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Command Assignment Papers, 1918-1965 (continued)
Bordeaux, 5 Dec.
Emden, 11 Dec. See same Container, Bordeaux
Kiel, 13 Dec.
Bremen, 20 Dec.
Cognac, 31 Dec.
Paris, 31 Dec.
BOX B6 1944
Muenster, 4 Jan.
Merignac-Elberfield, 5 Jan.
Ludwigshaven, 7 Jan.
Frankfurt, 29 Jan.
Brunswick, 29 Feb.
Brunswick, 14 Mar.
Augsburg, 19 Mar.
Munich, 18 Mar.
Crossbow, 19 Mar.
Frankfurt, 20 Mar.
Berlin, 23 Mar.
Brunswick, 14 Mar.
Augsburg, 19 Mar.
Munich, 18 Mar.
Crossbow, 19 Mar.
Frankfurt, 20 Mar.
Berlin, 23 Mar.
Crossbow, 26 Mar.
Bordeaux, 27 Mar.
Chartres and Chateaudun, 28 Mar.
Quackenbrock, 8 Apr.
Poznan, 9 Apr.
Courselles, 10 Apr.
Stettin, 11 Apr.
Augsburg, 13 Apr.
Rostock, 20 Feb.
Berlin, 18 Apr.
Werl-Lippstadt, 19 Apr.
Crossbow, 20 Apr.
Ham, 22 Apr.
Frederickshaven, 24 Apr.
Dijon-Longvic, 25 Apr.
Thionville, 27 Apr.
Berlin, 27 Apr.
Metz, 1 May
Berlin-Liege, 7 May
Berlin, 8 May
Brussels, 8 May
Laon, 9 May
Brussels, 11 May
Zwickau, 12 May
Osnabruck, 13 May
Berlin, 19 May
Baussels-Liege, 20 May
Kiel, 22 May
Chaumont-Etamps, 23 May
Berlin, 24 May
Brussels, 25 May
Blind bombing mission, 2 Oct. 1943
Summary and analysis of 3rd Air Division operations, 13 May 1943-8 May 1945
3rd Bombardment Division
Statistical charts and data
Statistical data
Summary of operations, May 1944, and summary of principles covering all of airborne divisions, 27 Nov. 1943, and summary of B-17s lost, 18 Nov. 1943
BOX B7 Miscellaneous matters
Daily diary, 25 June 1943-Sept. 1945
"I Bombed the Beachheads on D Day," by S/Sgt. Turner
BOX B8 305th Bomb Group, 4th Bomb Wing, 3rd Air Division, 1942-1944
305th Bomb Group history, correspondence and related papers
United States Army Air Forces in Europe, May 1941-1945; A Summary of Plans Policies, Administration and Operations
Meteorological report for flight from Gander to Prestwick
Minutes of commanders meetings, Aug. 1943-May 1944
BOX B9 Minutes of the meeting of aircraft maintenance and supply officers
Miscellaneous data, 3rd Bomb Division
(2 folders)
Petty cash accounts, 1943-1945 (kept by an aide)
Social invitations, acceptances and regrets
Speeches and PRO releases, 1943
Speech for trip to America, Dec. 1943, and lecture to staff, 31 Oct. 1943
BOX B10 Printed matter
Air Force Magazine, Aug. 1943
CHAFF Magazine, June, July, 1944
Effect of the Rise of Air Power on War, by Trenchard
First Over Germany (final issue)
L'Amerique en guerre, 12 Apr. 1944
Lessons in Escape, by John T. Butterwick
United States Army Air Forces in Europe in Review, 1944
Not as Briefed, by Beirne Lay
Strategic Air Victory in Germany, special issue of Impact Target: Germany
BOX B11 III AAF, 20th & 21st Bomber Commands (Orient-Pacific), 1944-1945
Official correspondence
Anderson, F. L.
Arnold, Henry H.
Giles, Barney M.
Norstad, Lauris
Rosenblatt, Sol. A.
Chinese nationals
General officers
General, Aug. 1944-Dec. 1945 (include commendations, recommendations, and condolences)
Telecons and radio messages, Jan.-Sept. 1945
BOX B12 Unofficial correspondence, autographs, insignia, photo requests etc., 27 June 1944-26 Nov. 1945
Official documents
Combat Lead Crew School, plans
Kyushu Air Field operation, 20th Air Force participation in Operation Iceberg
Operation Plan 10-45, United States Pacific Fleet, Third Fleet, 10 Aug. 1945
Staff study of Operation Baker Sixty
BOX B13 Orders Including:
Warning instructions (FEAF), 10 Aug. 1945
Field order no. 28, 20th Bomber Command
Operations orders nos.5-9, HQ, 20th Bomber Command
Field order no. 25, HQ, 20th Bomber Command
General order no.61, HQ, 20th Bomber Command
Operations instructions nos.1/8 General HQ, United States Army Forces Pacific, 29 July 1945
Enclosure directive to C.G.U.S. Army Strategic Air Forces
Directive for operations of U.S. Strategic Air Forces in the Pacific, 2 Aug. 1945
Manuals (doctrines and guides)
Combat crew manuals
20th Bomber Command, Dec. 1944
21st Bomber Command, May 1945
Flight engineers manual, 20th Bomber Command
Lead crew manuals
50-1, 20th Air Force, 29 Aug.. 1944
21st Bomber Command, 2 Mar. 1945
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