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Ralph Cooper Hutchison papers, 1920-1966

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BOX 1 Diaries and Notebook, 1942-1965
Diaries and a notebook of religious services. .
Arranged by type of volume
BOX 1 Diaries, vols. 1-24, 1942-1956
Notebook, vol. 25, 1948-1955
BOX 2-34 General Correspondence, 1931-1966
Letters received, copies of letters sent, and printed matter.
Arranged alphabetically by name of correspondent or subject and in reverse chronologically order therein.
BOX 2 Aba-Ame
BOX 3 Ame-Ben
BOX 4 Ber-Bun
BOX 5 Cam-Civ
BOX 6 Civ-Con
BOX 7 Cor-Edu
BOX 8 Eis-Fou
BOX 9 Fou-Gla
BOX 10 Gol-Hem
BOX 11 Hen-Hon
BOX 12 Hot-Int
BOX 13 Ira-Jus
BOX 14 Kab-Laf
BOX 15 Laf
BOX 16 Laf-Luc
BOX 17 Mcc-May
BOX 18 Meh-Mor
BOX 19 Mos-Nix
BOX 20 Nor-Pel
BOX 21 Pen-Pre
BOX 22 Pre-Pri
BOX 23 Pro-Reg
BOX 24 Res
BOX 25 Rez-Sch
BOX 26 Sch-Sha
BOX 27 She-Smo
BOX 28 Sna-Swa
BOX 29 Swe-Tex
BOX 30 Tha-Tyl
BOX 31 Une-War
BOX 32 Was-Wey
BOX 33 Whe-Win
BOX 34 Wol-Zia
BOX 35-72 Special Correspondence, 1920-1966
BOX 35-60 Studies in Higher Education, 1942-1966
Letters received, copies of letters sent, and printed matter relating to Studies in Higher Education.
Arranged alphabetically be name of correspondent within four groupings: colleges, consultants, foundations and trusts, and trustees, and reverse chronological order therein.
BOX 35 Colleges
American Association of University Professors-Blackburn
BOX 36 Brigham Young University- Dickinson College
BOX 37 Earlham College-Evansville University
BOX 38 Fairleigh-Dickinson University-Goshen College
BOX 39 Gordon College-Hanover College
BOX 40 Hastings College-Kalamazoo College
BOX 41 Kansas City University-Lindenwood College
BOX 42 Macalester College-Muskingum College
BOX 43 New School of Music Study-Parsons College
BOX 44 Parsons College
BOX 45 Pennsylvania Military Academy-Rose Polytechnic Institute
BOX 46 St. Lawrence University-Tri-State University
BOX 47 Ursinus College-Westminster Choir
BOX 48 Westminster Theological Seminary-Yampa Valley College
BOX 49 Consultants
BOX 50 McGrath-Shay
BOX 51 Smith-Wager
Foundations and trusts
BOX 52 Church-closed
BOX 53 Closed-engineering colleges of professional development
BOX 54 Endowment-faculty
BOX 55 Faculty-inflation
BOX 56 Language-plant
BOX 57 Presbyterian-student
BOX 58 Tax-teaching
BOX 59 Team-year
BOX 60 Harkins-Wyckoff
BOX 61-72 Iran, 1920-1965
Letters received, copies of letters sent, and printed matter relating to Hutchison's educational interests in Iran.
Organized into three groups: Abadan Institute of Technology, Alborz College, and the National Iranian Oil Co.
BOX 61 Abadan Institute of Technology, Tehran
BOX 62 Curriculum-Lafayette College Board of Trustees
BOX 63 Language machines-refresher courses
BOX 64 Salaries-takeover
BOX 65 Teacher's Insurance and Annuity Association of America-trustees
Current faculty
BOX 66 Former faculty, Ripley-Telfer
BOX 67 Alborz College, Tehran
BOX 68 National Iranian Oil. Co.
Office Supplies
Fact sheets
BOX 69 Faculty
BOX 70 Accountings
BOX 71 Taxes
Operating companies vouchers
BOX 72 Operating companies vouchers
BOX 73-74 Bound Correspondence, 1945-1958
Bound volumes of letters received relating to Hutchison leaving the presidency of Washington and Jefferson College to become president of Lafayette College, his resignation from Lafayette College, and the reunion of the Lafayette class of 1918 in 1958.
BOX 73 1945, Washington and Jefferson College, Washington, Pa., and Lafayette College, Easton, Pa.
1957, resignation from Lafayette College
BOX 74 1958, Lafayette College class of 1918, fortieth reunion
BOX 75-80 Financial Records, 1932-1964
Estate correspondence, vouchers, orders, miscellaneous correspondence, bank statements, cancelled checks and check stubs, income tax reports, and accounts and financial summaries.
Arranged by type of material.
BOX 75 William E. Hutchison estate, 1932-1958
BOX 76 1943-1956
BOX 77 1957-1964
BOX 78 Bank statements
Cancelled checks
Check stubs
BOX 79 Income tax reports, 1932-1954
BOX 80 Accounts, 1935-1954
Summaries, 1935-1954
BOX 81-88 Proposals, Minutes, and Reports, 1945-1956
Bound material concerning Lafayette College, proposals and minutes, and commission and annual reports.
Arranged by type of material and therein chronologically.
BOX 81 Vol.1, 1945-1946
Vol. 2, 1946-1947
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