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VIII: Union Radio Scientific International, 1959-1967 (continued)
International Conference on Equatorial Geophysics
Symposium on Information Theory, 1960
Symposium on the Outer Ionosphere, 1960
Symposium on Magneto-Fluid Dynamics, 1960
Thirteenth General Assembly programs/reports
Commission II and Ad Hoc Committee on Radio Meteorology
Commission III
Thirteenth General Assembly delegation
BOX 104 USA National Committee Space Science
USA National Committee meeting, 1960
Meeting in London, England, 1960
BOX 105 World-Wide Sounding Committee, 1960
Committee on Space Radio Research International Union of Radio Science/Committee on Space Research Committee, 1960
Inter-Union Committee Solar and Terrestial Relationships
Thirteenth General Assembly, Goldschmidt Memorial Lecture, 1960
USA National Committee Commissions
Symposium on Electromagnetic Theory, 1962
Symposium on Space Research
USA National Committee, 1959-1960
Inter-Union Committee Radio Meteorology
Inter-Union Committee Radio Astronomy Frequency Protection
Inter-Union Committee The Ionosphere and the Exosphere
International Geophysical Committee, 1960
BOX 106 Committee on Division of Responsibility International Union of Radio Science/International Astronomical Union/Committee on Space Research
Fourteenth General Assembly, 1963
International Radio Consultative Committee, general correspondence, 1960
Thirteenth General Assembly Delegation, U.S. National Committee
General correspondence, 1961
ITU general correspondence, 1960
Thirteenth General Assembly Executive Committee meeting, reports/agenda
BOX 107-112 IX: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 1962-1967
Correspondence, memoranda, meeting and membership material, notes, reports, printed matter, and other material relating to Berkner's role in the organization.
No arrangement. Described by name of organization, administrative entity, type of material or topic.
BOX 107 Proceedings (Spanish editions)
Central Pennsylvania newsletter
Intersociety Relations Committee, 1963
Professional relations policy, 1963
Intersociety Relations Committee, 1963
Summer general meeting, 1963
Joint Technical Advisory Committee, 1963
Professional Technical Group on Geoscience Electronics, 1964
Southwestern IEEE Conference, 1964
Berkner Medal of Honor reference, 1964
Nomination of Dick Arnett to Grade of Fellow, 1964
Region 6, newsletter
TOC Committee meeting, 1964
Professional Technical Group on Geoscience Electronics newsletters
Jointly Sponsored meetings, 1964
Mil-E-Gram, 1964
Education Medal Committee, Berkner, 1964
Subcommittee on Technical Functions
Electrical Engineering Education Medal, 1963
General, 1964
Founders Award, nomination of Finley Carter, 1964
BOX 108 International Convention, 1964
Board of Directors meeting, 1964
Proceedings, Project West Ford
General, 1965
International Convention, 1965
Southwestern IEEE Conference, 1965
Engineers Joint Council
Spectrum book review, "Toward Better Utilization" of, etc.
Hoover Medal Board of Awards
Expenses for 1963
Proposed Fellow Grade
Bernard H. List (Fellow nominee)
Patrick E. Haggerty (Founders Award)
Engineer of the Year, 1967
Rudolf A. Stampfl (Fellow nominee)
Senior Member Giulio Colonnese
American Geophysical Union
BOX 109 Proposed journal
Membership, 1963
Finance, 1963
Forty-fourth annual meeting, 1963
Geophysical monograph series
Dallas Chamber of Commerce meeting, 1963
Engineering Foundation Advisory Council, 1963-1964
Engineering Foundation Advisory Council meeting, 1963-1964
John A. Fleming Award, 1962-1963
American Geophysical Union
Executive Committee meeting, 1963
Fellow nominations, 1963
General correspondence, 1963
Executive secretary trip report
Reorganization of Geophysics, 1963
Engineering Foundation Advisory Council, 1962
BOX 110 American Geophysical Union Engineering Foundation Advisory Council meeting, 1964
Engineering Foundation Advisory Council meeting, 1964
(2 folders)
American Geophysical Union
Midwestern National Meeting of Geophysics, 1963
Corporation Membership
Executive Committee and Council meeting, 1963
Council meeting, 1963
Third Western National meeting, 1963
Presentation of special award to J. Wallace Joyce
General, 1964
BOX 111 Executive Committee meeting, 1964
16 Mar.
14 Oct.
Council meeting, 21 Apr. 1964
Committee on International Participation, 1964
(2 folders)
Russian translation program, 1964
Balance sheets, 1964
Executive secretary trip reports, 1964
American Meteorological Society-American Geophysical Union Banquet, Presidential Arms, (Dr. and Mrs. Berkner) 1964
American Geophysical Union
General correspondence
April meeting, Washington, D.C.
BOX 112 Balance sheets, 1965
Council meeting, 1965-1966
Western National meeting, 1965
Executive Committee meeting, 1965
BOX 113-117 X: Various Files, 1959-1965
Correspondence, memoranda, minutes and meeting material, notes, reports, printed matter, and other files on diverse topics and activities.
No arrangement. Described by name of organization, administrative entity, type of material or topic.
BOX 113 University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, general correspondence, 1960
National Academy of Science
Committee for International Years for the Quiet Sun, 1965
Nominations, 1965
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