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Speeches, Writings, and Related Material, 1878-1925 (continued)
The Transition Period, undated
Trial of Mrs. Surratt, undated
Trust Remedies and Socialism, undated
Trusts, several writings on the subject, undated
Two Great Women of the Victorian Period, 1916
An Unmarked Grave, undated
An Unpublished Story of the Sons of Liberty, undated
Village Life, undated
War and Peace, undated
What Lincoln Would Say, 1902
Miscellaneous speeches and speech notes
BOX 55 Miscellaneous manuscripts-untitled chapters and pages, undated
Miscellaneous Writings-untitled, and some incomplete, undated
Miscellany-extracts, memoranda, notes, poems, questions, draft of letter to Theodore Roosevelt, 1904, undated
Miscellany-unidentifiable and incomplete writings and notes
BOX 56-61 Printed Matter, circa 1770-1931
Pamphlets, booklets, magazines and journals, Congressional hearings, court documents, copies of the Congressional Record, and essays, statements, and speeches.
Arranged alphabetically by title. Bound volumes are filed at the end of the series.
BOX 56 Abraham Lincoln, 1912
The Adamson Act Decision, 1918
Address of Henry L. Stimson, 1911
An Address by Hon. Philander C. Knox, 1916
Address of the President, American Bar Association
Address of President Wilson, 1917
Address of the Vice President of the United States, 1917
Admission of Arizona and New Mexico to Statehood, 1911
Admission of Dakota, Montana, Washington, and New Mexico into the Union, 1888
Admission of South Dakota into the Union and for the Reorganization of Territory of North Dakota, 1888
The Aetna, 1902
Amending the Antitrust Act, 1909
American Bar Association Journal
American Bar Association Journal, miscellaneous articles, undated
The American Bar Association, Speeches at the Annual Dinner, 1917
American Bolsheviki Paralyzing Our War Power, 1918
The American Judicial System, 1912
Articles of the Benjamin Harrison Monument Association, undated
Bar Docket, Jefferson Circuit Court, 1882
Bench and Bar of Minnesota, undated
The Bibelot, undated
A Bill, (Tentative Bill by Senator Newlands), 1914
Board of United States General Appraisers, 1910
A Brief Historical Sketch of the Free Public Library, Summit, New Jersey, 1911
The Budget, 1903
Canadian Reciprocity, 1911
A.B.A. Canons of Professional Ethics, 1908
The Case of Belgium, 1914
Chief Justice Marshall, 1901
The Commemorative Medal in the Service of Germany, 1917
The Commerce Clause of the Constitution and the Trusts, 1902
The Commercial Club, Minneapolis
Commercial and Political Integrity, 1905
The Community Hospital, undated
The Confusion of Property With Property, 1910
Congressional Vote on Preparedness and War, 1917
Charles Samuel Jelley, 1922
Congressional Record
(2 folders)
BOX 57 Constitution and By-Laws of the Young Men's Republican Club, 1879
Constitution of League of Nations, 1919
Constitution and By-Laws of the Young Men's Republican Club, 1879
Constitution of League of Nations, 1919
A Contract with the People, 1912
Control of Corporations, Persons, and Firms Engaged in Interstate Commerce, 1911
The Courts and the Constitution, 1912
Customs Administration, undated
Dangers of False Reciprocity, 1903
The Dawn of Armageddon, 1917
Dependent Pension Bill, 1888
The Development of the American Doctrine of Jurisdiction of Courts over States, 1911
Discussion and Authorities upon Questions Arising upon Foreclosure of Mortgages, undated
Downward Tendencies of Government and Citizenship, 1917
Education of Idiotic and Imbecile Youth, 1876
Edward M. Johnson: In Memoriam, 1909
Empire or Republic? 1900
The Enslavement of Belgians, 1916
Fair Play for the Republic of China, 1912
The Farmers and the Adamson Law, undated
Feminism, undated
First Annual Report-"Overlook Hospital Association," 1915
Fitz-John Porter, 1884
The Flag of the United States, 1918
The Future of Rail and Water Transportation, 1908
Governor Baldwin Tells Why He Opposes Prohibition, 1914
A Great Warrior, 1928
Handbook of the Republican League of Minnesota, 1888
Higher Nationality, a Study in Law, and Ethics, 1913
Historical Address, 1919
History and Jurisdiction of the United States Court of Claims, 1916
A Hot-House Constitution: The Mexican Constitution of 1917, 1917
How Protection Affects the Farmer, 1882
How Protection Benefits Farmers and Mechanics, 1888
I Change Not, 1901
Inability of the President, 1918
The Independence of the Judiciary-The Safeguard of Free Institutions, 1912
The Independent, 1914
The Indiana Republican Hand Book, 1876
Indianapolis Masonic Directory, 1897
Inheritance Tax Law of Indians, 1921
International Arbitration and Peace, 1909
The Interstate Commerce Commission vs. Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway Company and Others, 1893
Investigation of the Affairs of the City of Madison, 1877
BOX 58 The Issues of the Congressional Campaign of 1902, in the 5th District of Minnesota, 1902
John A. Finch: In Memoriam, 1899
John D. Sharp, 1899
Journal of the House, 1889
The Judicial Office, 1903
The Judicial Recall-A Fallacy Repugnant to Constitutional Government, 1912
The Judiciary as the Servant of the People, 1913
Latest Books-The Guide for Readers, 1932
The Lawyer and the Community, 1910
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