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Part I: Subject File, 1907-1959 (continued)
Minutes of board, 1920-1929
Dec. 1920
Jan.-June 1921
July-Sept. 1921
Oct.-Dec. 1921
Jan.-Mar. 1922
BOX 149 Apr.-June 1922
July-Dec. 1922
(2 folders)
Jan.-May 1925
July-Dec. 1925
BOX 150 1926-1928
(3 folders)
Jan.-Mar. 1929
Minutes of Board, extracts re bond purchases, 1918 , 1920
Miscellany, 1921-1924
Northwestern farm lands, 1926-1927 (Calvin Coolidge, George C. Holmberg)
Office letters (copies of letters sent to senators, congressmen, the president, cabinet members, other officials)
Jan.-May 1922
June-Dec. 1922
(5 folders)
BOX 151 Outlook article, 1923 (Bernard Baruch, Silas Bent)
Panamerican financial conference, 1919-1920
Postal Savings System, 1920 (Clarence M. Woolley)
Public utilities, loans, 1918-1919
Railroad loans, securities, 1918-1919
Moulton, Herbert G.
Railroads, Federal Electric Railways Commission, 1919
Reed, James A., 1926-1927
Research economist, 1923
Oct.-Dec. 1920
Jan.-Mar. 1921
Revival, undated
Rotterdam Bankvereeniging, 1923 (J. G. van Breda Kilff)
Russian cooperatives, 1919
Sapiro, Aaron (cooperatives), 1921-1927
State Department communiques (2 folders with index)
Sept. 1919-Jan. 1920
Feb.-May 1920
BOX 152 Shipping Board, 1920
Steagall, Henry B., 1922-1925 (re political pressure)
Stock Exchange, listing of foreign securities, 1919-1920 (R. H. Brand, William W. Heaton, Michel Lazard, A. B. Leach, J. P. Morgan)
Suspension, resignation, regrets, 1920 (Woodrow Wilson)
Traylor, Melvin A., 1922-1926
Wheat and railroads, 1923
Wheat exports, 1923 (Calvin Coolidge)
Wheat report editorials, 1923
Wheat situation, 1923 (C. W. Barron)
War Industries Board, 1916-1920
Cement, 1917-1918
Copper, 1917-1918
Functions, organization, 1916-1920 (Council of National Defense, Bernard Baruch)
Lead, 1917-1918
Vogelstein suit (copper), 1918-1920
War Industries Board
BOX 153 War Production Board, Newspaper Industry
Survey Committee
(3 folders)
(3 folders)
War Savings Bureau committee, 1917
Washington Area Council on Alcoholism, 1958-1959
Washington Board of Trade, 1939-1958
Washington Board of Trade Postwar Planning Committee, 1945-1946
Washington Criminal Justice Association
BOX 154 1944-1951
"Crime in the Nation's Capital," 1939-1958
Miscellaneous, 1955 , undated
Washington Evening Star
General, 1934-1959
Promotion pieces, 1950-1951
BOX 155 Washington Post
"Air Power" tear sheets, advertising, 1943
Anniversary (60th), 1937
Congratulatory letters (George E. Allen, Claude D. Black, William Edgar Borah, Arthur Capper, Carter Glass, Charles A. Goldsmith, Cordell Hull, Robert Lincoln O'Brien, Franklin D. Roosevelt)
Anniversary (5th), 1938
Congratulatory letters (Lucius Bebe, Eleanor Roosevelt, Gerard Swope, Henry Litchfield West)
Anniversary (15th), 1948
Mailing lists, etc., A-F
Congratulatory letters
A-F (Carter Barron, Bernard Baruch, G. Baxter Mathews, Harold H. Burton, J. W. Fulbright, James Forrestal)
G-L (Harold L. Ickes, F. D. Layton)
M-Y (Alice Fox Pitts, Harry K. Taylor, Clarence Woolley)
Anniversary (75th of the paper), 1952
Anniversary (20th), 1953 (Vi Sutton)
BOX 156 Anniversary (25th), 1958
Correspondence (Bernard Baruch, Robert Brand, Olive Clapper, John Cowles, Estes Kefauver, William M. Kiplinger, Vi Sutton)
Applications for employment
Applications for music critic (Aaron Copland, Edward Downes, Paul Humer, Elizabeth Meyer Lorenz, Nicholas Nabokoff, Edwin Schloss)
Army medical corps articles, mailings, 1943 (Louis Levand)
Berlin crisis, 1948
Clippings, other newspapers
Comments on articles (Myron M. Cowan)
Mailing lists
BOX 157 Correspondence with publishers (Ferdinand Kuhn)
General correspondence, 1948-1949 (re pamphlets, reprints)
Comments on articles
"Case for Eisenhower," 1952
"Conversion of Government," 1942
"European Unity", 1950 (Henri Bonnet, Dwight D. Eisenhower)
"Letter to the Chinese," 1950
Marshall Plan supplement, 1947
Meyer-Jones on crops, 1948
"No More Taxes", 1952
On air power, 1943 (L. Francis V. Drake)
BOX 158 On Federal Reserve, 1951 (E. P. Taliaferro)
On psychological warfare against Japan, 1945
On Roosevelt third term, 1940
Letters received (Henry M. Reed)
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