ALA Bulletin, Feb. 1961
"Library Photocopying and Copyright; Recent Developments," Law Library Journal, Feb. 1962
"Graduate Education and Library Resources," Journal of the Graduate Research Center, July 1962
"The United Nations Library, 1945-1961," libri, International Library Review, v. 12, 1962
"Research in Problems of Scientific Information, Retrospect and Prospect," American Documentation, Jan. 1963
"Re-evaluation of Microfilm as a Method of Book Storage," by Verner Clapp and Robert T. Jordan, College and Research Libraries, Jan. 1963
"Permanent/Durable Book Papers," ALA Bulletin, Oct. 1963
"Luther H. Evans," Bulletin of Bibliography and Magazine Notes, Sept./Dec. 1964 (with draft and correspondence)
"The Catalog Book Store," The Rub-Off, Jan./Feb. 1965
"Luther H. Evans," Library Journal, Sept. 1965 (2 copies)
"Toward a Philosophy of Federal Library Service," [Federal Library Committee Newsletter], 20 Oct. 1965
"Three Ages of Reference Work," Louisiana Library Association Bulletin, Fall 1965 (2 copies)
"DC Numbers on LC Cards," Library Resources and Technical Services, Fall 1965
"Automation and Data Processing for Libraries," In First Governors' Library Conference, Panel II, New Dimensions for Reference and Research, Albany, 1965, pages 39-46
"Three Ages of Reference Work," Special Libraries, July/Aug. 1966
"The New ALA Officers," ALA Bulletin, July/Aug. 1966
"Senator Green and the Declaration of Independence," Journal of Library History, Jan. 1967 (with draft)
"Cooperative and Centralized Cataloging: Retrospect and Prospect," Library Trends, July 1967
"The Copyright Dilemma: A Librarian's View," Library Quarterly, Oct. 1968
"The Age of Cronin," by William J. Welsh and Clapp, Library Resources and Technical Services, Fall 1968
"Public Libraries and the network Idea," Library Journal, Jan. 1970
"From Incipit to CIP; An Improved Method for Self-Identification of Books," College Library Notes, Summer 1970
"Self-Identification of Printed Publications; Cataloging-in-Publication As a National Library Responsibility," 27 July 1970 (contribution to a Festschrift in honor of Curt Wormann) Correspondence
"The Story of Permanent/Durable Book Paper, 1115-1970," Parts 1-3, Scholarly Publishing, Jan., Apr., July, 1971
Combined reprint
Draft of part 2 (2 copies)
Correspondence with Scholarly Publishing
Correspondence relating to reprint in Restaurator
"The Greatest Invention Since the Title Page? Auto-bibliography from Incipit to Cataloging-in-Publication," Wilson Library Bulletin, Dec. 1971
Correspondence with Wilson Library Bulletin
Research and illustrative material
Materials relating to reprint by Library of Congress
BOX 46 "The Library Technology Program," 7 Dec. 1971 (with correspondence) (published in American Libraries, July/Aug. 1972, as "LTP-The Rattle in An Infant's Fist")
"Cataloging in Publication: A New Programme of Pre-publication Cataloguing in the United States of America, with Comments on Similar Programmes," Unesco Bulletin for Libraries, Jan/Feb. 1973 (with draft and correspondence)
"Bibliography," Encyclopedia Americana, undated
Research materials
"Carta Bombycina, Carta Papyri, Permamena Graeca: A contribution to the History of Medieval Writing Materials," by Gerhard Piccard, undated, Translated by Clapp
With draft and original article
Research materials
"Council on Library Resources, Inc.," Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science, undated
"History in "Library," Encyclopedia Americana, undated
Draft of revision
" History in "Library," World Book Encyclopedia, undated
"Quantitative Criteria for Adequacy of Academic Library Collections," by Clapp and Robert R. Jordan, undated
"Foreword," Towards a Theory of Jesse Shera, undated
Correspondence and reviews relating to The Future of the Research Library (Urbana, University of Illinois Press, 1964)
BOX 47 Some Materials for a Life of Elias Boudinot Caldwell With Observations on the Early History of Capitol Hill, by David C. Mearns and Clapp
Chambers of the Supreme Court in Washington, D.C., 1801-1807
Report on trip to Europe, Library of Congress Information Bulletin, 6-12 Aug. 1946
Report of the United States Library Mission to Advise on the Establishment of the National Diet Library of Japan, by Charles H. Brown and Clapp, Department of State, 1948
Operational Problems Requiring Documentation Research, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Paris, France, 1948 (Advisory Group for Aeronautical Research and Development. Report 48)
Report on Meetings of the International Federation of Library Association, Rome, 14-18 Sept. 1964
The ALA Council: Report of the DCLA Representative, 2 June 1966
Other Writings
Book reviews
BOX 48 Research file
Bailey, Robert
Bank of Washington, Washington, D.C.
Boyd, Washington
Caldwell, Elias B.
(5 folders)
Calendar of Capitol Hill Hotels and Boarding Houses, Washington, D.C.
Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C.
BOX 49 Capitol Hill Market House, Washington, D.C.
Carroll, Daniel
Chamber of the Supreme Court in Philadelphia, Pa., 1791-1800
Ewell, James and Thomas
Hotels and boarding houses
Locations of portraits of Justices of the Supreme Court
Peacock, Robert Ware
Rapine, Daniel
Stelle, Pontius Delare
United States Supreme Court in New York, N.Y.
United States Supreme Court in Washington, D.C.
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