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J. Franklin Jameson papers, 1604-1994

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Some or all content stored offsite.
BOX 45-164 Office Files, 1756-1954
Largely the files from Jameson's tenure as the director of the Department of Historical Research of the Carnegie Institution of Washington.
Arranged alphabetically with miscellaneous material placed at the end.
BOX 45 Abbatt, William, editor, Magazine of History, 1906-1918
Abbott, Edith, 1906, 1924
Abbott, Samuel, 1911
Abbott, Wilbur C., 1896-1926
Abel, Annie Heloise, 1904-1912
Abernethy, Thomas P., 1928
Academie Royale de Belgique, regarding documents for Commission de la Biographie Nationale, etc., 1906
Acta Sanctorum, 1919-1926 See also Container 61, Bollandists
Adam, Margaret, regarding records at Edinburgh, Scotland, 1914
Adams, Alice Dana, 1906
Adams, Arthur, 1926
Adams, Charles Francis, 1891-1915
Adams, Charles Kendall, 1882
Adams, Elizabeth Ogden, 1920-1921
Adams, Ephraim D., University of Kansas, Lawrence Kansas; Yale University, New Haven, Conn.; and Stanford University, Stanford, Calif., 1901-1927
Adams, George B., 1895-1922 See also Container 48, American Historical Association
BOX 46 Adams, Henry (1838-1918)
Correspondence, 1885-1913
(4 folders)
Stock, Leo Francis, 1944-1950
Transcripts, French state papers and diplomatic correspondence dated 1802-1804, with annotations and corrections by Abel Doysie of Paris, France
Adams, Henry C., with correspondence of Roland Baughman, Joseph Dorfman, and Elizabeth Donnan, 1882-1908, 1954
Adams, Herbert Baxter, 1880-1899
Adams, James Truslow, 1918-1924
Adams, Randolph G., 1924-1935 See also Container 72, Clements Library
Adams, Ruth, 1928
Adjutant General's office, War Department
Ainsworth, Fred C., 1908
Ghent Peace Commission papers, 1914
Pike, Zebulon, 1908
Agnew, George B., 1910
Agricultural History Society, 1921-1925
Agriculture, United States Department of, 1913-1921
Alabama, Department of Archives and History, correspondence with Thomas M. Owen, 1905-1922
Alabama Historical Society, correspondence with Thomas M. Owen, 1897-1900
Alden, Edmund K., including an autobiographical sketch, "Long Ago," 1885-1926
Alden, John B., 1888
BOX 47 Alger, Allen
Allinson, Francis G., 1891-1922
Allison, J. M. S., 1923
Allison, William H., includes correspondence of M. Carey Thomas, 1906-1923 See also Container 89, Protestant church archives
Altamira, Rafael, University of Oviedo, Spain, 1895-1910
Altschul, Charles, 1917-1922
Alvarez, Victoriano Salado, 1920-1921
Alvord, Clarence W.
Ambler, Charles H., of Ashland, Va., 1909-1914
American Antiquarian Society, 1895-1928 See also Container 62, Clarence S. Brigham, and Container 109, William McDonald
BOX 48 American Board, foreign missions, 1910-1911
American Catholic Historical Association, 1916-1924 See also Container 90, Peter Guilday
American Council of Learned Societies, 1919-1936 See also Container 76, Dictionary of American Biography
American Economic Association, 1907-1927
American Educational Institute, 1921
American embassy, London, England, 1906
American Express Co., 1915
American Foresters, Society of, correspondence with Philip P. Wells
American Historical Association
Chronological file, 1902-1935 See also Container 45, George B. Adams; Container 58, John Spencer Bassett; Container 80, William Archibald Dunning; Container 87, Evarts Boutell Green; Container 92, Charles H. Haskins; Container 102, Waldo Gifford Leland
(3 folders)
BOX 49 Personal file, 1910-1937, undated
(2 folders)
Subject file
Prize essays, 1906-1927
Programs and meetings See also Container 92, Charles H. Haskins
(2 folders)
BOX 50 1910-1927
Reports, irregular; includes some printed material, 1901-1935
BOX 51 Endowment campaign, 1907-1929
Correspondence regarding reports, 1906-1927
Meeting, Chicago, Ill., 1903
Committee on Documentary Historical Publications of the United States Government, 1927-1930
Council business, 1930-1931
Committee reports, 1928-1931
Council business, 1921-1933
Planning Committee, 1931-1932
Conference of Historical Societies, 1908-1924
BOX 52 Historical Manuscripts Commission, 1894-1928
(2 folders)
London headquarters See also Container 54, Charles McLean Andrews; Container 60, Henry P. Biggar; Container 74, Frances G. Davenport; Container 83, Carl Russell Fish; Container 91, Hubert Hall; and Container 115, Arthur Percival Newton
Public Archives Commission, 1900-1912
Committee on Americana in College Libraries, 1933-1935
BOX 53 American Historical Review, 1895-1932
(4 folders)
American Historical Society, confusion with the American Historical Association, 1910-1927
American Library Association, 1902-1927
American Jewish Historical Society, 1913
American Journal of International Law, 1922, 1928
American Medical Association, Historical Section, 1920
BOX 54 American Oriental Society, 1926
American Philological Association, 1906
American Philosophical Society, 1916-1925
American Political Science Association, 1907-1928
American Revolution and religion, 1920
American Scandinavian Foundation, regarding foreign archival sources, 1920-1924
American School of Classical Studies, 1895
American Society of Church History, 1917-1928
American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 1914
American Statistical Association, 1913
American Telephone and Telegraph Co., 1923
American University Union in Europe, 1920-1921
American Year Book, 1910
Americanists, International Congress of, 1913-1921
Ames, Herman V., 1896-1922
Amherst College, Amherst, Mass., includes correspondence of Leo Francis Stock and Thomas LeDuc, 1885-1928, 1945
Anderson, Frank Maloy, 1896-1929
Anderson, Lloyd C., 1918
Anderson, Luther, 1911
Andrews, Arthur I., 1907-1928
Andrews, Charles McLean See also Container 52, London Headquarters, and Container 88, Great Britain
(3 folders)
BOX 55 1914-1926
(2 folders)
Andrews, E. Benjamin, 1888-1907
Andrews, George, 1913
Andrews, Matthew Page, 1918-1908
Angell, James B., 1898-1908, and James R. Angel, 1918-1927
Anglo-American Historical Conference, 1921-1928
Applications, 1903-1931
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