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Family Papers, 1853-1970 (continued)
Family Correspondence, 1863-1970 (continued)
Ernst, Frederick (brother)
Ernst family
Beecroft, Frieda
Ernst-Schmidt family, 1953-1970
Meyer family
Haas, Elise Stern
Stern, Rosalie Meyer
BOX 168-169 Family Miscellany, 1853
An album, clippings, memoirs and an oral history of Eugene Meyer, photographs, and other miscellaneous family items.
Arranged alphabetically by topic or type of material.
BOX 168 Album, Lucie Schmidt
Clippings and miscellany
Diary of Jürgen Schmidt, circa 1853
Family photographs
Marriage certificate of Frederick Ernst and Lucie Schmidt
Memoirs of Eugene Meyer
BOX 169 Meyer, Eugene, oral history
Meyer family miscellany
BOX 170-192 Miscellany, 1908-1970
School papers, albums, clippings, awards, diplomas, and other miscellaneous material.
Arranged by type of material.
BOX 170 Autograph book
Birth certificate
Bride's book and marriage certificate
Catalogues, Chinese art objects
BOX 171 Clippings
BOX 172 Clippings
Guest book, 80th birthday
BOX 173 Myer, Agnes
Photographic negatives
Poems to Meyer
Printed matter
BOX 174 Postcards
BOX 175-180 Printed matter
BOX 181 Printed matter
School papers
BOX 182 Reports
BOX 183-185 Printed matter See also Oversize
BOX 186 Objects
Miscellaneous objects
Writing paper
BOX 187 Certificates, awards, diplomas, etc. See also Oversize
BOX 188-192 Duplicate printed matter
BOX 193-200 Additions, 1961-1970
BOX 193-200 Addition I, 1961-1970
General correspondence of Meyer and files of the National Committee for Support of Public Schools, including correspondence, minutes of meetings, and printed matter.
The general correspondence is organized alphabetically by name of person. The committee files are organized by topic or type of material.
BOX 193 General correspondence, circa 1963-1970
"A" miscellaneous
"B" miscellaneous
Benton, Charles and William
Bowen, Charles
"C" miscellaneous
Calkins, Hugh
Commons, Dorman L.
Cuninggim, Anne Whitty (Mrs. Merrimon)
"D" miscellaneous
"E" miscellaneous
"F" miscellaneous
"G" miscellaneous
BOX 194 Garfield, Iris
Gardner, John
Gordon, Jack
"H" miscellaneous
"I-J" miscellaneous
"K" miscellaneous
Keppel, Francis
Kohler, Mary Conway
"L" miscellaneous
"M-Q" miscellaneous
"R" miscellaneous
Rappaport, Donald
Redl, Fritz
Ryan, Charlotte
BOX 195 "S" miscellaneous
Sanford, Terry
Sroufe, Gerald E.
"T" miscellaneous
Taylor, Harold
Tillotson, Carolyn L.
"U-V" miscellaneous
"W" miscellaneous
Wilson, Joseph
Wong, William
BOX 196 National Committee for Support of the Public Schools
Address by Meyer, 1970
Appeal letter, 1969
Brochure, 1970
Bylaws, 1968
Conference, 1964-1970
(7 folders)
Conference of legislators, 1966
BOX 197 D.C. Public Schools, 1961-1969
(2 folders)
Executive Committee Meetings
(9 folders)
BOX 198 Fund-raising letters, 1964-1969
(7 folders)
General literature, 1970
Logan Community School, 1969
Membership lists, 1969
BOX 199 National Conference of State Legislators
Philadelphia appeal, 1969
Policy statement, 1964
Public monies for non-public schools
Reception, 1964-1970
(7 folders)
Seven Springs meeting, 1970
Résumés of persons applying for director, 1968
Speech, 1970
BOX 200 Printed matter
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