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Part I: Subject File, 1907-1959 (continued)
Mailings, etc., 1940
On Truman-Ike, 1952
"Pandora's Box at UNCIO," 1945
"Political Profiteers," 1942
"Road Back to America," 1950
Alphabetical file
A-H (Barnard Baruch, Taylor Caldwell, Allen Dulles, H. J. Heinz, II, Hubert H. Humphrey)
J-W (George Roberts, Louis S. St. Laurent)
Editorials, clippings, May 1950
BOX 159 "The Army in Europe," 1944 (Walter Lippman, industrialists' letters)
"What's in a Word," 1944 (invasion versus liberation) (Douglas Southall Freeman)
Comments on articles by Agnes Elizabeth Ernst Meyer
"America's Home Front," 1943
Miscellaneous, 1946-1951 (Oscar Colcarie, Philip Graham, W. A. Lufburrow)
On army town (Leesville, La.), 1943 (C. E. Morris, William Nicolle)
On Brewster Aeronautical Corp., 1943
On Britain's home front, 1942 (Henry K. Taylor)
On child health project, 1945
On community service to veterans, 1945
On juvenile delinquency, 1953
On Maryland health plan, 1949
BOX 160 On Negro and army, 1944 (Paul Bellamy, Charles H. Flagg)
On neighborhood councils, 1945
On Pasadena schools, 1951
On postwar South, 1946 (Homer P. Rainey)
On WPA, 1936
Re trip through U.S., 1943
Feb.-Mar. (Arthur Capper, Florence Fortney, Louis Levand)
Comments on columns
"Washington Merry-Go-Round,"
1944 (re John Foster Dulles) (Drew Pearson)
(2 folders)
1943-1946 (Jesse H. Jones, Drew and Luvie Pearson, Joseph Newton Pew, Jr., Laurence Steinhardt)
Comments on inaugural edition, 1949
BOX 161 Comments on new building issue, 1951 (Henry C. Hallam, Samuel William Yorty)
Comments on new building issue (outgoing), 1951
Complaints, 1948-1958
Complimentary letters
"Crow Banquet" invitations, comments (re election results), 1948 (George Gallup, Harry S. Truman)
Evaluation, etc., 1935-1936 (Paul Christian)
Meyer-Jones articles on crops, 1948
"Road Back to America" tear sheets, mailings, 1950
BOX 162 Staff memoranda, etc.
Stock gifts to employees, 1955
(3 folders)
Clippings, miscellaneous
Letters of thanks (Estes Kefauver, Herbert H. Lehman, Arch McDonald)
BOX 163 Letters sent
Stock gifts to employees
Syndicated articles
"Postwar Corporate Taxation," 1944
"Wartime Taxation," 1942 (Bronson Batchelor, Roswell Magill, H. T. Meek, Alfred Parker, Harry Staton)
War Department publishers trip, 1944
William the Silent Award, 1956
Washington Times-Herald, 1932-1954
Congratulatory replies, 1954
(2 folders)
General correspondence, 1954
General, 1940-1951
BOX 164 re Cissy Patterson's death and will, 1948
Clippings re Washington Post, 1935-1953
Correspondence, 1932-1953 (Eleanor Medill Patterson)
White House correspondence (non-presidential), 1950-1955
William the Silent Award, 1950-1951
Willys-Overland Motor, Inc., 1947-1949
Woodward and Lothrop, 1935-1956
World Trade Program, 1946-1947
Yale Bowl Award, 1931, 1959
Yale Club of Washington, 1938-1958
Yale University
BOX 165 1954-1959
Class of 1895, 1940-1959
Construction of Women's Dorm, 1957-1959
Correspondence with scholarship winners, 1951-1958
Department of Political Science fund, 1953-1958
Public Service Scholarship fund, 1951-1958
Yale Medal Award, 1953-1954
Yale-in-China, 1937-1953 (Henry Robinson Luce)
Young and Rubicam, Inc., 1937-1951
Zeta Beta Tau, 1938
Zionist Organization of America, 1934-1949
BOX 166 Part I: Miscellany, 1903-1959
Printed matter, certificates, awards, degrees, biographical material, and miscellaneous items.
Arranged alphabetically by type of material or subject.
BOX 166 Awards, certificates, citations, 1932-1958
Clippings about Meyer, circa 1933-1950
Lists, 1910-1959
Miscellaneous correspondence, 1921-1959
Humor, 1931-1932 , undated
Notes (FRB) (Meyer handwriting), circa 1932
Printed matter, 1919-1954
BOX 167 National Defense Conference, printed matter, 1917
Sidney Hyman file, circa 1952-1955
Memoranda, correspondence
On Littauer speech
On Federal Farm Loan Board ( circa 1927 )
Research materials, etc., includes Meyer correspondence 1919-1931
(3 folders)
BOX I:OV 168 Presidential appointments, Eugene Meyer and Agnes Elizabeth Ernst Meyer, 1918-1953
BOX I:OV 169 Awards, certificates, honorary degrees, 1919-1958 , and cartoon, circa 1903
BOX II:170 Part II: Family and General Correspondence, 1915-1948
Letters sent and received.
Arranged alphabetically by name of person within type of correspondence.
BOX 170 Family, 1915-1948
(5 folders)
General, 1915-1948
(2 folders)
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