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2019 Addition, 1936-2009 (continued)
BOX 497-514 Speeches and Writings, 1942-2009
The Speeches and Writings subseries includes book drafts, a chronological file of published articles, speeches, testimonies, and related material. The chronological file reveals Commoner's shifting interests over time and includes a mix of writings on scientific research, public policy, and political issues. The book drafts and reviews of Commoner's books include Air Pollution, Making Peace with the Planet, and The Poverty of Power. The speaking engagements file contains correspondence, publicity, itineraries, travel arrangements, and sometimes speech texts or notes and is chronologically arranged. The speech, conference papers, and testimonies file is also arranged chronologically but only contains the written texts.
Material types include drafts and published writings, speech texts, related correspondence and printed matter, itineraries, and travel material.
Arranged alphabetically by type of writing and chronologically therein; the book file is arranged alphabetically.
BOX 497 Articles
BOX 497 1942, "The Mechanism of Auxin Action"
BOX 497 1943, "The Mechanism of Auxin Action. The Effect of Auxin on Water Absorbtion by Potato Tuber Tissue"
BOX 497 1947, "The Beginning of Life"
BOX 497 1958, "The Fallout Problem" and "The Hazard of Fallout"
BOX 497 1962, "The Scientist and Political Power--Some Brief Comments"
BOX 498 1963
BOX 498 "Government Research Grants: Effect of the New Proceedures on the Individual Investigator"
BOX 498 "Is Science Getting Out of Hand?"
BOX 498 "The Roles of Deoxyribonucleic Acid in Inheritance"
BOX 498 "Science and the Race Problem"
BOX 498 "Scientific Statesmanship"
BOX 498 1964
BOX 498 "Biology Today"
BOX 498 "Civil Defense: The Citizen's Choice"
BOX 498 "DNA and the Chemistry of Inheritance"
BOX 498 "Fallout and Water Pollution--Parallel Cases"
BOX 498 "Rapid Biosynthetic Incorporation of C14--Labeled Amino Acids into Tobacco Mosaic Virus"
BOX 498 "The Responsibility of Science to Man"
BOX 498 "What is the Harm of Nuclear Testing to Human Inheritance?"
BOX 498 1965
BOX 498 "Biochemical, Biological, and Atmospheric Evolution"
BOX 498 "Changes in Electron Spin Resonance Signals of Rat Liver during Chemical Carcinogenesis"
BOX 498 "Conservation of the Water Resource: The Responsibility of the Scientist"
BOX 498 "Effects of Isotopic Substitution on Electron Spin Resonance Signals in Photosynthetic Organisms"
BOX 498 "Free Radicals in Functional Biochemical and Biological Systems are Studied by ESR Spectroscopy"
BOX 498 "The Integrity of Science"
BOX 498 "Is DNA the Secret of Life?"
BOX 498 "The Molecular Origins of Biochemical and Biological Specificity"
BOX 498 1966
BOX 498 "By Using Nature as a Lab"
BOX 498 "The Elusive Code of Life: Is DNA Really the Master Key to Heredity?"
BOX 498 "Feasibility of Biological Recovery from Nuclear Attack"
BOX 498 "Is Biology a Molecular Science?"
BOX 498 1967
BOX 498 "The Biosynthesis of Tobacco Mosaic Virus RNA: Relationships to the Biosynthesis of Virus-Specific Ribonuclease-Resistant RNA"
BOX 498 "Discussion"
BOX 498 "Duty of Science in the Ecological Crisis"
BOX 498 "The Eroding Integrity of Science"
BOX 498 "Is Science Getting Out of Hand?"
BOX 498 "The Killing of a Great Lake"
BOX 498 "A Landmark in National Concern"
BOX 498 "Letter to the Editor concerning Chemistry and DNA"
BOX 498 "Needed: A Continuing Partnership of Scientists and Citizens"
BOX 498 "Rod Length in Protein-Stripped Tobacco Mosaic Virus"
BOX 498 "Science and Moral Responsibility"
BOX 499 "A Scientist Views Pollution"
BOX 499 "A Turning Point in the Human Habitation of the Earth"
BOX 499 1968
BOX 499 "The Apollo Program--A Tragic Absurdity"
BOX 499 "The Balance of Nature"
BOX 499 Center magazine
BOX 499 "The Dual Crisis in Science and Society"
BOX 499 "Electron Spin Resonance of Iron-Nitric Oxide Complexes with Amino Acids, Peptides and Proteins"
BOX 499 "Environmental Health--A New Challenge to University Education and Research"
BOX 499 "Environmental Pollution"
BOX 499 "Failure of the Watson-Crick Theory as a Chemical Explanation of Inheritance"
BOX 499 "Frail Reeds in a Harsh World"
BOX 499 "Global Effects of Environmental Pollution"
BOX 499 "Lake Erie, Aging or Ill?"
BOX 499 "Nature Unbalanced: How Man Interferes with the Nitrogen Cycle"
BOX 499 "Nature Under Attack"
BOX 499 "Pollution: Time to Face the Consequences"
BOX 499 "Protecting the Environment: The Myth of Technological Competence"
BOX 499 "Statement on Chemical and Biological Warfare"
BOX 499 Statements on Vietnam
BOX 499 "Symposium: Life Processes"
BOX 499 1969
BOX 499 Book review of America the Raped
BOX 499 "Can We Survive?"
BOX 499 "The Crisis in the Environment"
BOX 499 "The Ecological Frame of Man"
BOX 499 "Electron Spin Resonance Signals in Injured Nerve"
BOX 499 "Evaluation of the Biosphere"
BOX 499 "Isolation and Identification of a Paramagnetic Complex from the Livers of Carcinogen-Treated Rats"
BOX 499 "Man in Today's Environment: Will He Survive?"
BOX 499 "Molecular Biology: Medical Fact or Laboratory Dogma?"
BOX 499 "Transitory Free Radicals in Irradiated Animal Tissues"
BOX 499 1970
BOX 499 "Beyond the Teach-In"
BOX 499 The Effects of 2-Acetylaminofluorene and Nitrite on Free Radicals and Carcinogenesis in Rat Liver"
BOX 499 "Present Benefits and Future Risks"
BOX 499 1971
BOX 499 "Environment is Not a Motherhood Issue"
BOX 499 Reference notes for unidentified article
BOX 499 1972
BOX 499 "Alliance for Survival"
BOX 499 "Alternative Approaches to the Environmental Crisis"
BOX 499 "Breaking the Laws of Ecology"
BOX 499 Concerning The Closing Circle
BOX 499 "Critique of Recommendations from the United Nations Conference on the Human Enviroment"
BOX 499 "Do Nuclear Plants Make Deadly Neighbors?"
BOX 499 "The Environmental Cost of Economic Growth"
BOX 499 "General Education and the Environment"
BOX 500 "A Healthy Environment: The Life-or-Death Challenge"
BOX 500 "Motherhood in Stockholm"
BOX 500 "Must the World Take a Power Cut?"
BOX 500 "The Population Problem"
BOX 500 "Science and Social Action"
BOX 500 "Scientist and Citizen"
BOX 500 1973
BOX 500 "Radiosensitivity and the Ascorbic Acid Electron Spin Resonance Doublet"
BOX 500 "A Special Anaysis of American Railroads"
BOX 500 1976, "Energy the Key: It Affects Environment, Prices; We have an Answer in the Sun"
BOX 500 1977
BOX 500 Politiks magazine article
BOX 500 "Solar Energy: Myths and Motives"
BOX 500 1978
BOX 500 "Formation of Mutagens in Beef and Beef Extract During Cooking"
BOX 500 Hospital Practice articles
BOX 500 "How Solar Power Creates Jobs"
BOX 500 "Isolation of Mutagens from Bacterial Nutrients Containing Beef Extract"
BOX 500 "Mutagenic Analysis of Complex Samples of Aqueous Effluents, Air Particulates, and Foods"
BOX 500 1981, "Talking to a Mule"
BOX 500 1983, "Ethanol"
BOX 500 1984
BOX 500 "Environmental Dangers"
BOX 500 "Jackson's Candidacy Will Compel Reagan to Face Basic Issues"
BOX 500 "Jackson's Historic Campaign"
BOX 500 1985
BOX 500 "Environmental Impacts of Expanded Utilization of Nuclear Energy"
BOX 500 "Quando il pesticida non è uguale per tutti"
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