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Some or all content stored offsite.
BOX I:30-35 Part I: Speech, Article, and Book File, circa 1930-1945
Typewritten copies of writings, speeches, and articles. Major writings are arranged by title.
Speeches and articles are unarranged.
BOX I:30-31 Speeches and articles
BOX I:32 Memoirs of World War I, unpublished
BOX I:33 Books, typescripts
BOX I:33 The Age of Hate
BOX I:34 The Eve of Conflict; Stephen A. Douglas and the Needless War
BOX I:35 The Use of Presidential Power
BOX I:36-47 Part I: Source Materials and Notes, circa 1849-1945
Notes, photostats, transcripts and other copies of source materials (primarily 1850-1870) used by Milton in his historical writings.
BOX I:36-37 Photostats and other copies of source materials, including:
BOX I:36-37 Douglas, Stephen A., letter to George C. Thomas, 13 Mar. 1855
BOX I:36-37 Buchanan, James, petition to the president signed by Stephen A. Douglas and others
BOX I:36-37 Douglas, Stephen A., letter to Thomas Floyd, 24 Aug. 1859
BOX I:36-37 Greeley, Horace, letter to J. L. Edwards, 13 Mar. 1849
BOX I:36-37 Hawley, S. C.,letter to Thurlow Weed, 18 May 1856
BOX I:36-37 Hart, John W., letter to [?], 3 Apr. 1856
BOX I:38-47 Notes of historical source materials
BOX I:48-53 Part I: Miscellany, circa 1928-1946
Printed matter, photographs, clippings, and brochures.
Arranged by type of material.
BOX I:48 Photographs and printed matter
BOX I:49 Printed matter
BOX I:50-51 Clippings
BOX I:52-53 General
BOX I:54-70 Part I: Scrapbooks, circa 1890-1939
Mainly newspaper clippings with some pictures and miscellaneous items.
Chronologically arranged where possible.
BOX I:54-59 Pre 1900
BOX I:60 1920
BOX I:61-63 1924
BOX I:64-65 1925-1926
BOX I:66 1926-1930
BOX I:67 1930-1932
BOX I:68 1933-1935
BOX I:69 1935-1940
BOX I:70 1939
BOX II: 71-86 Part II: General Correspondence, 1924-1953
Letters sent and received.
Arranged chronologically.
BOX II:71 5 Nov. 1924-31 Dec. 1929
BOX II:72 1 Jan. 1930-31 Dec. 1930
BOX II:73 1 Jan.-16 June 1931
BOX II:74 17 June-31 Dec. 1931
BOX II:75 2 Jan. 1932-31 Mar. 1933
BOX II:76 4 Apr.-29 Dec. 1933
BOX II:77 1 Jan.-31 July 1934
BOX II:78 1 Aug. 1934-30 Apr. 1935
BOX II:79 1 May 1935-23 Mar. 1936
BOX II:80 24 Mar.-31 Dec. 1936
BOX II:81 1 Jan.-13 Sept. 1937
BOX II:82 14 Sept. 1937-30 May 1938
BOX II:83 1 June-5 Nov. 1938
BOX II:84 6 Nov. 1938-21 May 1939
BOX II:85 1 June 1939-24 Sept. 1940
BOX II:86 12 Oct. 1940-24 Apr. 1953
BOX II:87-89 Part II: Subject File, 1912-1939
Correspondence, memoranda of conversations and interviews, reports, and other material.
Arranged by topic.
BOX II:87 Bryan, William Jennings, 1912-1930
BOX II:87 Inter-American Conference for the Maintenance of Peace, Buenos Aires, Brazil 1936
BOX II:88 Lynching, circa 1930-1937
BOX II:89 Memoranda of conversations and interviews circa 1930-1943
BOX II:89 National Archives, 1934
BOX II:89 Tennessee Valley Authority, circa 1930-1939
BOX II:90 Part II: Speech and Article File
Miscellaneous drafts and copies of speeches and articles.
No arrangement.
BOX II:90 Miscellaneous
BOX II:91-92 Part II: Source Materials and Notes
Notes, photostats, transcripts and other copies of source materials used by Milton in the writing of Eve of Conflict: Stephen A Douglas and the Needless War and Abraham Lincoln and the Fifth Column.
BOX II:91 Eve of Conflict; Stephen A. Douglas and the Needless War
BOX II:92 Abraham Lincoln and the Fifth Column
BOX II:93-97 Part II: Miscellany, 1913-1950
Announcements, invitations, notes, photographs, memorabilia, financial material, printed matter, and miscellaneous correspondence relating to Stephen A. Douglas.
Arranged by type of material.
BOX II:93 Announcements
BOX II:93 Biographical material
BOX II:93 Calling cards
BOX II:93 General
BOX II:93 Invitations
BOX II:93 Lecture notes, 1913-1914
BOX II:93 Lists
BOX II:93 Memorabilia (largely 1936)
BOX II:93 Photographs
BOX II:93 Will of Sarah F. Milton
BOX II:94 Financial papers
BOX II:95 Printed matter
BOX II:95 1910-1936
BOX II:96 1936-1938
BOX II:97 1938-1950
BOX II:97 Correspondence with Frank Heywood Hodder regarding Stephen A. Douglas, 1931-1935
BOX II:98-99 Part II: Scrapbooks, 1942-1949
Clippings from the Buffalo Evening News and reviews of Abraham Lincoln and the Fifth Column.
Arranged as compiled by or for Milton.
BOX II:98 Buffalo Evening News, clippings of columns
BOX II:98 1945-1948
BOX II:99 1949
BOX II:99 Abraham Lincoln and the Fifth Column, reviews of book, 1942
BOX II:100 Part II: Daybook, 1942-1943
Typewritten accounts by Milton of his daily activities and conversations.
Arranged chronologically.
BOX II:100 Typewritten journal of daily activities and conversations, 1942-1943
BOX II:100 Part II: Addition, 1930-1985
Letter of Alice W. Milton and printed matter.
Arranged by type of material.
BOX II:100 Letter of Alice W. Milton re Sarah W. Milton, 1985
BOX II:100 Printed matter, 1930, 1939-1940

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