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J. Franklin Jameson papers, 1604-1994

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Some or all content stored offsite.
Office Files, 1756-1954 (continued)
Washington School of History, 1901-1902
BOX 135 Watson, David K., 1908
Wayland, Francis, 1889
Webb, Alfred, 1902
Webster, Charles K., 1922-1925
Webster, Homer J., 1903-1918
Weeden, W. B., 1885?-1905
Weeks, Stephen B., 1897, 1905, 1911
Welch, Jane Mead, 1926, 1927
Weld, Stuart F., 1896-1898
Wells, Charles L., 1896, 1911
Wergeland, A. M.
Westergaard, Waldemar, 1909-1922
West Virginia, Department of Archives, 1906-1909
Westerman, W. L., 1922
Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, 1904, 1909
Wetmore, George Peabody, 1900
Whicher, George M., 1921-1922
Whipple, George N., 1881-1923
Whitaker, Arthur P., 1922-1929
Whitbeck, R. H., 1918
White, Andrew D., 1882-1898
White, Henry, 1913-1920
White, Henry Alexander, 1904
White, James, 1920-1926
White, John, drawings, 1910-1912
White, J. LeRoy, 1888-1920
"White" miscellaneous
Whorton, Maurine, 1925
Wickersham, George W., 1928
Wickersham, James, 1928
Wigmore, John H., 1917
Wigram, R. F., 1916
Wiley, Mrs. O. F., undated
Wilbur, James Benjamin, 1922
Wilgus, A. C., 1923
Willard, James F., 1902-1924
Willcox, Walter F., 1899-1926
William and Mary College, Williamsburg, Va., 1912-1928
Williams, John Rogers, 1899
Williams, Talcott, 1896
Williams, Stanley, T., 1925
Willoughby, W. F., 1888-1911
Wilson, G. G., 1926-1927
Wilson, James, 1899-1917
Wilson, H. W., 1900-1914
Wilson, Woodrow, includes letters from Ray Stannard Baker and A. Howard Meneely, 1890-1922
BOX 136 Wilson, Woodrow, copies never used
Wing, George C., Jr., 1922-1925
Winship, George P., 1898-1915 See also Container 99, John Carter Brown Library
Winsor, Justin, 1885-1897
Winthrop, Alice W., 1897
Winthrop, R. C. (1834-1905), 1899
Winthrop, R. C. (1809-1894), 1894
Wirt, John L., 1910-1914
Wisconsin, State Historical Society of, 1903-1920 See also Container 126, Joseph Schafer, and Container 132, Reuben Gold Thwaites
Woldert, Albert, 1930
Wood, Howland, 1925
Wood, William, 1918
Woodburn, James A., 1908-1926
Woodburn, Janet, 1925, 1927
Woolley, Mary E., 1900-1923
Wortendyke, R. J., 1926
Woodson, Carter Godwin, 1923-1928 See also Container 57, Association for the Study of Negro Life and History
Woodward, Robert S., 1905-1922 See also Containers 67-69, Carnegie Institution of Washington
(2 folders)
World War I, 1915-1917
Worcester County Law Library, Worcester, Mass., 1910
Wright, Carroll D., 1904-1908
BOX 137 Wright, Irene A., 1914-1935
(4 folders)
Wright, James M., 1905-1906
BOX 138 Wright, John W., 1926
Wright, Richardson, 1925
Wriston, Henry M., 1917-1926
Writings on American History, 1903, 1914-1915
Wrong, George M., 1899-1925
Wyckoff, C. T., 1906-1922
"Wy" miscellaneous
Wyoming Historical Society, 1924
Yale University Press, New Haven, Conn., 1923
York Co., Pennsylvania-Historical Society, 1924
Young, F. G., 1901-1925
Young, H. E., 1898
Zook, George F., 1919-1925
Zwierlein, F. J., 1914
Zysman, S. Dale, 1926
BOX 139 Elizabeth Donnan file
Copies of Jameson correspondence, including items selected for publication
(3 folders)
BOX 140 (5 folders)
BOX 141 Correspondence with Jameson
American Historical Association
Ad Interim Committee (Executive committee)
Printed matter
BOX 142 Miscellaneous pamphlets, chiefly inscribed presentation copies to Jameson
BOX 143 Miscellaneous plans, student reports, and lecture notes regarding graduate work at Brown University, Providence, R. I.
BOX 144 Residual material
Copy of Spemann's Illustrate Zeitschrift fur das Deutsche Haus (Christmas 1885) containing a few loose notes in Jameson's hand
Handwritten list of documents (probably items found in the Spanish archives)
Incomplete Jameson letters, and a few unfiled items
Printed sketch in French of Adolphe Francois Alphonse Bandelier, by Henry Vignaud
Copies of acts of Congress regarding publication of Territorial Papers of the United States; also a package of galley proof relating to correspondence of the members of the Continental Congress.
BOX 145 Leo Francis Stock materials, assembled for use in editing the Carnegie
Series:Proceedings and Debates of the British Parliaments respecting North America
Printed material (mounted), chiefly from the Journals of the House of Lords, and the House of Commons, of the British Parliament
BOX 146 1760-1762
BOX 147 1763-1764
BOX 148 1765-1766
BOX 149 1767-1769
BOX 150 1770-1772
BOX 151 1773-1774
BOX 152 1775
BOX 153 1776-1777
BOX 154 1778
BOX 155 1779-1780
BOX 156 1781-1782
BOX 157 1783
BOX 158-162 Proceedings and debates of Parliament, from the British sources
Copies, transcripts, and notes on documents
BOX 163 Slips and cards
BOX 164 Leo Francis Stock materials, assembled for use in editing the Carnegie Series:Proceedings and Debates of the British Parliaments respecting North America
Miscellany, including printed matter; Waldo Gifford Leland-Leo Francis Stock correspondence; material relating to the annual meeting of the American Council of Learned Societies, "Ja-Fe" miscellaneous, 1930: agenda and annexes; maps and charts, chiefly facsimiles and photoreproductions; and some unidentified photographs
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