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Agnes Elizabeth Ernst Meyer papers, 1853-2010

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Speeches and Writings, 1915-1970 (continued)
BOX 112-139 Special File, 1915-1970
Correspondence, notes, manuscripts, printed and near-print material concerning speeches, articles and books by Meyer.
Arranged alphabetically by title or subject.
BOX 112 American Atrocities
America's Home Front
America's home front, lists
Articles and stop on trip
Baltimore, Md.
Booklets, photographs
Buffalo, N.Y
Cleveland, Ohio
Crab Orchard Area, Ill.
Detroit, Mich.
Leesville, La.
Letters about Town Hall broadcast
Los Angeles, Calif.
Mobile, Ala.
Portland, Ore.
BOX 113 San Francisco, Calif.
Seattle-Tacoma, Wash.
Valpariso, Fla.
Wichita, Kans.
Wilmington, N.C.
Portland-Bath-Brunswick, Maine
Gruman airplane plants
Railroad brotherhoods
Brewster Aeronautical Corp.
Camden, N.J.
The Negro and the army
BOX 114 The Negro in Washington, D.C.
Arlington County Teachers Association, May 1957
Art Exhibit Annual, Washington, D.C.
BOX 115 Britain's Home Front
Articles and speeches
Letters regarding articles
Letters regarding speeches
BOX 116 Challenge to Women, May 1946
"Chance and Destiny"
Ch. I ,"Then and Now"
Ch. II, "Transvaluation of Values"
Ch. III, "The Defense of My Democratic Heritage"
Ch. IV, "An Interlude of Freedom"
BOX 117 Ch. V, "Marriage and a Wider World"
Ch. VI, "Washington"
Ch. VII, "Intermezzo"
Ch. VIII, "The Children Grow Up"
Ch. IX
Ch. X, "A Turn in the Wheel of Fortune"
Material to be used in book
Related material
BOX 118 "Chance and Destiny"
BOX 119 "Chance and Destiny"
Chinese art and literature
BOX 120 Chinese art and literature
BOX 121 Chinese art and literature
BOX 122 Chinese art and literature
Chinese Painting as Reflected in the Thought and Art of Li Lungmien
BOX 123 Chinese Painting as Reflected in the Thought and Art of Li Lungmien
BOX 124 Chinese Painting as Reflected in the Thought and Art of Li Lungmien
Cleveland manpower problem
Community service
Dean Gildersleeve
Democracy on trial
Detroit Red Cross does a cooperative job
Die Vertauschten Köpfe
Doctor looks at democracy
BOX 125 Education for a New Morality
Correspondence (general)
Correspondence with Macmillan Co.
Invoices and statements
Federal Aid to Education, Aid for School Construction, 1953-1954, letters
Freer, Charles Lang
BOX 126 Novel
German articles
German prisoners of war
Index for speeches and articles, etc.
BOX 127 Journey Through Chaos
BOX 128 Journey Through Chaos
McCarthy, Joseph, speech
BOX 129 McCarthy, Joseph, speech, letters etc.
Mann, Thomas
Articles, etc.
BOX 130 Articles, etc.
Library of Congress
BOX 131 Yale and other publications
Minneapolis-St. Paul Project
Miscellaneous material
Orderly revolution
Out of these Roots
BOX 132 General correspondence
BOX 133 Review in New York Herald Tribune
BOX 134 Out of these Roots
Rochester, Minn., Child Health Project
Separation of church and state, 1947-1954
Southern trip
Albuquerque and Taos County, N.Mex.
San Antonio, Tex.
Article on Homer P. Rainey
Orange, Tex.
BOX 135 Marksville, La.
New Orleans, La.
Clarksdale area, Mississippi
East Kentucky
Memphis, Tenn.
Southeast Missouri
Nashville, Tenn.
Knoxville, Tenn.
Welfare and labor unions
General file
Speeches (miscellaneous)
BOX 136 Tolstoy articles
Veterans (for Collier's)
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