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BOX 305-307 Joseph and Elizabeth Robins Pennell Correspondence, 1883-1923
Letters exchanged between Joseph Pennell and his wife, Elizabeth Robins Pennell.
Arranged chronologically.
BOX 305 1883-1912
BOX 306 1912-1923
BOX 307 Undated
BOX 308-361 Book, Article, and Lecture File
Manuscripts of writings.
Organized by type and arranged alphabetically by title within each group.
BOX 308-320 Books
Adventures of an Illustrator
BOX 321 American Illustration
BOX 322-326 Etchers and Etching
BOX 327 The Graphic Arts
BOX 328-342 The Life of James McNeill Whistler
BOX 343-344 Pen Drawing
BOX 345-352 The Whistler Journal
BOX 353 The Whistler Journal; unpublished catalog manuscript
BOX 354 Whistler Memorial Catalogue
BOX 355 Whistler, James McNeill, bibliography
BOX 356 Catalogue of Pennell Collection of Whistleriana
BOX 357 Articles
"Adventures with and among Collectors"-"The New German Art"
BOX 358 "Of Art Schools and Art Schools"-"Whistler as Etcher and Lithographer"
BOX 359 "Whistler as Some People Knew Him"-"A Year's Experience in Practical Teaching"
Untitled articles
BOX 360 Lectures
"American Lithography"-"The Graphic Arts"
BOX 361 "The Graphic Arts"-"War Memorials"
BOX 362-364 Pennell Miscellany
Manuscripts by Pennell not incorporated in the Book, Article, and Lecture File series.
Arranged by type of material.
BOX 362 List of paintings and drawings by Joseph Pennell
Engagement books
Philip versus Pennell
Robert Louis Stevenson letter to Mrs. Ehrich [?]
Photograph album
BOX 363-364 General miscellany
BOX 365-373 Charles Godfrey Leland Papers, 1835-1902
Papers of Charles Godfrey Leland (1824-1903), uncle of Elizabeth Robins Pennell, consisting of correspondence, literary papers, a journal, and manuscripts relating to American Indians See also 2018 Addition, Charles Godfrey Leland papers in containers 397-398.
Organized by type of material.
BOX 365 Correspondence
BOX 366 1859-1890
BOX 367 1891-1902
BOX 368 Literary papers and miscellany
BOX 369-370 Journal
BOX 371-373 Papers relating to American Indians, notes and collected fieldwork and translations by others, including Lewis Mitchell, documenting Indigenous sources and voices, and other documents used for Leland's The Algonquin Legends of New England; or, Myths and Folk Lore of the Micmac, Passamaquoddy and Penobscot Tribes (1884)
BOX 374-380 1980 Addition, 1597-1936
Correspondence addressed mainly to Elizabeth Robins Pennell and miscellaneous items.
Arranged alphabetically by type of material and therein chronologically.
BOX 374 1884-1921
(8 folders)
BOX 375 1922-1924
(7 folders)
BOX 376 Jan. 1925-June 1930
(8 folders)
BOX 377 July 1930-Dec. 1936
(10 folders)
"A" miscellaneous
BOX 378 "B-P" miscellaneous
(4 folders)
Repplier, Agnes
(2 folders)
"R-Z" miscellaneous
(2 folders)
BOX 379 Address book, biographical information, notes
Bills and receipts
Exhibit of the Pennells' work, Grolier Club, 1935
Legal documents
Lists of publications by or about the Pennells
Lists of destroyed lithographic plates
BOX 380 Printed matter
Newspaper clippings
Record book of the Bailiff of Galon, 1597-1683 See Oversize
Account journal, 1798, 1810-1812 See Oversize
BOX 380 Letter from Frederick Henry Evans to Joseph Pennell, 1903
BOX 381-409 2018 Addition, 1873-1937
Correspondence; drafts, annotated galleys, proofs, and promotional material concerning book publications; printed matter; research files concerning Whistler; and other items concerning both Joseph and Elizabeth Pennell. Additional papers of Charles Godfrey Leland. The "Book inserts" are items that were found in the Pennell books donated to the Library of Congress, usually consisting of news clippings or short pieces of correspondence. These items were removed and placed in an envelope with the name and call number of the book written on the envelope.
Arranged into an Alphabetical file; Book, article, lecture file; Correspondence; Charles Godfrey Leland file; Printed matter; Organizations file; and a James McNeill Whistler file, and alphabetically therein.
BOX 381 Alphabetical file
BOX 381 "America at War," Pennell illustrations, The Ledger Syndicate, 1917 See Oversize
BOX 381 American Academy of Arts and Letters, 1919-1925
(2 folders)
BOX 381 Book inserts, circa 1890-circa 1925
(4 folders)
BOX 382 Book inserts, circa 1890-circa 1925
(6 folders)
BOX 383 Book inserts, circa 1890-circa 1925
(6 folders)
BOX 384 Book inserts, circa 1890-circa 1925
(3 folders)
BOX 384 Dalziel, Edward, 1902
BOX 384 Death and estate of Joseph Pennell, 1926-1928
BOX 384 Encyclopedia Britannica, 1910
BOX 384 Greaves, Walter, 1908-1917, undated
(3 folders)
BOX 385 Grolier Club, New York, N.Y., 1895-1926, undated
(3 folders)
BOX 386 Gypsy Lore Society, Romanies
BOX 386 Correspondence, 1904, 1913-1914, 1932-1934, undated
(4 folders)
BOX 386 Miscellany, 1899-1913, 1933-1934, undated
BOX 386 Hog Island, United States Shipping Board, 1918
BOX 386 Housman, Laurence and Arthur Boyd Houghton, 1895-1896, undated
BOX 386 Invitations, 1903, 1912-1924
BOX 386 James, Henry, 1915-1916
BOX 386 Leipzig Committee, 1914
BOX 386 Memo notebooks of Joseph Pennell, circa 1916
BOX 386 Miscellany, 1897-1903, 1916-1923, undated
BOX 386 Munich InternationalArt Exhibition, 1909
BOX 386 Pennell Memorial Exhibit, Philadelphia, Pa., 1926 See Oversize
BOX 386 Pennell v. Herkomer, 1891, 1901
BOX 386 Queen's doll house, 1924
BOX 386 Robins, Thomas Ellis, wedding souvenir, 1912
BOX 386 Ribbons, undated
BOX 387 Scrapbook with reviews of Pennell books, 1884-1886
BOX 387 Senefelder Club, London, England, 1920, undated
BOX 387 Vierge, Daniel
BOX 387 Correspondence, 189?, 1907
BOX 387 Photographic portrait, printed matter, and prints of etchings, undated See Oversize
BOX 387 Book, article, lecture file
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