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Lloyd V. Berkner papers, 1938-1967

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BOX 1-4 I: Personal File, 1938-1964
Correspondence and related matter, financial records, photographs, and miscellany.
No arrangement. Described by topic or type of material.
BOX 1 Earth's magnetic field
Rockefeller Public Service awards
Annual working meetings, 1964
Berkner travel vouchers, 1960
(1 folder)
BOX 2 (1 folder)
Berkner tax file, 1960
Sydney correspondence, 1939
Berkner travel reimbursements, 1960-1961
Personal correspondence, 1950
BOX 3 State Department
Navy approved photographs
Berkner personal correspondence, 1946-1947
Miscellaneous old papers, 1953-1956
Miscellaneous photographs
Personal correspondence, 1948-1949
BOX 4 Missing
Department of Terrestrial Magnetism, 1938
BOX 5-37 II: Speech File, 1951-1962
Texts of speeches by Berkner and material relating to their preparation, including background and logistical correspondence and memoranda.
No arrangement. Described by venue, event, or topic.
BOX 5 Radio Astronomy Symposium
Statement before Government Information Subcommittee
Kemp Dinner
Statement before Military Operations Subcommittee
American Association for the Advancement of Science Symposium on International Geophysical Year, 1955
"Special Message" for Asahi Shimbun, 1955
Great Issues course, 1955
BOX 6 International Geophysical Year article for American Peoples Encyclopedia Yearbook, 1955
Unesco speech, 1955
Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute, 1955
Scientific American article, 1955
Remarks made over NBC on satellite vehicles, 1955
University of Maryland, 1955
International Geophysical Year for Department or Defense, 1955
Oklahoma City, Okla., 1955
Institute of Radio Engineers Chicago Section and Professional Group on Nuclear Science, 1955
Great Issue course, Part II, 1954
Sleepy Eye, Minn., 1955
American Geophysical Union and National Research Council, 1955
Great Issues course, 1954
American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Ann Arbor, Mich., 1954
BOX 7 American Institute of Chemical Engineers, requests, replies, etc.
Operations Subcommittee of House of Representatives, 1954
American Institute of Chemical Engineers, 1954
Riehlman Committee Military Operations Subcommittee
Look magazine article, 1954
Current History on "Continental Defense," 1954
Science Magazine article, 1954
National Science Foundation, 1954
Six O' Clock Club, 1954
Minnesota Women's Club, 1954
"Continental Defense," 1954
BOX 8 Institute of Radio Engineers Ithaca Subsection, 1954
Forum report, 1954
International Geophysical Year, 1953
Editorial writers, 1953
University of Pennsylvania, 1953
National Conference of Editorial Writers, 1953
Remarks International Geophysical Year at Ottawa, Canada, 1953
University of California, Berkeley, 1953
National War College, 1953
Physics Today article, 1953
BOX 9 American Physical Society, 1953
American Institute of Electrical Engineers, 1953
Georgetown TV Forum, 1953
National War College, 1953
American Association for the Advancement of Science Symposium on Disaster Recovery, 1952
Annual meeting, Brookhaven National Laboratory, 1952
Cosmotron dedication, 1952
Radio Club, 1952
Minnesota World Affairs Center, University of Minnesota, 1952
Collins Radio, 1952
Forum on Itonic Energy, Stevens Institute, 1952
Physical Review, 1952
Cooperative Forum, 1952
Coffee House Dinner, 1952
Pennsylvania State College
BOX 10 Institute of Public Affairs, 1951
Prior to 1951
Department of Commerce, 1956
Midwest Insurance Group, 1956
County Medical Society, 1956
Astronomical Journal, 1956
IBM magazine Think, 1956
Book of Knowledge, 1956
QST American Radio Relay League, 1956
Schenectady Professional Engineers
Society, 1956
BOX 11 Armed Forces Industrial College, 1956
Naval Reserve Research Company, 1956
University of Minnesota, 1956
Talk at Brookhaven National Laboratory, 1956
National War College, 1956
American Philosophical Society, 1956
Naval Air Development Center, 1956
Chicago Patent Law Association, 1956
Man's Attempts to Understand His Environment, 1956
Naval Group, 1956
American Peoples Encyclopedia Yearbook, 1956
New York Times, 1956
Institute of the Aeronautical Science-Institute of Radio Engineers-Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics Technical Session, 1957
Probing Earth's Unknown, 1957
New School for Social Research, 1957
Emma Willard, 1957
Talk before Explorers Club, 1957
Cosmopolitan Club, 1957
Hughes Aircraft, 1957
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1957
American Philosophical Society, 1957
BOX 12 American Geographical Society, 1957
National Academy of Sciences, 1957
American Physical Society, 1957
Pennsylvania State University, 1957
American Meteorological Society, 1957
Kiruna dedication, 1957
Bankers Trust Group, 1957
Minneapolis Public Schools, 1957
International Union for Radio Science talk accepting presidency, 1957
International Union for Radio Science-International Geophysical Year Day, 1957
Canadian Aeronautics Institute, 1957
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