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Curtis E. LeMay papers, 1918-1969

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Classified, 1947-1964 (continued)
General, 1961-1964
(4 folders)(Container B126)
BOX CL 4 Chief Scientists/Rand/SAB, 1961-1963 (Container B127)
Consultants (Container B128)
Exercises/projects, 1961 (Container B128)
FORECAST, 1963-1964 (Container B128)
Air Force, Office of the Secretary
1962 (Container B128)
1963 (Container B129)
Office of Information, 1963 (Container B130)
Air Force personnel matters
Awards/trophies, 1964 (Container B132)
Recognition, letters of, 1961 (Container B132)
Promotion, 1964 (Container B133)
Air staff actions
1961-1963 (Container B134)
1964 (Container B135
Aircraft, 1962-1964 (Container B135)
BOX CL 5 AR-15 rifle, 1961-1962 (Container B136)
Civil Air Patrol & Civil Defense, 1961 (Container B136)
Investigation, 1961-1964 (Container B136)
Missiles, 1961-1964 (Container B136)
Nuclear testing and space matters, 1961-1962 (Container B137) See Restricted Data: Classified
Air staff replies to inquiries addressed to the Chief of Staff, 1962-1963 (Container B138)
General, 1962-1964 (Container B139)
Airborne Command Post, 1961 (Container B140)
Air Defense Command, 1961-1964 (Container B140)
Air Force Logistic Command, 1963-1964 (Container B140)
Air Force Systems Command, 1961-1963 (Container B141)
Air University, 1964 (Container B142)
Alaska Air Command, 1963 (Container B142)
Military Air Transport, 1963 (Container B143)
NATO/SEATO, 1961-1964 (Container B143)
Pacific Air Forces, 1961-1964 (Container B143)
Strategic Air Command, 1963-1964 (Container B144)
Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe
(SHAPE), 1961 (Container B144)
Tactical Air Command, 1962-1963 (Container B144)
United States Air Forces in Europe, 1961-1964 (Container B145)
United States Strike Command, 1961-1964 (Container B145)
BOX CL 6 Conferences/Meetings/Committees/Briefings/Boards, 1963-1964 (Container B146)
Congressional, 1962-1964 (Container B147)
Defense Department
General (Office of the Secretary), 1961-1964 (Container B148)
Joint Chiefs of Staff and Weapons Systems Evaluation Group, 1963 (Container B148)
General, 1961-1964 (Container B149)
Countries, 1962-1964
A-F (Container B149)
G-L (Container B150)
M-R (Container B150)
S-Z (Container B151)
Other Government agencies
General, 1962-1964 (Container B151)
BOX CL 7 Army, 1962-1964 (Container B152)
Navy/Marine, 1962-1964 (Container B152)
State Department, 1964 (Container B152)
White House
1961 (Container B152)
1963 (Container B153)
Presidential visit, Eglin air show, 1962 (Container B153)
Chief of Staff meetings, 1961-1962 (Container B153)
Chief of Staff memoranda, 1962-1965 (Container B154)
Telecons and radio messages
1961 (Container B167)
1962 (Container B168)
1963 (Container B169)
1964 (Container B170)
Speeches (cleared copies)
1957-1961 (Container B171)
BOX CL 8 1962-1964 (Container B172)
Speeches, articles, and statements
1961 (Container B173)
1962-1963 (Container B174)
1962-1963, (Container B175)
1964 (Container B176)
BOX CL 9 Unprocessed command papers
Trip to Pacific Proving Grounds, 10-14 Apr. 1954 (Container B184)
Tape recording, 1961, July 25 (Container B188)
Official correspondence, miscellaneous, 1948 (Container B189)
Miscellaneous command papers
Top Secret File, 1948-1964
B-3629 to B-6551 (Container B195)
B-6599 to B-6618 (Container B196)
B-10174 (Container B197)
B-11637 to B-14277 (Container B198) See Top Secret
B-14967 (Container B199) See Top Secret
B-17,784 (Container B200)
B-18440, B-20905 (Container B201)
B-B22072 (Container B202)
B-23874 to B-27392 (Container B203) See Top Secret
B-29184, B-29886 (Container B204)
B-45480 to B-53179 (Container B205)
B-54240 to B-58186 (Container B206)
SAE 982 to SAE 11106 (Container B207) See Restricted Data
Additional top secret files
(3 folders) (Container B208)
BOX TS 1-TS 2 Top Secret, 1948-1964
Government-security documents.
Arranged and described according to the series and folders from which the items were removed
BOX TS 1 Command Assignment Papers
VI Strategic Air Command, 1948-1957
Miscellaneous matters
Diary (LeMay)
Miscellaneous command papers
Top Secret File, 1948-1964
B-9750 to B-10794
B-11637 to B-14277
BOX TS 2 B-19985 to B-21413
B-22193, B-23089
B-23874 to B-27392
B-29616 to B-37691
B-37772 to B-53282
B-53826 to B-58059
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