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Eugene Gano Hay papers, 1770-1933

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Printed Matter, circa 1770-1931 (continued)
At the Laying of the Corner Stone of the Capitol of Minnesota, 1898
League of Nations
Lectures on International Law, 1897
A Letter from the Committee of the Association of New York, 1920
The Letter of President Wilson, 1914
Lincoln, McKinley, Bryan, 1900
The Lincoln Republicans, 1900
The Literary Digest, 1911
Louisiana Purchase Exposition, 1904
Items by, and concerning, David Lubin, 1894
Map of Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota, 1881
Membership of the Republican National Committee, undated
Memorial: Benjamin Harrison, 1901
Memorial Day Address, 1893
Memorial Proceedings before the Board of United States General Appraisers in Honor of the Honorable Sam Bronson Cooper, 1918
The Menace of Paternalism, 1918
Message of the President of the United States, 1889
Minneapolis, 1898
Minneapolis as the Best Place for Holding the Republican National Convention in 1888, 1888
Minneapolis-The Northwestern Metropolis, undated
Minnesota State Government, 1888
The Monday Night Club, 1908
Monthly Bulletin of the National Association of Credit Men, 1903
The Nation, 1928
The Nation They Died to Save, 1912
The National Platforms of all Political Parties, 1892
National Republican Convention-1884, 1884
National Transcontinental Railway, 1903
New Nationalism, 1912
The New Tyranny, 1916
BOX 59 Northern Securities Company v. the United States
Oral argument of the attorney-general for the United States, 1903
Brief for the United States, 1903
Opinion of the Court, 1904
The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co., annual statement, 1929
Per Capita Cost of Courts, 1922
Percentage of Losses at Gettysburg Greatest in History, 1903
Obstacles in the Way of Drafting Aliens, 1918
Official Ballot Sheet, 1884, 1884
Permanent Organizations of Republican Clubs, 1888
Political Manual, 1888, 1888
The Presidency of the United States, 1920
Press Club of Minneapolis Souvenir, 1904, 1904
Private Rights and Government Control, 1917
Proceedings of the Administrative Convention of Indiana, 1828
Proceedings before the Board of United States General Appraisers on the Death of Judge Henderson Middleson Somerville, 1915
On the Retirement of Judge Eugene G. Hay, 1923
Proceedings in Memory of Byron S. Waite, 1931
Proceedings in Memory of Robert Morris Montgomery, 1920
Proceedings, Minnesota State Bar Association, 1904, 1904
Proceedings at the Nineteenth Annual Lincoln Dinner, 1905
BOX 60 Producers and Consumers, 1888
Protection to American Labor, 1892
Public Law and Democracy in Russia, 1917
The Public Service Rate Problems, 1911
The Attack on Railroad Capitalizations, 1907
Railroad Control, 1918
Railroad Merger Case, 1902
Railroad Rates and Tariff Rates, 1907
Railway Rate Regulation, 1906
Recall of Judicial Decisions, 1913
Reciprocity with Canada, 1903
Reconstruction, 1868
The Relation between the Declaration of Independence and the World War, 1917
Reminiscences of the Indiana Legislature of 1851-1852, 1885
Report of the Committee on Jurisprudence and Law Reform, 1912
Report of the Committee to Oppose the Recall of Judges, 1912
Report of William D. Hale, as Receiver of the American Savings and Loan Association, 1897
Representative as Against Direct Government, 1912
Republican Campaign Text Book, 1896
The Republican Party, 1904
Resolutions and Remarks at the Retirement of Chief Justice Stanton J. Peelle of the United States Court of Claims, 1913
A Review of the Forestry Situation, undated
The Rights of American Citizens Abroad, 1874
Roll of Delegates and Alternates to the Republican National Convention Held at Chicago, Illinois, 1884
Rollins and Presbrey vs. the United States and the Eastern Band of Cherokees, 1884
Brief and argument for claimant, 1887
Roosevelt-His Policies, His Enemies, His Friends, 1909
School Laws of Indiana, 1877
The "Sincere Chancellor", 1917
Songs of Our Country, undated
Speculation and the Reform of the New York Stock Exchange, 1913
Speech of Honorable Elihu Root, 1902
Speech of Honorable J.B. Foraker before The Clearing House Association, 1913
A Statement by Robert R. Reed, 1911
The Story of the Constitution, 1923
Strangers' Directory, 1930
The Sugar and Coal Shortage, 1918
BOX 61 Tariff Strategy and Propaganda in the United States, 1887-1888, 1930
Theodore Roosevelt's Confession of Faith before the Progressive National Convention, 1912
Treasury Decisions
Treaty-Making Power and the League of Nations, 1919
The Trust Problem, 1911
The United States of America, Complainant, v. Northern Securities Company, The Great Northern Railway Company, The Northern Pacific Railway Company, and Others, Defendants, petition, 1901
BOX 62 The Unity of Human Experience, undated
Views of the Press In Connection with the Strike of the American Railway Union, 1894
The Villager, 1923
Visitors' Guide and Dictionary of Detroit and Vicinity, 1883
The Western view of the tariff, 1887
What Congress Has Done Concerning a Government Armor Plant and What People Are Thinking about It, 1916
What the Reservations to the Treaty of Versailles Really Mean, 1920
Who Murdered Dr. John R. Goodwin? 1880
Who Was Thomas Jefferson? 1909
William Ingraham Haven, 1928
William McKinley, 1901
Woman Suffrage, 1918
The Woman's Journal, 1928
Women's City Club of New York Quarterly, 1928
Woodrow Wilson, 1924
A Word to Young Voters, 1879
The Work before Us, 1906
Year Book, the Minnesota Society of New York, 1905-1906, 1905
Bound volumes
Downings' United States Customs Tariff, 1897
The Monday Night Club, 1908
Ricordo Di Verona, undated
Shelley's Poetical Works, 1884
Medical pocketbook, title page and preface missing, circa 1770
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