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General Correspondence, 1810-1933 (continued)
BOX 45-46 Letterpress Books, 1890-1899
Bound volumes of letters sent.
Arranged in rough chronological order.
BOX 45-46 11 Aug. 1890-18 Jan. 1897
BOX 46 19 Jan. 1897-14 Dec. 1899
BOX 47 Diaries and Daily Record Books, 1870-1931
Diaries, notebook, address book, appointment books, and other daily account books. Arranged chronologically.
Arranged chronologically.
BOX 47 Diary, 1870
Private notebook, 1870-1871
Address book, 1902
Appointment calendar book
Travel diary, 1924
Address and record book, undated
BOX 48-49 Financial Papers, 1877-1933
Banking material, business correspondence, checkbooks and account information, income tax files, and miscellaneous financial matter.
Arranged alphabetically by type of material and therein chronologically.
BOX 48 Bank deposit slips, 1930-1931, undated
Banking account statements and checks, 1925-1932
Bills and receipts, 1886-1933, undated
Business correspondence, 1886-1932
BOX 49 Checkbooks and account books, 1877-1932
Income tax correspondence and forms, 1914-1929
Income tax forms, 1915-1931
Miscellaneous, 1886-1931
BOX 50 Family Papers, 1836-1928
Business correspondence and financial papers concerning Eleanora Farquhar Hay and the Farquhar family. Also correspondence and miscellany relating to Farquhar family members, Mrs. Hay, and Eugene Gano Hay. Includes material from a European trip of the Hays.
Arranged by type of material.
BOX 50 Business correspondence and financial papers concerning the Farquhars, 1873-1922
Correspondence and miscellany belonging to Mrs. Hay, 1896-1932, undated
Family correspondence between John and Fannie Farquhar, 1836-1873
Family correspondence and miscellany belonging to Fannie Farquhar, 1838-1873, undated
Farquhar family financial papers, bills, and receipts, 1882-1900
Miscellany concerning European trip, 1924
Miscellany, 1882-1926, undated
BOX 51-55 Speeches, Writings, and Related Material, 1878-1925
Handwritten, typewritten, and printed articles and other writings by Hay, including remarks and speeches.
Arranged alphabetically by title with untitled, unidentified, and miscellaneous writings and notes filed at the end of the series.
BOX 51 The Aftermath of War, 1919
American Literature
Pt. I, undated
Pt. II, undated
Benjamin Harrison, undated
Memoranda relative to the Board of United States General Appraisers, undated
A Brief Glance at Philosophy and Poetry, and Tribute to Lord Francis Bacon, 1879
Clouds, 1879
Communism in the United States, 1878
Contemporary Monarchs of Alfred the Great, 1878
Control of Corporations, Persons, and Firms Engaged in Interstate Commerce, 1911
Corporate Monopolies, the Problem of the Present Age, undated
The Dartmouth College Case, undated
The Demoralization and Regeneration of Commerce, undated
Discussion and Authorities upon Questions Arising Upon Foreclosure of Mortgages, undated
Draft of Proposed Platform, undated
The Drift Toward Socialism, 1918
Edmund Spenser, 1878
Edward II, 1879
Ex Parte Vallandigham, undated
The Foreign Policy of Russia, undated
The Future of Canada and Reciprocity with the United States, undated
The Genesis of Modern Democracy, 1902
Grave Marked at Last, undated
Impressions, 1882
Interstate Commerce Commission vs. Chicago, Milwaukee, & St. Paul Railway Co., et al.
Brief and argument, undated
Pleadings, undated
The Issues of the Congressional Campaign of 1902, in the 5th District of Minnesota, 1902
J. G. Holland, 1878
John Locke, 1879
The Judicial Decision of Cases Arising in the Administration of the Tariff Law, undated
The Last Quarter of the Nineteenth Century, undated
Lincoln's Message to the Twentieth Century, 1902
Memorial Day Address
BOX 52 Men and Measures of the Last Quarter of the Nineteenth Century, 1925
BOX 53 Municipal Government, undated
A Murder and Lynching, undated
Muzzling "The Dogs of War", undated
The Nation They Died to Save, 1912
The New Voters and Public Questions, undated
The Origins and Essence of American Democracy: An Historical Treatise, undated
The Overthrow of the Bosses a Warning to the Corporations, undated
The Passing of Village Life, 1913
Political Anecdotes, Humerous and Otherwise, undated
Postal Systems, 1893
Proposed Platform on International Law, undated
Proposed Statute to Create a "Customs Court", undated
Reciprocity with Canada
The Republican Convention of 1888, Conditions Then a Parallel for Those of Today, undated
Robert G. Evans: In Memoriam, undated
Samuel Gompers-Rebel or Revolutionist, undated
Science, undated
Shirley's Dartmouth College Causes, undated
A Short Story of a Long Life, undated
The So Called Race Problem, undated
BOX 54 The Sons of Liberty-Ex Parte Milligan, 1921
The Supreme Test of Democracy, 1900
Temperance a National Law, undated
Thoughts upon the Science of Life and the Art of Living, undated
The Transition Period, undated
Trial of Mrs. Surratt, undated
Trust Remedies and Socialism, undated
Trusts, several writings on the subject, undated
Two Great Women of the Victorian Period, 1916
An Unmarked Grave, undated
An Unpublished Story of the Sons of Liberty, undated
Village Life, undated
War and Peace, undated
What Lincoln Would Say, 1902
Miscellaneous speeches and speech notes
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