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BOX 124-127 XII: Newspaper Publicity, 1952-1967
Newspaper clippings on topics of importance to Berkner.
Arranged by subject.
BOX 124 Space
International law, United Nations
(6 folders)
BOX 125 Committee on Space Research
Federal agencies and committee
The military (control/uses of)
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
National Aeronautics and Space Administration creation/hearings
Civilian v. military
National Academy of Sciences Space Science Board
Israel's Weizmann Institute
President's Science Advisory Board
Red China
Shortage of scientists/engineers
Federal aid/industrial aid
Government (policy/attachés/department of, etc.)
International cooperation
BOX 126 Secrecy/security
(2 folders)
Oppenheimer case
Travel restrictions
International Council Science Unions
International Union Geodesy & Geophysics
Project Vela/Nuclear Test Detection
BOX 127 Antarctica, 1960
Berkner publicity, 1952-1960
(2 folders)
Far East trip, 1957
Report, Panel on Seismic Improvement, 1959-1960
World population
BOX 128-162 XIII: Miscellany, 1928-1967
Speeches, writings, personal and professional correspondence, travel records, photographs, financial papers, biographical information, and miscellaneous material.
Miscellaneous printed matter
BOX 128 International Scientific Radio Union
Executive council meeting, 1963
International Council of Scientific Unions meetings
Moscow, 1960
Hague, 1961
Symposium on Basic Research, 1959
BOX 129 International Conference on Science in the Advancement of New States, Israel, 1960
BOX 130 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Education Medal, 1963
Section manual
BOX 131 Condolence on the death of Berkner, 1967
Dallas Schools Conference lectures
Panel on Unidentified Flying Saucers, 1953-1967
Cosmos Club
(12 folders)
Tuve, Merle, nomination to National Academy of Sciences
BOX 132 Berkner European trip, 1955-1956
(9 folders)
Berkner correspondence re Far Eastern trip, 1956-1957
(2 folders)
Spectrum article, 1964
Yale University, zoology lecture, 1964
Counseling for Higher Education in the Future, 1964
BOX 133 Two Times Fifty Years, 1964
The Graduate School: A Regional Challenge
Vale Regional, 1964
Unity of the Geographical Sciences, 1964
Our National Space Program, 1964
Industrial Research Article; Innovation: Our National Resource Statement to the Subcommittee on Science and Development, 1964
History of Oxygen Reprint from Cameron Book, 1964
National Institutes of Health Symposium, 1964
Academic Research and Industrial Innovation, World Congress, 1965
BOX 134 Our Technological Metropolis
Opportunity for Graduate Education; A Dilemma, American Education
North America in 1984, 1964
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Editorial World Technical Organization of the Electrical Profession
The Goals Ahead, St. Mark's Address, 1965
Texas A & M (Executive Development Course), 1964
Geophysics-Challenge and Change, Society of Exploration Geophysicists, 1965
American Education, Opportunity for Graduate: A Dilemma
Introduction to Technology, Crowles Encyclopedia
Geophysics, Challenge and Change, Society of Exploration Geophysicists keynote address, 1965
Environment Sciences in the Nation's Development, Inauguration of Environmental Sciences Services Administration, 1965
Rocky Mountain States Governors Conference, 1965
Senate Committee on Aeronautical and Space Science, 1965
New York Herald Tribune review essays on Air Pollution, Lewis and Carr, 1965
The Population Problem in a Technological Age, 1966
Origin and Formation of Planetary Atmospheres, 1965
BOX 135 Physical Measurement, The Handmaiden of Science, ISA Biomedical Sciences Instrumentation Symposium, 1965
Environmental Sciences in Nation's Development, Environmental Science Services Administration, 1965
Opportunity for Industry-University Cooperation, etc., 1965
Dallas Schools, 1961
The Scientific Age-Ideas and Authors Series Civil Service Commission, National Academy of Sciences, 1966
The Meaning of Today's Technology, 1966
Independent Schools Association of the Southwest, 1966
Biographic Data
The Population Problem
Man's Technological Future
Renewal of 1526-2
Law and Technology
Challenge and Change
Vol. 31, no. 1, 1966
BOX 136 Berkner's aviator logbooks, U.S. Naval reserve, 1926-1942
(5 vols.)
Presidents Science Advisory Committee, 1958-1960
Land of Mystery, The Seventh Continent-Antarctic, New York Times
BOX 137 Space Progress (medal talk)
Man's Technological Future, 1966
The Development of Science in Space, Manned Spacecraft Center, 1966
What of the Future?, 1966
The Environmental Science in the Nation's Development, Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, vol. 6
Travel, Europe, 1952-1954
(4 folders)
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